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  1. We have 4 dates in our diary now from end of June to December at our favourite local pub.
  2. I prefer Frankie Goes To Hollywood's version of Born To Run. It's a bit more energetic and features a bass solo instead of the Springsteen sax one. We covered it in our band and it's a blast to play.
  3. Forget me too. Machine Gun Kelly
  4. Is it the Toilet Duck Dunn signature model?
  5. There's how many you play now and have played. I used to play trumpet and recorder to a good level and dabbled with piano / keys. I only play bass and a bit of guitar now so is it 5 or 2?
  6. Perfect for playing the Brown Note. I'd buy it now but I'm not flush with any cash right now.
  7. Fairly local to me too, but not for me now though.
  8. Thought I'd bring the captain's log in to the thread to help.
  9. Chris bought a Fender Fatfinger from me. I was a pleasure to deal with him. Prompt bank transfer payment and good comms. Cheers
  10. Good to hear Dad. I'm fed up of scrolling past posts that are nothing to do with the original topic.
  11. I've got a bit lazy since our last gig in March last year. If I can find the inspiration I will practice on a Wednesday which was our band rehearsal night. Sometimes I've gone weeks between practices but most songs are ok.
  12. Son of a preacher man. Dusty Springfield
  13. I'd love to buy it, but I'm not flush with any money right now.
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