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  1. The BB2000 cost big money when new. You can stick another £1k on top of that price to get somewhere close the RRP.
  2. I was having noise issues with my 70s Clone Theory, hum, buzz etc. depending on the venue. The early versions are hard wired to a 3 pin plug. I know a great amp tech in North Shields, Route Two Amplification, so asked him if he could take a look. The overall repair wasn't straight forward but it's back up and running and sounding brilliant. The original plug and lead removed and replaced with a 12V DC 'Boss type' power socket, plus a couple of mods to the circuit to help keep the noise away and level out the on off volume. I'm a very happy boy...
  3. That's cool. What's the nut width?
  4. You should change your name to Shallow Al. Lol. I'll get my coat...
  5. I don't understand what all the fuss is about regarding neck through. As far as I'm aware this bass has always been a bolt on. It's no surprise.
  6. True and made in Japan. I'm not interested in neck through though, the current bolt on design Yamaha uses is excellent. My 734a was one of the first in the country and the neck hasn't fallen off yet. Lol.
  7. I would hope it's made in Japan for that price. It's double a 734a...
  8. Great bass. I had the same version but in black. Marvellous for feedback!
  9. Peter Hook playing the new BB on YouTube now! Search Salford Music Festival.
  10. I've recently purchased a second hand IMac(£350) that came with Logic Pro X. It's relatively straightforward to start recording, but noticeably not a PC which is all I'd previously used. No latency issues from the off using a Focusrite interface. Boat loads of videos on YouTube to help you get started. It just works.
  11. The late Peavey T.E. 600w is very loud just make sure everything works as it should. They are very versatile but do not sound like Trace of old. I thought the one I owned sounded even better.
  12. What a beast! I love the headstock design on these basses, it just screams 70s high end bass to me.
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    Near Durham maybe?
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