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  1. In the current climate, It's totally acceptable for what is possibly the first increase for Barefaced in many years. Nearly everything Barefaced 'buy in' will have been effected many times in the last couple of years. I honestly don't see the point of this thread, move on, you're getting off lightly.
  2. The Orange 4Stroke is excellent. I've had the ABM 600 and it's also very good. The 4Stroke is the only amp I've owned more than once. 500watt is very loud, the 300watt is easily loud enough for most situations.
  3. Just downloaded the latest EP from Deep Tan- Diamond Horsetails. It's great, love the bass sounds.
  4. I'll take this if it's still for sale. Postage okay?
  5. Cool, I played Whitby Goth Weekend last month and went to see The Mission in Newcastle... small world. The Mission were excellent.
  6. ...and this video is shot in Whitby! Goff Central twice a year.
  7. I used one for a while. It was easily loud enough through a Barefaced Four10.
  8. I haven't tried that bass but I did buy a Schecter Ultra Bass without ever trying one and it's brilliant, perfect neck, great build quality and the sound sits perfectly in both the bands I'm in. I'd definitely recommend Schecter... I didn't mind the several month wait either as it was a special run. Try one.
  9. Ashdown Tour Bus 10, it does everything you need, headphones out, mp3 in and it's an okay little bedroom combo as well. £79 new. I've been using one for sometime.
  10. and a BB1100s... sorry, I forgot. 🙂
  11. Me too, I've seen them several times, they're excellent.
  12. I see, you need to add BB3000, BB300, MB1 - All sold.
  13. I currently have too many basses so the 734a and another are for sale. I don't think I've ever used the rear pickup on the Yamaha. What's the OP Wall?
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