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  1. Spoken like a true Health and Safety Manager...
  2. In the words of the great philosopher David St. Hubbins... "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever"
  3. Thanks John for building the Fender Jazz Bass Deluxe/Darkglass Tone Capsule preamp for me. Top quality product and service. Cheers
  4. Sorted...Darkglass Tone Capsule + Dimarzio Model J pick ups all tied together by @KiOgon in a jazz bass chrome plate... It's sounding very promising through my practice amp, really looking forward to giving it a blast at rehearsal later this week.
  5. I don't get the colours with Yamaha. You'd think with the number of artists they have using the BB basses in custom colours the penny would drop with the design team.
  6. That's a lovely looking bass! Did you match the house to the bass or the other way around? 😉
  7. Can hand deliver to most areas of Yorkshire, the North and I'm in Scotland every month with work, mainly Edinburgh and Glasgow. Grab a fantastic amp, in immaculate condition for a great price...
  8. That's common practice for manufacturers. Buy from Mr. £619, he'll be grateful for the business and Ashdown will still love you and look after you. I think this is a large part of the process called "The Circle Of Gas" 😁
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