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  1. Probably something between the two if I'm honest - I look after my basses, but I'm not precious about dents and dings, and it will be used on all my recordings and gigs for sure.
  2. The music shop near me does have a non-export aerodyne for about 990 quid - might try that out.
  3. I'm not much of an amp-crazy guy! My Ashdown Studio 15 delivers plenty of oomph for monitoring and rehearsal purposes, and it's DIs/FOH all the way for me! However, the savings would certainly feed other forms of GAS - probably keyboard/guitar, or maybe even strings! (600=10 sets of TI jazz flats=basically a lifetime supply, right??)
  4. Yeah, fair enough! If I did go for a used American, I'd have my eye open for something more recent, but having the S1 switch and not using it wouldn't bother me - right now I have a Sire P7 with 3 band EQ plus mid sweep and I just run it in passive!
  5. that sounds like a decent day out to me!
  6. Ah yeah, I'd seen Scott Devine mention an MV at some point, they look great! I might head down to BD for a day like you say, although if I'm going then I'm buying - it's about a 2 hour drive!
  7. True - resale value doesn't massively bother me, but it could always be needed in unforeseen circumstances. Definitely tempted by the Am Performer - if I can get something I like stock, then I'm very happy and that'd be my top option.
  8. Ahh nice, good to know! I'm going to have fun on Sandberg's website tonight for sure!
  9. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! I've seen a few of the S-1 basses around, but only ever heard negative things about the S1 circuits, so that throws me off a bit.
  10. As much as I like it, it's not quite what I'd want out of an all-round bass. The pups are a little on the tame side for my liking (can be replaced of course), but preamp removal means sourcing a fresh pickguard, which has to be custom cut as nowhere makes replacements. Same issue with the tuners, which aren't ideal - there's no drop in replacement, so it's a case of filling and re-drilling, a lot of extra work when basses like the Mexi Fenders have an abundace of drop-in parts available.
  11. I love the look of the Sandbergs, and the pups sound amazing! Can you order them direct from Sandberg to the UK? I can't find a passive model to my liking on any UK shop sites, so I wonder if you can order direct?
  12. Very true, retention of value is a plus to the Americans. I'm considering the Am Performer now too, substantial savings over the Pro II but supposedly a decent step above the Player.
  13. Certainly something I'm planning to consider when the time comes - there's often a Japanese Fender bass or two knocking about on ebay/facebook which is tempting.
  14. It's not that I 'don't like' the Mexi bass, they're absolutely fine, in fact from what I've played in the Player series I really quite like the playability and feel. That's why I'd consider using it as a basis for upgrades: start with a reliable and agreeable foundation that I enjoy playing, and add elements that I particularly like, i.e. the Delano pups and a nice sturdy bridge.
  15. Much appreciated - never played a Lakland, but heard only good things! I'm also considering the American Performer P as well - I love a PJ set up, so might be an interesting option that saves a little bit of cash.
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