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  1. They're black Hipshots but the same thing---reverse Kluson, which came stock on MIA Geddy Lees. Heavier'n hell.
  2. https://www.fender.com/en-US/bass-amplifiers/pro-tube/super-bassman/2249000000.html
  3. Welcome from Georgia, USA, Kunnallisjäte!
  4. Black of course, I will admit the Dark Knight finish on the Am. Pro IIs is nice looking.
  5. Couldn't hurt to push a piece of wire all the way thru from the plate and see how deep it all is...
  6. I never noticed this. I'm ashamed.
  7. And look what I found. This is it. https://reverb.com/item/40970507-warwick-corvette-standard-bubinga-2007-4-string-bass
  8. ARGH!!! I call this maroon today and coax the serial number out of him. It is this--- Serial number: K13869307 Article number: 1244030000CZBUBOWW produced: 25.10.2007 Description: Corvette Standard, 4-string Natural Oil finish Bubinga body Ovangkol neck Chrome hardware Made in Germany I told him I would leave a deposit of 1000 dollars, take it for a setup, I WILL PAY for the setup. If it is a bad neck I collect my deposit and he is out nothing. If it sets up ok, I eat the setup, pay him for the bass. NOPE. That fat bastard knows the neck is shite. GRRRRR
  9. Who? the bloke from the Beautiful South
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