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  1. 2elliot

    New embassy (and also thunderbird) bass, Classic style!

    That looks great in pink!
  2. 2elliot

    Your *favourite* bassline?

    XTC - Making Plans For Nigel
  3. 2elliot

    Ampeg CL Micro stack

    Ampeg B100r... that's what I'd try and get. Lovely sounding combo and not to heavy. Unfortunately no longer made but they do pop up for sale now and again. Should never should have sold mine.
  4. 2elliot

    Pedal clear out

    Bass Clone sold
  5. 2elliot

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    Don't get hung up on the through neck. I own a Streamer Stage 1, it's nothing like any Yamaha I've owned. Not in feel, sound or playability. Same with the Spector it sounds and feels like a Spector. All great, all different. BB3000 or BB1200s that's the fight. The quality of the early Japanese Yamaha basses is remarkable.
  6. 2elliot

    Pedal clear out

    Both Flangers sold
  7. 2elliot

    Pedal clear out

    Pedal clear out EH Bass clone £sold Boss MT2 metal.zone £35 Boss BF2 flanger - Japan £Sold BossBF3 flanger - £Sold EBS Fuzzmo- £40 Dave Hall Amps VT1 Spitfire Pre Amp DI £125 Collection from Hartlepool... postage £5.00 The other pedals will be going once that lot has gone... well, maybe not the Billy Sheehan Deluxe.
  8. 2elliot

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    BB300 is a nice bass, it's simple and it produces a great sound. As Peter Hook used passive Yamaha basses previous to the 1220s it will sound similar. Yamaha have recently released a couple of short videos with Hooky on Youtube, he talks about them in the interview. The BB300 is a bargain of a bass, big old beast though.
  9. 2elliot

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    The 734a has been used live by Hooky and Jack for quite some time... the feed back was that it sounded right. I believe the previous attempt from Yamaha at recreating the 1200s was shot down in flames by Peter Hook. Obviously Hooky now has a very special custom job but Jack and the current bass player with Peter Hook and the Light still use the 734a. They do have an awesome sound, I only wish the neck was 38mm. I've owned mine for a year, gigged loads and recorded an album with it but I feel it'll next on the block. I've had several Yamaha basses in the last few year and this one is bar far the most versatile.
  10. 2elliot


    I'm currently using an Epi Classic. It's pretty good, I like the neck, the quality is okay and the sound from the USA pick up when using a plectrum works for me. I have never owned one previous to this so also had to cough up for an extra long strap... it's definitely an around your knees bass.
  11. 2elliot

    Dave Hall has passed away

    Terrible news. R.I.P. Dave
  12. 2elliot

    Warwick basses - when did they up their game?

    Well, this looks interesting...
  13. 2elliot

    The Yamaha BB thread (from X34/5 launch)

    I was at a Peter Hook And The Light gig yesterday. He had a NEW Yamaha bass... a BB1200s type of new bass! Cherry red, single pick up, active electronics etc.
  14. 2elliot

    Valve amps, how many watts?!?

    Buy a CTM100 and a good pre amp. Job done. They are loud enough for most applications and sound gorgeous, the pre amp is required because the eq on the amp is very limited... but the basic sound is lush. Loud... yes, very.