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  1. The land of make believe. Bucks Fizz
  2. So, if the Basschat servers went down how many here would sign up to Talkbass if they haven't already?
  3. WTF. Did I really see that?
  4. Walking on the moon. The police
  5. I prefer a parallel flange channel, with a full penetration butt weld😲
  6. A blast from the old school past! I work in architecture and started out on the drawing board, and have fond memories of those days. Now it's all CAD & BIM so my office desk looks like this.
  7. Going deeper underground. Jamiroqui
  8. What a load of bollox. Nevermind, it only sold for £106.
  9. I suppose you can use this as a backing track to play along too.
  10. I usually run my BF210 vertically too. No problem with volumes at pub gigs. Output is around 10 or 11 o'clock depending on venue size.
  11. Thanks for posting. Will definitely check it out.
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