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  1. Steve. We play the queens arms too. It's a bit small. We mount our 15" powered EV speakers on the wall brackets provided which really helps. Although we are a 4 piece our singer stands out front and to the side by the door which leaves room for the rest of us. Im next to the door with the desk and my small TC head & BF Two10 rig. We don't use the sub here but the drummer does mic his bass drum up. We use 2 monitors as well I've played in smaller places including the Saracens Head in Newton Abbot. Here is a photo of us playing there in the next post!
  2. Awful news. Hope you get it back soon.
  3. mep

    Basses on the settee

    My Stingray and Sterling Sub
  4. mep

    Bas Bass

    Hi there. Great introduction. Welcome.
  5. Many years ago in the mid 90's I went to the Bass Centre as they had a sale on. I brought a lovely 2nd hand Aria Pro 2 SB600 for £150. I needed a gig bag to take it home so got a Bass Centre one of course. What a great day out.
  6. Although we have pair of 15" EV powered tops we also run a single 15" sub to really help with the kick drum and my bass so as to fill out the sound.
  7. Just got back from a dep gig. The singer and guitarist from my regular band also play in a punk band with a female rhythm section. Their bass player was unable to play so I offered my services. The gig was at our regular favourite venue and it was the landlords engagement party too. I quickly learnt 2 sets of mostly new songs for me and had notes discreetly behind PA speaker on a music stand. All in all a good gig and the show went on. We finished with a encore of 4 songs from our regular band with the drummer depping this time. She even did vocals on Sin City.
  8. mep

    New to here

    Welcome to the forum. Great introduction.
  9. I do too. So does my audiologist.
  10. Great song to play. Did it in a band many years ago but didn't bother with those bits. Most people wouldn't notice so you have to decide if it's worth it.
  11. In the early 90's I bought a new 5 string fretless Stingray. I thought I needed a 5 string, which I didn't, and for some inexplicable reason got a fretless instead. I never really got the best out of it and had to sell it quickly for a huge loss to fund a move abroad. I still haven't bought a 5 string and have done ok with a Hipshot D Tuner instead.
  12. I'm fine with how I'm playing and can brush off the odd mistakes. What I do suffer with at times is how I sound. Even though we only play a few places regularly I don't always sound the same if that makes sense. Usually the on stage sound is cracking and I can really get in to it. It's the FOH sound that I can worry about. When I see other bands I feel they quite often have a letter bass sound than me. I've had good comments about my sound from fellow musicians at times and always go out front to sound check but sometimes I'm not always 100% happy.
  13. Why play that when you can play the original Betsy as I did (briefly😀) at the Mansons Guitar Show some years back whilst hanging out with Guy.
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