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  1. I'm tempted by this GK, it sounds great. Hopefully, some one in the North East will get stock.
  2. I read pirate reggae garden party... now that's an interesting cross over🤣
  3. Closest I've heard is GK 550 Fusion.
  4. F##K Robert Palmer and F##k Rock n Roll... Was that You! Wow....
  5. Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhh! No shipping and it's in France. Borrrrrrlaxxxxxx
  6. Try an Orange 4Stroke or an ABM600IV, both are very good and the technical teams are very approachable.
  7. That's interesting. Does it have a smaller body than the usual BB bass? Also what is the width at the nut?
  8. It's also a well known The Cure song.
  9. It's definitely on the site in 4, 5 and left handed... I think all Schecter basses are thin on ground in UK, not just the Model T. I had to special order my Ultra bass and that took several month to arrive. I've seen a few posts on the Schecter Facebook page regarding artists using the T, it's well thought of. ...and I just noticed the MA bass has a 38mm neck, that's tempting. Lol.
  10. Great vid, very helpful. Thanks for posting
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