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  1. Many years ago i joined a local Rock 'n Roll cover band. The name of which featured the singer's name. In true Rock 'n Roll style the singer's name was followed by 'and the cruisers'. I'm ashamed to say I was a cruiser in my musical past. Look beyond the singer's name, it may be worse!
  2. 2 bass related presents this time.
  3. One more than you need or want.
  4. My pairing is an Ashdown RM500 evo2 with a Two 10 cab. Sounds great.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/dec/17/eric-clapton-wins-legal-case-against-woman-selling-bootleg-live-cd-for-845 Another article. She instructed her lawyers to refute the case which is why the costs escalated. Interesting to see what the law is in Germany too.
  6. Some of the Frankie Goes To Hollywood baselines are good to play with a pick. My favourite is there version of Born To Run.
  7. Sweet child of mine is one I like playing with a pick in our band.
  8. Nicked from the memes thread.
  9. I got this text from our guitarist after they rehearsed with a dep bass player.
  10. This is the best solution to the structure issue if you can get him to agree, unless it's going to mess with his 'feel'.
  11. Didnt have much More to say after the previous posts really. I agree with Andy that having to be taken outside to calm down is ridiculous and would be the final straw for me. Too loud. No structure. Diva. It's a no from me.
  12. Sounds like a right tool. Move on.
  13. I still can't get over the hand written headstock.
  14. All too familiar stories. We have stopped accepting social club bookings.
  15. I first came across decimal inches when working with some Americans, and it's quite widely used over there.
  16. I prefer decimal inches. 1 5/8" = 1.625" 1 3/4" = 1.75" Simple.
  17. Back at our regular pub last night. It was busier than I expected due to the local Satans Slaves MC chapter who came to see us. Later in the 2nd set we dedicated Mamma Mia to them. It was taken well and hopefully we'll play some of the biker rallies Next year.
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