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  1. Great band. I highly recommend you read Ian Hunters "Diary of a Rock and Roll Star" written in the early seventies. Great insight and you get to hear the true story about his Maltese Cross guitar purchase.
  2. I've tried, I really have as my daughters and wife love her but I just don't get it.
  3. I played in a band a few years ago with two sax players. They added great value as there are several sax types ( as you probably know ) so can complement each other.
  4. Hi Mark Just had a quick look and looks very interesting Going to bookmark this for when Xmas has quietened down a little to have a thorough read Tony
  5. Takes all sorts I know but I actually like all his books. Some are a bit heavy but Ghost Rider is an amazing insight in to the mind of someone who experienced what happened to him.
  6. Brilliant, must take a heck of a lot of rehearsal time to get a band to that level with those songs. Took us three rehearsals to get Sin City playable lol
  7. Really don't understand any of the negative comments about this song. The bass intro is a fundamental part of the song and it's rare that we ever get to play anything like that. The song is an absolute guaranteed floor filler The guitar solo is an air guitarists dream I guarantee that every time you play it the whole pub/club etc will sing along to every word Surely that can't be all bad
  8. Francis Dunnery had an accoustic guitar and that was it. Volume was plenty loud enough and no complaints from the neighbours.
  9. We had Francis Dunnery for my wife's 50th a few months ago. Awesome night. Never forget it.
  10. If anyone responds on this and wants the old style fitting and you would sell the Lightning wire separately please pm me. Lost mine.
  11. [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1442404575' post='2866668'] I didn't play anything in my younger days but was briefly a singer in a school rock band and I recall our guitarist taking me to some mythical music shop in Bingley that people used to rate, can't remember the name. Would have been around 1980. [/quote] Wow that was a blast from the past. I had just started playing and was taken there on the first of many visits to JSG in Bingley. You walked down like an indoor alleyway ( PA's etc at the top ?? ) in to a large room full of guitars, basses, amps cabs etc. It was like walking through the gates of heaven for a teenager after two long bus rides. Bought my first amp ( Fal 50) and went back many times for many subsequent purchases.
  12. Had a very very similar situation years ago. Chose the best singer ( the larger lady ) who turned out to be an amazing front person and had the guys ( and plenty of girls ) in the palm of her hands and the band soared. About two years ago she lost 7 ( yes that's 7 stone ) and now she looks....................awesome :-)
  13. You guys are making me a very happy man. Huge Slade fan since my early teens and so nice to hear that they all sound to be decent down to earth guys exactly as they have always appeared to be from the stage and screen. If you never saw Slade live in their heyday then it's a shame as these guys were truly awesome and very f*****g loud in a nice way.
  14. I'm a bit of a fat git and 56 year old BUT I used to run Ultra Marsthons and when anyone comments about it I use my standard reply. "It's better to be a has been than a never was" At 22 just go do what the hell you want'
  15. [quote name='bassman7755' timestamp='1436159085' post='2815383'] Apparently this concert was sold out within 30 minutes of official release. I guess the core problem is that tickets are sold on release for much less than their true value given the supply/demand ratio with the various resellers pocketing the difference. If they were sold initially using some sort of auction system then at least the original organisers and artists would get the additional profit. [/quote] But I really wonder just how many are "sold" to retail customers as every time recently that I have been trying to get something from Ticketmaster etc I get the "sold out" message but you could try "Get Me In" on the same f*****g webpage and guess who owns Get Me In ?? Yes, right first time !!!
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