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  1. Are you based in Chippenham Rich? My son is an apprentice at Siemens there.....
  2. “Whatever gets you through the night “ the John Lennon one. Anyone know who played bass on the recording? Doubt if I’ll get to play it at a gig anyway ‘cos (a) no sax (b) front man says it’s “too disco” 🙄
  3. Gotta be the best bang for your buck speaker cabs on the market..... Heres a size perspective shot.........
  4. Here's the blurb from TKS Engineering......... S112 [S-1-12] Weighing only 10 kg and being only 33 cm deep, the S112 is the most portable cabinet in the model range. Many owners have two of them, using only one on small gigs and both on larger gigs and other situations that require more volume. The tone is very close to the S212, however, two S112:s have slightly less low end than a S212. Despite being the model with the lest amount of low end, most bass players who try the S112 are amazed by how much low end such a small and light cabinet can produce. For all users with "micro amplifiers", a popular choice is to order the S112 in vertical configuration - that way the S112 takes up only 36x33 cm on a stage, and moves the handle out of the way for small amplifiers with low feet. See more under custom design options. Specifications Impedance: 8 Ω Power handling (high average power test signal): 250 W RMS Recommended amplifier power: 150-300 W RMS @ 8 Ω Sensitivity[average]: 99 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[100Hz]: 98 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[max]: 103 dB SPL @ 1,5 kHz, 1W/1m Frequency response (-10db): 46 Hz - 4,8 kHz Displacement: 258 cm³ Measurements (WxHxD): 52x38x33 cm Weight: 10 kg
  5. I am scaling down my gigging commitments this year and as a result this superbly capable amplifier head is gonna be surplus to my requirements. If you are reading this you may well be aware of the love for the brand, it's a fantastic amp in excellent condition, pretty much unmarked apart from some minor marks on the underside, thanks to its sturdy case and Roqsolid cover. There is a lengthy thread on Basschat regarding these amps, with loads of information and overwhelming positive comments and reviews. https://www.basschat.co.uk/…/282884-the-handbox-amplificat…/ I have gigged this frequently and it's never failed to deliver - everything functions perfectly apart from the front decorative led's which have no effect on the performance of the amp but I have priced it low as a result. Best sound I have ever had, especially when paired the the two TKS Cabinets that I will also be selling, but I can't see the point of keeping them if they're not getting used I am based in Swindon, posting could be an option if I can find suitable packaging materials but I would need to fully insure it and it might be a. bit pricy. Could deliver within reason for petrol money or meet halfway but finding the time might be difficult so collection would be favourite. Read my feedback thread .... https://www.basschat.co.uk/…/37350-feedback-for-andyonbass/…
  6. *** Price dropped to £550 *** Following my decision to reduce gigging commitments due to some health issues, I would like to offer these 2 immaculate and great sounding cabs up for sale. These are the non tweeter 1x12 models, but don't let that put you off, they still produce a full range of sounds to cover most gigging situations. I've used them for regular gigs with a 9 piece function band mostly without pa support, many blues and rock gigs, plus I used them with a double bass for a large number of rock and roll gigs and they have always performed faultlessly and never lacked anything sonically. They are finished in a great Vintage Tweed style, and are a big hit with guitarists! Can't find any marks or scuffs or tears on them, Cleary the fitted Roqsolid covers are doing their job! Although these are very light weight they will still be expensive to post, and I don't have access to any protective packaging so collection would be preferred. I am based in Swindon. Possibly could arrange a meet up or perhaps a delivery for petrol within a reasonable distance but collection would be preferred. There is lots of information on Basschat regarding these cabs and I have a feedback thread on here.... https://www.basschat.co.uk/…/37350-feedback-for-andyonbass/…
  7. Here's my ACG J Type, the pre-amp really works well with fretless, I still struggle with intonation up the dusty end though!
  8. Can you do a pic with it next to a Bass Guitar, for perspective of size?
  9. Well I have only just done it this morning, but the roll of tape stays luminous all night in the spare room although it gradually diminishes in brightness!!
  10. You might have to use a craft knife to remove the backing from the adhesive tape but with practice you can leave it in place on the roll.... Quick one handed video (stop it!!). You could apply some clear nail varnish over the top if you like but check it doesn't affect the finish of the neck......
  11. There are fairly frequent posts on here regarding the difficulty of seeing position markers on dark stages. Here's my solution....... Firstly go on eBay and search for adhesive luminous tape, (will cost a couple of quid) Next get hold of a hole punch (see pic) again, no more than a fiver from eBay You'll need tweezers and something like a small screwdriver to poke out the luminous marker from the punch. (see pic!) Craft knife. Tools needed. Use the punch to cut a marker out of the tape ( there are 5 or 6 different sizes on the punch I have) Remove the marker from the punch using the screwdriver.... Place marker in the desired position using tweezers..... And repeat as necessary..... Enjoy!!
  12. Doh! It cost me more than that to make one and I got a rollicking off the missus for sacrificing one of her kitchen chopping boards!
  13. Ingenius solution! I have sent an email to their customer support via their website contact form. There is no means of attaching a photo but will await a response. The locking mechanism housing on the current model has a different appearance so I have asked them to assure me it is an improved design before I purchase another.....😉
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