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  1. Hercules DG305B Tablet Holder Quality iPad / tablet holder with 3 different attachments for different mountings: Top of a microphone stand (3/8" or 5/8" thread). Suction Cup. One-piece Clamp fits 15.8 mm - 25.4 mm (0.62" - 1") round tubes and 19 mm (0.75") square tubes. Works for 7" - 12.1" tablets measuring up to 235 mm (9.25") W x 280 mm (11") H. Easy to adjust and will stay the right size and hold the tablet properly. Better pictures etc on the Hercules site: http://herculesstands.com/international/products/multimedia/tablet-holders/dg305b/ Boxed and as new, I've taken it out of the box and tried it with my iPad and the mic stand mount and then never used it. £28 including UK postage (RM 2nd class signed for), sorry only posting to the UK at the mo. SOLD
  2. Sold a pedal to Jason, everything was sorted quickly and easily with good comms and good vibes deal with confidence.
  3. Radial JDI Passive DI Box Top quality passive DI box, built like tank and with loads of useful features apart from the obvious plain old DI: 1/4" input XLR output 15DB pad 1/4" thru Merge, mixes input and thru to output Phase reverse Ground lift Speaker, adds 30db pad for use in parallel with speaker cab. Boxed and in good condition, a few small marks but nothing that would bother one of these. NOW SOLD £120 including UK postage, sorry only posting to the UK at the mo. Not looking for any trades thanks.
  4. One thing I sometimes do now I'm writing with a guitarist who plays exclusively in drop D is use an octaver and play higher up. The one I'm trying (Kemper) has a "low cut" which I set so the octave below only comes in from about A upwards. It works pretty well I think, even compared to my 5er.
  5. I don't think this years catalogue is any kind of big jump for them in what they're offering. They seem to be fine with bringing out new models and keeping them if they work. Things like the SRC6 came and went, and there used to be a bigger range of the bass workshop basses like the BTB I think.
  6. Hotone Omni IR Great little IR cab loader pedal with 4 band EQ. 40 Cabs at a time, selectable with the knob or footswitch. Works really with your favourite preamp / drive to give a full rig sound from a fly rig size setup, or just as the final pedal on a pedalboard for going straight to desk / monitor / FOH etc. I have found that good cab IRs go a long way to making a great tone, maybe more even than a preamp for clean tones. Comes with a few bass cab IRs and can easily be loaded with new ones using the software, which works nicely and makes it very very flexible. 4 Band EQ can be saved with every cab sim which is a really useful feature which makes it even easier to get just the right cab sound. DI out as well as thru and instrument out, so very flexible, no need for an additional DI box. Master volume controls DI volume when the cab sim is on. Also has headphones out and aux in, so it can turn your pedal board into a practice rig as well. It's quite tweakable, the footswitch can be assigned for different things, led colour changed etc via the software. Only cons - the screen on the pedal is small, so you really want use the PC/Mac software to set it up to get the best out of it - but you want to do that anyway to load your choice of cab IRs so no big deal for most people. Also the master volume doesn't affect the DI output when the cab sim is off, so really you need it on all the time - this is also no big deal as you can just use a nice uncoloured cab IR instead of leaving it off. Apart from that, it's a really well featured little cab sim box, it was a key part of my "fly rig" and I'm only selling it as I've now got a Kemper so obviously that's got my cab sim needs covered and I don't need the IR pedal as well. In perfect condition, has been on my pedalboard on my desk from new and never even been on the floor. Boxed with all the original bits, it has velcro on the bottom but comes with the rubber feet and another bigger peice of velcro that came with it. There is a power supply with it but it's a european plug, but it's standard 9v anyway. Not looking for any trades thanks. £90 including UK postage, sorry only posting to the UK at the moment.
  7. My biggest case of seller's remorse was an Ibanez BTB456, hell of a bass for the money (I got it second hand, can't remember the exact price but under £400 and that was from a dealer) but I had some wrist problems so it was probably best to stick to 5 strings max. The BTBs have always been massive bang for the buck.
  8. I like me an Ibanez, although at the mo I only have guit*rs and a baritone, no bass. I'm pretending the EHB 1505 doesn't exist until either I'm rich or there are second hand ones around, but I reckon I will have one one day. I've always liked a headless since I had a Hohner The Jack, I love Nordy pickups and I like less than 19mm string spacing on a 5 string (17.5 on my jake, the EHB is 18 which will do just fine). Oh, and I like blue basses.
  9. SOLD Darkglass Hyper Luminal Compressor - Black Limited Edition Great compressor with 3 modes, I've seen these on quite a few pedal boards on BC recently and for good reason. I wouldn't be selling it if I hadn't just bought a Kemper to replace all my other gear, I'm very tempted to keep it anyway but the Kemper has to be paid for. All the info is here and there are plenty of reviews etc around. Excellent condition, I've had it from new and although it has been on my pedalboard, that was on my desk the whole time I've had it, so it's never even been on the floor. Has velcro on the base, the rubber feet are included as well. Boxed with the USB cable, manual etc. Not looking for any trades thanks. £185 including including UK Postage. Sorry, only shipping to the UK at the mo. Now Sold
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Part exed my multiamp for Russ's Kemper, we meet up and I picked a bass up for him on the way down. What could have been complicated was nice and easy and all went smoothly thanks to great Comms on Russ's part. Great to deal with, very happy with the deal and Ross was kind enough to add a small and very alcoholic bonus for picking up the bass 😀.
  12. Better advice would probably be to stay out of these kind of discussions, but I get sucked in sometimes. It is probably because I've heard these arguments before as part of a general "armies and war have their upsides you know" argument. It always reminds me of Theodore Roosevelt, who had views that were pretty close to "war is good", but who never recovered from the loss of his son in WWI.
  13. As with all important things, XKCD has something to say about this:
  14. I think "arguably" is putting it a bit mildly. This is like homeopaths saying "well, after I took my homeopathic remedy, I got better", when getting better is what happens to most people after they're unwell. The military often just fund existing technology, usiung public money that would have funded the same technology anyway. In any case it's completely impossible to say what would or would not have been invented if humans were less keen on murdering each other. The internet is a good example, just google "arpanet" and read about how it came to be and it's obvious that although the pentagon funded a lot of the original work on what we now call IPV4, the work was going on anyway. Arguably, if the money hadn't come through the pentagon it would just have taken a different route to the same people. The web and most of the technology that we really call "the internet" as it came to be in the 90s had nothing to do with the military and came out of places like CERN and the NCSA. Maybe we should start listing things that were invented without any military money, although that might get a bit long.
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