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  1. I've got a Hotone as well, the Omni IR, which is a cab sim / cab IR loader - so probably like a standalone pedal with just the cab sim bit of the Ampero. It's really good, I ended up buying some STL cab IR models for it and with those and the original bass cabs it's got a fantastic range, and has DI out. It's the last pedal on a pedlatrain nano "fly rig" and I have a few different things that can go in front of it, but actually I like it on with nothing but a compressor and a clean preamp (Xotic RC Booster or Darkglass Harmonic Booster).
  2. I'm really not, and I don't believe in any of the things I put forward about what's a bassline and what's not, I just put them forward to show that there might be other points of view to your absolutist one. What I really think is that none of it is that strictly defined. There are melodic bass lines and melodies played on the bass and trying to defining exactly which is what is just silly. You can't be "right" about whether something is a bassline or not because there are no facts or rules, just someone's opinion. And Seven Nation Army can be a bass line if it likes. Or not.
  3. This is a bit OT but... ropes are interesting, and a lot of people (me included) never coil them. A lead climber shouldn't ever climb with a rope straight from a coil, you have to pay it out into a pile. It's not like that thing with sailing where you see the coil pay out neatly, because the coil of rope has been chucked in a car, tied to a backpack etc so the loops get chance to move relative to each other. Once I discovered them I switched to using a rope bag, which is just like a small tarp that you can squish up into a bag, or even just a carrier bag will do (some people use a cloth "bucket"). When you've finished a route, you tie the "bottom" end to the bag, then pay the rope into the bag as messily as you like (called "flaking" it in by some people) and tie the "top" end to something as well so you know which is which. When you need it next, tie in to the "top" end and climb away, and the rope will always pay out smoothly. In a coil, the loops of rope are parallel and can move past each other. If you flake the rope out into a pile the flakes of rope will go across each other and so can't change order, and will always come back out in the reverse order. If you use the wrong end you're stuffed but rope bags come with loops to tie the ends to so you know which is which. I'm guessing @Leonard Smalls among others will know what I mean. I used coils for years - coils are a neat way to carry your rope if you don't have a rope bag - and then rope bags for years. With a coil, once or twice I was lazy and didn't flake into a losoe pile before climbing, and I soon learnt that that's the best way to get knots. Rope bag, I just flipped it open, tied on and climbed. Coils are not all they are cracked up to be. Having said all that, rope bends a lot better than cable does and I coil all my cables, but only to save them kinking, I don't expect the coil to pay out nicely. I did say it was a bit off topic.
  4. The bass in Come Together is pretty melodic. In fact it's more melodic than any of the other instrumental parts, and so is less of a bass line than the bass part in Dean Town, which has the same amount of melodicness as the other parts.
  5. If you want to convince people, just stating the same thing again and again isn't usually the best way. You could maybe refer to the definitions of bass line and melody, but then you'd find that the definition of bass line is pretty much "what the bass is playing".
  6. I was just pointing out that other people call it a bass line. You might want to get in touch with them and put them right as well.
  7. https://www.talkingbass.net/dean-town-joe-dart-bass-line-tabs-tutorial/ https://www.reddit.com/r/Bass/comments/5ika4m/is_dean_town_by_vulfpeck_considered_a_difficult/
  8. Same here, they have new and second hand as well.
  9. Just use a good cab sim, no mics needed
  10. I came across this earlier, I know Dean Town might be a bit overposted but that’s the first time I’ve ever heard a crowd singing along to a bassline, any other examples out there? Seven nation army doesn’t count, it’s not a bass (and its not a bassline either)
  11. That would work if I knew what frequency I wanted Handy, I will keep a link to that. Just popped the 500k push/pull in there and that works nicely, with the tone up full it's a little bit richer than with no tone circuit, with the tone rolled off it goes nice and middy. That's the bridge pickup, the neck pickup is nice and bassy so between them it's a good range. Cheers for the advice
  12. As the owner of 2 Maruszczyk's and a Sandberg (which is all my basses), I have to agree that there's not that much point comparing them directly. They are the same price point, and people will sometimes be choosing between one and the other, but there's plenty of information and opinion around so that people can do that for themselves without needing an "A is better than B" discussion.
  13. I am wanting to brighten it up a bit, I have a feeling the previous owner swapped things over to make it duller and I'm just reversing the mods they made.
  14. You’re making me want to try a trim pot on my last switchable humbucker (quad coil Nordy BigSplitMan), I’ll have to have a look at what values work. Sorry,back to to the topic...
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