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  1. Any chance of some clearer pics? Would you take one of the main body please?
  2. Aint got a clue what im doing with my amp eq or bass eq. Ive got Ampeg Portaflex500 and Shuker bass with ACG eq which is high mid cut/rain, low mid cut/gain. I really have no clue what im doing and leave both bass and amp on one setting all the time. Been playing for 7 years now, played in a band but never gigged. I can play "well" but its just the tone I cant figure out. Im sure I could pick it up in an hour or 2, offering £20 for an hour of your time, if you think it would take 2 hours ill offer £30. Kind regards Chris - Lives in Doncaster, works in Wakefield, hangs around in sheffield. Feel free to text me on 07921074406 (no spam)
  3. I had lessons at ElectroMusic shop in Doncaster, its only 25 mins on train from Sheffield. The shop is 10 min walk from the station.
  4. Id be interested in the head, consider splitting? I dont live all that far away either. (Doncaster)
  5. BEAUTIFUL bass. I have wanted one of these for years. Shame my bass funds are awaiting to be spent on an amp or id jump on this. Good luck with the sale.
  6. Ive been having a look at the amps/cabs you have all suggested. I prefer the look of the 210AV over the PF210HE, it looks more like my old SVT 610hlf. But looking at specs etc, the PF350/500 with a 210HE would suit me down to the ground. Not sure if I should wait until one pops up here or bite the builet and buy new. £566 - £696 is a bit over what I wanted to spend. seen a few that have sold on here for £400ish though so might be worth the wait.
  7. Ello mate. Yeah im still loving the Pub Bass, I still cant figure out the ACG preamp though, normally just leave it in 1 of 2 settings except the blend. 1 day ill figure it out haha. I had a look at that mini stack online, didnt know if you would get a nice tone with only 100watt. Seams a shame to have a beautiful sounding bass played though something that wouldnt bring out the tone. I remember I had an Ashdown 210 Combo which sounded terrible (had a Stingray and Mex Jazz at the time) and I dont want to settle just because of price point. Id pay £500+ if it was small and still packed a lot of tone. Doesnt have to be new either. Or am I asking too much from a small rig?
  8. Been a long while since ive been around these parts. I sold most of my gear here and bought most of it from here too. Im still rocking Eudes Shuker Pubbass. and thats all I have left from my collection except a Marshall HDFX100 4x12 guitar amp which is collecting dust and been for sale for a long time as I dont own a guitar. Im looking to get back into playing bass. Ive not played since '09 when I moved to France and sold most of my gear. Im back now, been back a while but without an amp ive not bothered picking it up. Did have a STV3 Ampeg 6x10 cab, looking for something much smaller but I love the Ampeg sound. Been looking at the Ampeg Mircos, anyone got anything to say about them? Im looking at a bedroom amp but high end that will do small gigs, 2nd hand around the £3-400 mark. but im open to higher price for the right toy. Could you give me some recommendations please?? Kind Regards
  9. No trade please, I cant think of 1 bass I would ever trade this for no matter how expensive it is. Im broke and its the only reason im selling it.
  10. For sale due to mounting debt. This beautiful Shuker, Downsized J Bass shape, Slab Finished Black Walnut body with Black Wet Look Gloss finish and matching headstock 33" Scale 5 piece Mahogany/Wenge neck with graphite rods, 22 frets and Rosewood Fingerboard Active EMG JV pickups and ACG pre EQ02 3K 3 knob dual pickup version. Volume/blend on flexi. Filter stack on flexi. Treble stack on flexi. Its a thing of beauty to play, the slightly downsized shape is hardly noticeable but make big finger stretches that little bit easier to play. Now it has the ACG pre installed the tone variants are epic too, can dial in a huge range of different tones. Slaps beautifully too. Oh there is a little scratch less then 1mm wide and 2cm long (see 1st pic) its on the edge in the middle of the cut away adjacent to the neck pickup, I only noticed it today, its not major. Nothing else worth mentioning, the pics show refections which could be seen as scratches but I assure you its practically flawless. i can take more pics if you require. Oh the last pic on this page is from a while ago, notice it doesnt have the stacked ACG pre amp in it. looking for[s] £1000[/s] £900 ono. Comes with a hard case. I live in Doncaster if you would like to check it out. Thanks for looking. [url="http://imgur.com/a/TIyCu"]More Pics on Imgur.com[/url]
  11. [quote name='Shockwave' post='1104678' date='Jan 27 2011, 03:23 AM']As you mentioned it is now for sale, as per forum rules we need a price displayed.[/quote] Ooops. Updated.
  12. Still for sale/trade. Need to shift this before I can buy a bass amp.
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