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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. Here you go Letts custom fretless 5 string Bubinga front and back 34inch scale Walnut neck and body sandwich Padauk out riggers and nut Indian rosewood fretboard Custom double blade passive humbucker Volume/tone series parallel push pull switch Hipshot ultra light tuners
  3. Following on from the helpful advice above, we have a result!! I managed to file an Allen key down and apply a ¼ turn which has given the desired result 😊 It's the first adjustment needed in over a year of ownership so I reckon I now have plenty of time to refine the tool or find another that will make the job easier next time. Thanks for all the helpful responses! 😁😁
  4. Thanks @Andyjr1515, I think I'll give it a go with the Allen keys and a file. If I can get it to work, would you suggest I try and undo the nut fully to establish whether it is the welded type as described above or just give it the tweek it needs? I would like to be able to adjust it if necessary in the future without the risk of rounding off the remaining faces although if my file work is successful I might be able to use the key again Watch this space!!
  5. I have tried to contact Jon Letts but the website doesn't work. A search reveals some horror stories regarding customer service and business practices so I haven't pursued further.
  6. I like the idea of tapering the next size Allen key, as it needs a 90Β° bend to fit into the cavity and I don't have any Torx drivers that would fit. I don't have a bench grinder either come to think of it! I'm happy enough to seek expert help rather than risk my hamfisted attempts!
  7. Forgive my ignorance - how does one tell?
  8. Had to admit defeat on this one, it's in a cavity that is only just big enough for an Allen key to fit (see pics) and I don't have any tools suitable Hopefully not too difficult for a skilled tech with the correct tools 🀨. Does anyone know if repair shops are open during this lockdown and any recommendations where to take it? I travel a bit through work, around the South/south west and Midlands quite a bit generally, try to avoid London wherever possible!! The Bass is a Letts Custom Fretless that I picked up in a trade deal and it's a really nice instrument but just needs a tweak to the trussrod. Unable to contact Letts. I have looked through the recommended Luthiers thread and have a couple of ideas but thought I would enquire here to see if anyone has any up to date suggestions.... Thanks in anticipation.....
  9. I replaced them with Hipshot ultralites - the body of the bass was extremely light so I was hoping for better balance...
  10. These were removed from my Marusczyk Elwood 5 string after very little use, hence unmarked condition. I have lost one of the ferules unfortunately but they can be obtained easily enough, otherwise suitable for a 4 string. Right handed 4 over 1. Β£25 plus a fiver for postage or collect from Swindon subject to social distancing blah blah!
  11. What he said! β†Ÿβ†Ÿβ†Ÿ πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ Thanks from me too!
  12. Anyone using a tuner app on their iPhone? Thought it might be handy for home use when I forget to bring the polytune in from the studio..... Be nice if it could pick up a low B but could probably get by with harmonics Any suggestions?
  13. We got two hundred quids worth of perfume dropped on our doorstep by Hermes during the week - totally out of the blue. Nothing to do with us. (I'm working on the assumption the my missus hasn't adopted my strategy on buying Bass gear! πŸ˜‰) As mentioned earlier, trying to get through to customer services is like herding cats and I would probably give up but for the fact the someone somewhere is eagerly awaiting their delivery. I might dump it on the doorstep of the local Hermes depot, ring the bell and b*gger off!
  14. Another plus for Paul, having just bought his PJ Bighead. Sent him a message on the Monday expressing my interest and it arrived in bombproof packaging on Wednesday! Hows that for service? πŸ™‚ I would happily recommend dealing with him in the future πŸ‘
  15. Another handover complete! The bass is now with @BreadBin and will be winging its way to the final destination very soon! Nice to meet you Brendan! Obligatory handover pic!!
  16. The Bass is now in sunny stormy Swindon awaiting the next leg! As stated above, it's a splendid instrument!
  17. I'm regularly in the Tamworth area, heading back to Swindon if that helps. Would need to meet up in the Services due to large vehicle!
  18. Yeah, minor repairs to cables, jack sockets etc. tbh what has prompted me is the battery holder in my car key fob has come unsoldered and the dealer wants stupid money for a new one. Local repair man will do it but it looks like an easy fix if I had the gear and know how....
  19. With a bit of time on my hands it seems like it would be a good idea to learn how to solder properly. There are some great resources on here regarding playing techniques and string choices etc so how about a numpty's guide to soldering? You tube tutorials that I've seen generally assume you have the correct iron at the correct temperature using the correct flux and solder wire. It would be good to have a guide on what to buy and how to use it or perhaps a link to a good resource..... Anyone wanna chip in?
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