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  1. sorry, yes it's gome. the new owner might reveal himself ...I don't know how to change the title to sold ?
  2. Got a Trade pending on this now so ON HOLD
  3. I think its a bargain, love it .. took the day off work to get intimately acquainted, highly recommend these basses ..
  4. It was up for £1k but I managed to haggle it down to £900
  5. wow, thanks John, the serial is M1326, not sure how to date it,
  6. yeah jonnybass that's the one, got it fot £900 this morning, well chuffed with it, thanks for the replies everyone,[attachment=119873:IMAG0083.jpg]
  7. Oooo, that's lovely ... £900 did you say ? I'll come an pick it up aswel,
  8. Thanks Dingus, just thought I'd run it past the bass chatters before pulling the trigger ..
  9. I dont think its a fake because it oozes quality .. its got a sadowsky case aswel,
  10. I've seen a sadowsky jazz for sale for £900 but not sure if its a good price or not. its a made in japan one and is active. the serial number is M then 4 numbers. should I buy it ? its sounds great and feels lovely ..
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