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  1. Had a chance to listen to everyone's tracks properly now... nice work people!! ( <-- Worth noting that for me two exclamation marks is very rare indeed)
  2. If sightly negative (from your point of view) reviews help, I use Shotcut for editing in car video from track days and other bits and pieces. It's free and it will do everything you need and more but I wouldn't say it's easy or intuitive. It's not terrible in that respect but it's not the best either. So maybe not the one for the top of your list.
  3. I was hoping to do a few more of these this year, but a crappy few months in the middle got in the way. I've finally got a bit of time again and Douglas's picture felt like I nice change from pushing myself out of my comfort zone - that's an image that left me right in the middle of it so I could barely see the edges :). Like many I've gone with what I felt was being played, and having listened to the others now I'm not the only one that thinks Aliens sound like rock guitar through an envelope filter! For anyone interested: Steven Slate Drums, I started off with Groove Monkee midi but the original is only there in the "chorus" now, I re-did the rest. Bass is Stingray 5HH through an Idiotbox Blower Box and a Hotone Omni IR loader. Guitar is a PRS Custom 24 through Amplitube's MESA amp sim and their excellent Nu-Tron III envelope filter. Not loads of FX as it might sound, but their is a little trick in the playing to make the filter freak out for the Alien vibe. Synths are all NI, there's a Form preset in there sort of backing up the bass and filling in the middle a bit (that one gave me a headache as it won't go to Mono without losing loads of volume, but it sounds good) and FM8 for the "breaks". There were things that I played live on the keyboard that became these parts, but they got hacked around a lot. Mixing and mastering... hmmm. Still mostly done by guessworks, some light use of a few of Waves CLA series plugins and then the Infected Mushroom Pusher at the end, because it seemed to suit the style. Having a listen on an Amazon Echo was a bit of a revelation, it sounded rubbish in Mono until I fixed a few things. All good learning anyway. I enjoyed it anyway
  4. Got to be worth a try, I'll give it a go tomorrow.
  5. True, but they won't look at it for free.
  6. I've got a Darkglass Vintage Ultra V2 with a minor issue, it all works properly but sometimes there's a crackle when you adjust the blend with the distortion on. It's not one of those horribly loud crackles that feels like it will damage anything and obviously you don't adjust the blend while you're playing but it's annoying. Apart from anything else I might want to sell it and I'd rather it was working properly first (I would advertise in whatever state it's in anyway either way, but will get less for it with a known issue). It was bought used on here so I can't just send it back. I'm thinking it's maybe worth trying to spray the pot with some contact cleaner, but it's not easy to get at. I think I need to take all the knobs off, take the nuts off all the pots, nuts off the jack screws, unscrew the DI etc and then take the circuit boards out to do it, and there's no telling if there will be anywhere to spray the stuff once I do that. I don't suppose anyone knows if it's worth all the dissassembly effort (and small risk of breaking something) ie is there a chance I'll be able to actually get any contact cleaner into the pot anyway on a pedal like that?
  7. What colour is it? I've used nail varnish for colour with a top coat of superglue on gloss black body before and it worked a treat. Fill the holes very nearly to the top with the usual sawdust + wood glue, colour with nail polish and finish with superglue. It's a bit time consuming but it works.
  8. +1 for Sennheisers HD serie, hard to beat. My HD 650s are freaking awesome.
  9. I'm another that's switched from a single "fly rig" style pedal back to separates recently. I've got an IR loader with DI on the end for cab sims, and for me that's the killer pedal for recording or straight in to PA, super flexible as I can stick any IRs on it that I want. DG Hyper Luminal as that's my favourite compressor, DG harmonic booster preamp and then I swap in things like overdrives for what I need. I do have other things as well though, but those 4 pedals work as a pretty decent little rig.
  10. This is more what I thought the trend was, multi band distortion so you can choose which bands to apply the distortion to. My Darkglass Vintage Ultra does this in a fairly basic way and it makes it very flexible, and I think that's what the "growl" and "bite" buttons on the Alpha Omega does as well? So maybe things have already moved on from applying the effect to the highs and more gear can now apply the effect to the bands you want to apply it to.
  11. 😂 this happens to me every time I have a clear out! It is such a tough balance between “might come in handy” and “oh **** I’m officially a hoarder”.
  12. Bought an Xotic Booster from AJ, exactly as described, all quick and easy - perfect. Deal with confidence.
  13. So it has one pickup, looks like that's in series which is what the red and white wires are soldered together for? Then it looks like it has two tone pots? Both have caps on them anyway. Is it a kind of fake 2 band eq with different capacitor values? It wouldn't quite work as they would both be high cut but at different frequencies and they would overlap but I've seen crazier things.
  14. If the neck's a bit slim you could do a Bass V
  15. I bought an MXR overdrive pedal from Paul, all good and exactly as described, good comms, even got his other half to post it as he was working away which i call very good service! Thank you Mr & Mrs Shepster, another excellent BC deal.
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