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  1. Recorded back in 2015 with our son on drums performing War Pigs at The Coach House in Paignton. The camera is set in the back corner looking towards the audience.
  2. At least the first photo is ok. The rest, well......
  3. Thread revival. Took delivery of mine the other day. I have it paired with a BF Two10. Can't wait to gig it in 3 weeks. I assume you can use the DI out without connecting a speaker cab?, as this is how I practice with the band using just the PA in small room.
  4. My new RM500 EVO II on my Two10. Haven't gigged the amp yet but mightly impressed so far.
  5. I've just received my Ashdown RM 500 evo 2 which I'm looking forward to running through my Two10. Haven't got a gig for 3 weeks so can only try it at home first.
  6. Plenty of AC/DC & War pigs for our punters. Sweet Child too. Forget the usual tosh such as Sex On Fire & Mustang Sally etc that keep getting mention on threads like these. Ultimately is depends on the audience.
  7. Works for me on my phone. Viewed the default streams and could switch modes. Thanks.
  8. Menu / Activity / My Activity Streams. Below is Custom Streams. Select Create New Stream and the option to view in condensed mode is available and works. Apologies about the typo with fliipin auto correct 😁
  9. Read my previous post. No problem if you create and keep selecting a custom stream. Screenshot from a few minutes ago.
  10. As I have posted earlier if you create a new custom stream and choose condensed mode it works.
  11. Thanks for filling some gaps there Dave.
  12. I'm having problems. I created some new custom streams that are ok as the option to view in condensed is offered and works. Can't switch between the 2 views in the default streams which is a bit of a nuisance. Edit. This is on my phone with Chrome browser on mobile site. Also. With my new custom streams in condensed mode I can't switch to expanded mode. Very strange.
  13. Interesting thread. Im following for now but will post pics when I change my amp for a RM 500 evo 2 in January which will sit on top of my Reto Two10.
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