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  1. adamg67

    Any easy way to get to komplete ultimate ?

    Just seen your ad for an older in items wanted... good plan.
  2. adamg67

    Cables and Cables

    I make them all, because I need the soldering practice, and also I bought a Hakko FX888D soldering station because I like nice toys, and now I have to justify the cost. It is a very nice toy though.
  3. adamg67

    Any easy way to get to komplete ultimate ?

    If it helps, I think in order of number of instruments from least to most, it goes Komplete Select, Komplete, Komplete Ultimate. I have the middle one, just "Komplete", plus a couple of extra instruments, but it's worth checking excatly what's in each to make sure you're not paying for stuff you won't use: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/bundles/ - you can check in each one exactly what's included. Ultimate is massive, I'd need to upgrade my hard drive to fit it on. I think if you get Select and upgrade it will still cost the same, they are pretty good at getting their hands on your cash, but if anyone knows a way to save some money I'm sure they'll post. IIRC you can buy & sell licenses for NI products (there's a transfer thing) so you might be able to get an older version "second hand" if you're not bothered about 12 - I'm on 11 and sometimes you can save money by skipping a version, so if I hold out for 13 my upgrade probably won't cost more than the upgrade to 12 does now.
  4. adamg67

    Which Mac!! HELP

    Windows is not great, but the rest of that statement is just not true any more, in fact it's probably 10 years out of date. I run a windows + linux laptop, used to run a couple of windows + linux desktops before that. First one, it was a bit like you say, second one pretty good, new one everything is USB 3 & Thunderbolt 3 and just works. Got a Quantum interface, faderport 8, NI Komplete Kontrol keyboard, Kenton Killamix, have had other midi stuff as well. I only have windows for the music stuff really, #1 purpose of my machine is linux based software development (well, linux is the OS I choose for software development anyway, because it's easily the best). I did look at a MacBook Pro when I got the laptop, because you can pretty much just run Linux in a VM now, but I would have had to pay more money for less than half the spec. Maybe if all I was doing was music and I had to use it live I'd get a macbook pro. I'm not inherently anti apple, I've got an iPad pro and an iRig for a portable setup and that's great.
  5. adamg67

    Tell me about Sandberg

    Yeah, I like them on my Jake 5A+ as well, I like them DI or through a fairly transparent amp, not so keen on them through a tube amp. Try before you buy is the best way anyway.
  6. adamg67

    Bass VI. Removing poles from pickups?

    Ah, cool, I didn't realise you'd already tried EQing both sides. The physical approach with the pickup would give a much more definite split.
  7. adamg67

    Bass VI. Removing poles from pickups?

    Yep, that's the idea. Crossover is probably a bad idea if you're doing it with pedals (I use one to do it in software just because it's there), but you can use an ABY pedal, eg: https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/signal-splitter-router/fender-2-switch-aby-pedal-passive-switch - that's passive but it says it does one guitar into two amps. On top of that you'd need to be able to EQ each seperate signal, so you can pull out the bass signal on one side and the treble signal on the other.
  8. I think it's better not to have any preference for neck profile. Tell yourself you don't care and can play any profile and it will be true.
  9. adamg67

    Bass VI. Removing poles from pickups?

    I've had the effect you're after with my SRC6, which is basically a Bass VI (but with much better pickups IMO), but I did it the Royal Blood way, by splitting the signal based on frequency. You can do it with a crossover, or just a splitter followed by two EQs - that's slightly more flexible as you can overlap them. You can fairly convincingly get a bass sound for the bass end and guitar sound for the top end.
  10. NOW SOLD Grado SR60 On Ear Open Backed HiFi / Audiophile headphones I checked out a lot of reviews before I bought these and nobody had a bad word to say about them, and plenty of good ones about how much you get for your money - and that was when they were £80 new. These have seen occasional use in my home studio over a couple of years - normally I use monitors but sometimes need to be quiet and needed them for the occasional bit of amateur mixing. The only reason I'm selling them is that I bought some (way more expensive) Sennheiser HD650s, and the Grados were never sold as studio phones anyway. Virtually no wear to the headband or foam, no kinks in the cable and they come with a Grado case which I bought seperately for them. £40 + postage of your choice or collect from BD20 (Silsden) or HX7 (Hebden Bridge) West Yorks,
  11. adamg67

    Knobs for unusual shaft

    A woman walks into a bar and asks for a double entendre, so the barman gives her one.
  12. adamg67

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Not all of it has lyrics, and most of them are in spanish, but there's a lot of nice bass in there.
  13. adamg67

    Who Can Make Me a Custom (guitar) Body

    It's just a time thing, I would love to do it. I've had 3 crap years, just normal life stuff that couldn't be avoided, and it's only recently that I've had enough time to play bass as much as I like, and to try and bump my guitar playing up a bit as well. I'm not giving that up for anything. I've made an effort this year to get so I'm proper confident with electrics and have really enjoyed that, so that's something, but for me now it's all about playing.
  14. adamg67

    Who Can Make Me a Custom (guitar) Body

    Impressive. I have to say though, that has convinced me *not* to try and make one myself