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  1. She's really good! I'm assuming she is a Brit as she plays with some guy called Julian Hall who is definitely British. https://www.youtube.com/user/lordsophiebass/featured
  2. When I came to jolly old England in the early 80s, the girl I came to see lived in Coundon Bishop Auckland up north. Their family home was built in 1724 and had 3 ft thick stone walls. Coal/peat fireplaces in every room.
  3. I like the way my Jazz sounds. I don't own a pedal.
  4. She's gone. They removed the life support machines and she didn't breathe on her own. We knew this, though. She had a round lodged in her brain and has been flat line since they got her to the emergency room.
  5. Thank you all for the kind words. It is not good. A bullet is lodged in her brain and her brain is swelling. They are to decide whether or not to end life support tomorrow.
  6. It's worse than what was originally reported. I just can't process this. How could this happen? To HER?
  7. This is known as suicide by cop. What a selfish coward. Nicole is stable but critical in Intensive Care Unit.
  8. Or a good word, or whatever you can do. A friend is a Sheriff's deputy here in Georgia, she went on a domestic call last night and a woman shot her in the face. The woman expired on scene. N has a 17yr old boy, her daughters are grown. This sucks so bad on so many levels. https://www.wsbtv.com/news/local/jackson-county-sheriffs-deputy-injured-friday-night-shootout/U3SZ6CNGBJDLTDTNRJWDJKVPNI/
  9. Well, looks like the Geddy is blacked out as much as possible, except these blasted chrome vol knobs on the stack pots. When I find some blacks I will change them out. Otherwise, the only other thing I could change would be to an ebony fingerboard, but I'm not swapping this gorgeous playing neck. New---Gotoh black 201 bridge, black Rotosound Nexus strings, black (cheesey :D) Jockomo inlay stickers that look better than I imagined, and I painted the poles black. I tried painting no hole matte black pickup covers with gloss but they reacted to the paint and it looked crazed. Ah, well. Here it is.
  10. The first subject line I typed was Hey stackknobbers, then I figured that wouldn't go over too well with this crowd.
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