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  1. Here you go Letts custom fretless 5 string Bubinga front and back 34inch scale Walnut neck and body sandwich Padauk out riggers and nut Indian rosewood fretboard Custom double blade passive humbucker Volume/tone series parallel push pull switch Hipshot ultra light tuners
  2. Following on from the helpful advice above, we have a result!! I managed to file an Allen key down and apply a ¼ turn which has given the desired result 😊 It's the first adjustment needed in over a year of ownership so I reckon I now have plenty of time to refine the tool or find another that will make the job easier next time. Thanks for all the helpful responses! 😁😁
  3. Thanks @Andyjr1515, I think I'll give it a go with the Allen keys and a file. If I can get it to work, would you suggest I try and undo the nut fully to establish whether it is the welded type as described above or just give it the tweek it needs? I would like to be able to adjust it if necessary in the future without the risk of rounding off the remaining faces although if my file work is successful I might be able to use the key again Watch this space!!
  4. I have tried to contact Jon Letts but the website doesn't work. A search reveals some horror stories regarding customer service and business practices so I haven't pursued further.
  5. I like the idea of tapering the next size Allen key, as it needs a 90Β° bend to fit into the cavity and I don't have any Torx drivers that would fit. I don't have a bench grinder either come to think of it! I'm happy enough to seek expert help rather than risk my hamfisted attempts!
  6. Forgive my ignorance - how does one tell?
  7. Had to admit defeat on this one, it's in a cavity that is only just big enough for an Allen key to fit (see pics) and I don't have any tools suitable Hopefully not too difficult for a skilled tech with the correct tools 🀨. Does anyone know if repair shops are open during this lockdown and any recommendations where to take it? I travel a bit through work, around the South/south west and Midlands quite a bit generally, try to avoid London wherever possible!! The Bass is a Letts Custom Fretless that I picked up in a trade deal and it's a really nice instrument but just needs a tweak to the trussrod. Unable to contact Letts. I have looked through the recommended Luthiers thread and have a couple of ideas but thought I would enquire here to see if anyone has any up to date suggestions.... Thanks in anticipation.....
  8. I replaced them with Hipshot ultralites - the body of the bass was extremely light so I was hoping for better balance...
  9. Status branded tuners, 3 over 2 r/h. Excellent condition. Β£25.00 plus a fiver for postage or collect from Swindon subject to social distancing rules....
  10. These were removed from my Marusczyk Elwood 5 string after very little use, hence unmarked condition. I have lost one of the ferules unfortunately but they can be obtained easily enough, otherwise suitable for a 4 string. Right handed 4 over 1. Β£25 plus a fiver for postage or collect from Swindon subject to social distancing blah blah!
  11. What he said! β†Ÿβ†Ÿβ†Ÿ πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ Thanks from me too!
  12. Anyone using a tuner app on their iPhone? Thought it might be handy for home use when I forget to bring the polytune in from the studio..... Be nice if it could pick up a low B but could probably get by with harmonics Any suggestions?
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