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  1. For 255 quid including a 3 yr warranty this could be worth a punt...... certainly worthy as a backup https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_solidbass_600h.htm
  2. Been dipping my toe into the wired IEM waters with a Behringer P2 and KZ earphones for a few gigs now with pretty positive results. It’s the usual DI from my amp into the desk and receive a monitor mix in my ears scenario but I wouldn’t mind a bit more control over hearing my own bass rather than rely on the soundguy. I recently scored a cheap LD 1000 wireless on Ebay so I’m thinking about using the stereo capability to add a separate signal from my backline amp to the receiver in addition to the monitor mix I am receiving and blend the two using the Focus mode If that makes sense. Assuming I’m not completely barking up the wrong tree here, how do I get a signal from my amp to the receiver? Can I use the line out or is there a way of splitting the DI signal? I should really look into controlling my own mix with an iPad or something but I’m gonna have to learn a lot more before that becomes a reality methinks!
  3. I am the second owner, the previous guy commissioned the base directly from Jon letts, I got it a couple of years ago. The weight is about eight and a half lbs and I’ll measure the string spacing and photograph the position markers when I get home from work. I reckon it’s about similar spacing to a Stingray fiver I had once though…
  4. Since it’s unlikely I’ll be playing fretless live again in the future and it’s too nice to be hanging on the wall unused, I have decided to offer this delightful instrument for sale in the hope that somebody will enjoy playing it as much as I have. It’s in really tidy condition, a few very minor marks perhaps but it has a beautiful straight neck, no discernible wear on the fretboard and it’s fitted with nylon flats. Truss rod works fine and a modified Allen key that fits the recess is provided. The volume and tone pots work fine without scratching although the tone pot feels like it has little turning resistance but in practice does not affect anything and it stays where you set it. Edge markers are positioned on the pitch if that makes sense. Oh and it’s got a thunderous B string! I'll leave the strap locks on and include a leather strap. If you search for Jon Letts you will find that he builds superb quality instruments but his business had suffered from various problems in the past and tarnished his reputation perhaps, and as such, these bases can be had at decent prices. With that in mind I am offering this up at £450 which is very reasonable for a hand built custom instrument. For an additional £50 I'll include a top quality Fusion gigbag. I would really like a potential buyer to try this bass (I’m based in Swindon) but I could seek advice on insured postage funded by the purchaser if necessary or do a “meet halfway” arrangement. I am out and about over the Easter weekend - Bristol on Good Friday, West Sussex on Saturday and Central London on Monday-Tuesday morning if it helps….. Letts custom fretless 5 string Bubinga front and back 34inch scale Walnut neck and body sandwich Padauk out riggers and nut Indian rosewood fretboard Custom double blade passive humbucker Volume/tone series parallel push pull switch Hipshot ultra light tuners
  5. Gonna be needing a reliable lightweight head going forward, so looking at 500w + trade options.......
  6. You could do a lot worse than an Eich BC112 ...
  7. Just reduced the price on my Status Electro, under 8½lbs and half your budget! You're welcome to nip down to Swindon and give it a try...... I have a Maruszczyk fiver you can try out as well if you like...
  8. Not exactly a Fender clone I know, but a perfectly lovely unlined 5 string Letts custom that I'm reluctantly considering letting go seeing as my Status is not selling. £475 More photos and details on request if you're interested....
  9. I have one of these I no longer use, 15 quid posted if you want it...
  10. Guitar now in my possession, 👍 I’ll touch base with Rich and we’ll soon get it winging it’s way down to WSM! 🙂
  11. Cool! Actually my lad works in Chippenham so it might save you a trip into Swindon, 'cos lets face it - no-one wants to go to Swindon if they don't have to!
  12. Happy to oblige!😊 I will be passing through early Sunday evening......
  13. Most likely going through Bracknell next Sunday (27th) on my way back to Swindon if that helps....
  14. If you're thinking of getting a Double Bass or or indeed own one, then this is a very useful book with loads of information. No longer available to buy new but this is in as new condition. Price includes postage to UK.
  15. Have you found one yet? I have one I'm not using - no idea what a fair price would be though.... pm me if you're still looking..... cheers Andy
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