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  1. Thanks for sharing. I've subscribed to his channel. You could have done with this in advance of your Sammy gig!
  2. What sort of strap do you have. Perhaps try one that has a bit more 'grip and us less prone to sliding.
  3. Same here. Don't worry about it too much. The verse riff is easy enough. Trim back the chorus part but keep the essence of it.
  4. It's not worth it. Just agree to all learn some new songs and practice later.
  5. Ah but has he hand scribed his 'name' on the other side of the headstock using a green Sharpie?
  6. War Pigs when we first introduced it into the set. More for the solo section as the bassline really goes for it. There was a tricky bit halfway through where at times the guitarist didn't always meet up with bass and drums. Always a relief to get through the solo.
  7. Thanks Dave. Getting stuck in whilst holidaying in the Scillies with the start of social distancing. Weather is ok.
  8. Surely not Artful Badgers though😁
  9. Our band was offered a gig for Saturday in our regular pub for a birthday. We have agreed to do it and I imagine it will be our last for a while. I am a bit apprehensive given the situation but let's see.
  10. Will we all have to play at Stonehenge too?
  11. Fat Labrador arrived and will be my holiday read next week.
  12. You didn't buy one of MDP's eBay seller refurbished basses did you?😧
  13. Nice bass. A great colour scheme. I have the same one although from 1992 with an earlier serial number. It came with a clear perspex pickguard and I bought a mirrored one which I prefer. GLWS.
  14. Architectural Technician for one of the largest architectural practices in my area. Went straight into the industry after leaving school and got my qualifications. It's enabled me to work around the country and abroad.
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