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  1. I decided to play through a great Pino Palladino bassline the other day. I'm using my beautiful Fender Masterbuilt Precision bass with Thomastik Flatwounds straight into Logic X and then using the Avalon DI Emulator for a bit of drive. Then the Vintage Opto compressor 'Teletronix LA-2A emulator' and the Studio FET compressor 'UREI 1176 emulator' for some nice serial compression and a bit of EQ. I tried my best to nail the Pino tone so this will sound better with headphones or speakers
  2. My cat loves Vulfpeck. He always wanders into the room when I'm playing one of their tunes
  3. Here's me playing through Vulfpeck's Deantown there's a special guest about halfway through!
  4. I have one of these. It's like riding a bike after a long while off (saddle sore/painful arse). After a few gigs your right arm will get used to it. Don't let the body shape put you off buying one of these great sounding basses! (Seller, I would give it a month or so before selling this on)
  5. They work fine at 9v. Try it at 9v before buying a new power supply.
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