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  1. I've tried to watch Scott. Oh, Lord, I have tried. I can't. I'd rather watch davie504.
  2. What year Jazz? Post up a pic. I advise you to find a small practice amp with an aux input so you can play your favorite songs thru your amp and play along. Great fun!
  3. I chickened out on the 1 piece idea. I couldn't fathom getting the thing and the screw holes not lining up perfectly. So I have these coming. in a bit I will spring for the black hipshot bridge.
  4. Oh boy, you had to ask! Ok. I found a guy, pickguardian.com, who is going to make me a one piece gloss black scratchguard 3 hole stack knob control plate. What ya think of that?
  5. This looks like the best one available. https://920dcustom.com/collections/bass-1/products/920d-custom-jb-con-ch-bk-upgraded-dual-pickup-bass-concentric-control-plate
  6. Yes sir! Did you assemble the plate or buy it already done?
  7. https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/filter/filter_2.html The advantage is the ability to change the rolloff frequency of each pickup independently...
  8. 21 seconds, or when he got 4 words out of his piehole. That was atrocious.
  9. Cool looking bass at 1:47, anyone have a clue?
  10. Pearloid block inlay on the Jazz is different. What year is it?
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