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  1. I'll drop this custom BB here...
  2. Wow. That looks extreme, but as the previous owner of one I can understand why. Wonderful sounding head... now turn the master up, I want to know what happens.
  3. Lol, the 1st fret in lay is a red herring. I think it looks great; colour, shape, everything. I bet it's tough as old boots.
  4. Hi, can any Basschaters recommend a company to build a custom head case for my Mesa M9 rack head? Something along the line of this... Cheers
  5. Looks like he's still using a gang of LH heads and cabs with a Helix. Aug19...
  6. I thought Billy Sheehan uses the LH1000 and HA5500.
  7. Sorry, I should have said 4 normal strings and a tapered B. Like you have on your bass, it looks to be standard practice for Warwick.
  8. Have you looked in the Warwick Custom Shop gallery? All the fives are fitted with the same strings you have received.
  9. My BB3000 didn't have a skinny neck, it was certainly wider than my BB734a. However, It was very shallow back to front.
  10. A lot of the posts Yamaha put up for Yamaha artists using the new BB basses show customer shop colours. Red, white, green etc. maybe they should take note.
  11. 'Sorry, no missed calls on my phone. Are you sure you didn't phone best mate Carl instead?' 4Q bye...
  12. I wouldn't bother mate. The M6 is just as powerful, I bought the M9 because it was only a couple of £££ more than the M6 and had a good compressor built in. They sound the same.
  13. It's very good. Sounds great and is very detailed in its reproduction of each instrument without having to fiddle with any of the knobs or graphic. Compressor is really good and doesn't colour the sound..... and it's very loud. Unfortunately, it hasn't left my house as I still need a case for it. At the moment...Highly recommended. Awaiting full band noise test.
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