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  1. Video a gig and edit out the songs and make him watch the inbetween bits of him. What will also surprise you all is How much time he takes.
  2. (What's the story) morning glory? Oasis
  3. Thanks. Mulletmungus is a fab new word! I was proud of my mullet back in the day. Now I shave my head! The first song is about expats leaving HK and is a bit of a dig at the Chinese.
  4. In the early 90's I lived in Hong Kong for a few years. I played in quite a few bands and 2 of them made in on to the local TV. The first video is of our band Splash it About. There was a programme called World Video Jury, which was a bit pants, but each week they featured a local band playing original songs. We had a few and managed to bag a slot. I need to warn you that there is some serious mullet content on my part. The second video features our band Fort Sensible. Our singer was an American actor in a sitcom called All in a Family, In this episode we feature as his band, along with some of the other actors, playing in a fund raising event. We had to learn a handful of songs including a popular Cantopop song but they are all edited down as is the case on TV. Some great times and good memories. I recorded the programmes on VHS and later onto DVD. However the quality has deteriorated a bit on the first video. I though I'd upload them to YouTube to augment my motorcycle ride videos which some of you will have seen in the who rides motorcycle thread.
  5. My attic man cave, music room, home office. All my gig equipment is stored under the stairs for easy loading.
  6. Male 55 (tomorrow) White Married
  7. Every breath you take. The Police
  8. Fair enough. Just don't Google images for Balls Deep without a good filter!
  9. I'm forever blowing bubbles. Cockney Rejects
  10. Do you really live in Balls Deep too as I can't find it on Google Maps?
  11. It's the end of the world as we know it. REM
  12. Mirror in the bathroom. The Beat
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