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  1. What range of amplification would that be and what great things are they doing with the brand? I thought they only make a 200w class D amp that doesn't have the Trace Elliot sound. It's an ok amp but just a toy compared to the original Trace gear.
  2. Maybe it does sound normal... maybe it's the amp making it sound normal? Anyhow... I'm still interested in the Mesa
  3. I wish people would use a normal bass when demoing gear. I'm very interested in this amp, watching someone using a bit of drift wood with several midget gems stuck it does the demo and me no favours.
  4. Here's another one from the Yamaha site... Hooky Yamaha Guitars
  5. If you want a bit more info, check out the latest Instagram Q&A. Jack and Hooky go through a lot of detail about this bass. The link starts off a bit ropey as they had a few internet issues but definitely worth a watch if you are interested in Peter Hook and this bass... Hooky & Jack
  6. Gotcha, every day is a school day. I used to own a T Bass, I always remember the neck being huge, so I've always associated Status with wide fingerboards.
  7. Peterson (spelling ?) Combo... I always wanted one of those when I was a youth. Cool.
  8. That's a cool bass. I didn't know Status made J width neck.
  9. Not sure... £40 - £50 maybe. It would have to go fully insured if posted.
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