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  1. "Mr Dog (or is it Mr SOlitud? or Mr 3?"... I have no idea. The name is some dimly-remembered location from a sci-fi novel I read 20 years ago Thank you- I will have a go on the auld guitarchat section and hang out with the other heretics. Cheers! Thanks very much! This is pretty light, lounge indie. We are a lot grungier these days. Me and the drummer have clicked on a much heavier groove now. We're minus a guitar player at the moment and I have an HX Stomp so... Thanks very much. That means a lot actually. The fingerstyle stuff I played for years makes me quite a weird player really but it was damn useful when I dropped myself in the deep end for this EP- I could just concentrate on the left hand/ melodic stuff kind of thing.
  2. Thank you Mr. Police. I'm currently cohabiting with a Reverend Sentinel shortie strung with TI flats. However, in studio I was on a borrowed LaBella loaded Mex P Bass. I did ok on maybe 3 months playing and a bit of comping I reckon. I must admit I sneak off for a bit of a crafty session from time to time and it takes a while for my fingers to stop feeling like bananas 😂
  3. New to the forum and found this thread. Just picked up an HX Stomp but have been using a Peavey 15 via a Laney Nexus for the last year or so. As it happens I have a 700W Line 6 StageSource L2t 2x10 I used for PA for a long while. I'm wondering if anyone has used these for this application? I'm going to give it a go but I'll struggle to get up to level at home. Has some useful features in this direction such as flip out wedge feet and onboard EQ.
  4. 40+ plus years a guitar player and resisted all that time playing the bass... always loved a good bass line though. Then I got an invite in 2019 to help out a local band who'd lost their bassist just before going into studio. Absolutely loved it. I'm a much better musician for the experience and we're still rehearsing and recording together.
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