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  1. Yikes.... that was hard work. Alvin And The Chipmunks have taken a new direction.
  2. That's nothing.... the pro's go in ear.
  3. I don't think PLEK will help with the fret shape. But I understand what you are saying regarding the fret size and I agree, I feel the same regarding the Yamaha frets. Never really looking at it before and I have only ever played a Fender for a decent amount of time on one occasion and the frets were quite flat but it did feel very comfortable. Maybe a reshape could be the answer?
  4. Sure is. Would you like to buy it?
  5. Could be the fret board radius.
  6. That bass is fantastic! ...the photo, very metal. Vim Fuego would love it.
  7. Replied. Looking for a straight sale only.
  8. Boss BR800 Digital Recorder comes with power supply and full instructions. Good condition. Bought second hand on a booze fuelled eBay binge. Never used...
  9. Helix HX FX multi effects unit comes with power supply and full instructions. Bought from this site a few months back and used once then put back in the box. I prefer to use my individual pedals hence the sale. It's in excellent condition. £285
  10. Thanks kids. It actually sounded better without the old school sounding Barefaced. Definitely want a head, it sounds awesome.
  11. Back from the electronic wizard and sounding brilliant. Wife was out so I strapped it to a Barefaced Four10. Question... was this available as a head only or similar?
  12. Did you take the cab to the shop or did you use a different speaker?
  13. This is off to an electro wizard tomorrow for a fiddle....
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