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  1. Is the scratchplate bendy? Paint often doesn't like being bent.
  2. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    I went for the Presonus Faderport 8 (had a Faderport for a while before that), so a lot of things work out of the box. I have a few favourite things like eq mapped to it as well but yeah, I have to go through the thing of connecting the controls to the effect. The main thing for me is having buttons to hit for things I do a lot when I'm working on stuff, and it definitely does the job for that. I almost wished I'd held off buying Notion now they have the score editor, although my main project at the mo is fairly guitar based so I'm not really using either! It has made a difference with the new project having a set up I can drive fairly well, no messing about when we're writing, it feels like the technology is working for us not the other way around.
  3. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    Drag and drop for instruments, effects and MIDI is just second nature for me now in Studio One. I've got my controller set up so it's really easy to pop up the browser window and then hide it again so it's easy to drag stuff from there. And then obviously when you save presets they appear under the instrument and you can just drag the presets as well. I'm so used to it I'd forgotten there were other ways of doing it
  4. I've posted this in items wanted but I think the people who hang out round here might have this kind of thing sitting in a drawer...
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. I've used a few things in the last couple of weeks that I've learnt in the last year or two. If I've got to tin a few wires and components, I put the soldering iron in the vice and you can do them really quickly with the solder in one hand and the wire or whatever in the other. (I always point the iron away from the room and take it out of the vice as soon as I've finished tinning). Saves loads of time. You can tell whether two pickups are in phase or not with a multimeter measuring volts DC, connect it to each end of the coil and then move a piece of metal (big screwdriver works) towards the pole pieces and then away again. You'll get either a negative voltage then a positive one or the other way round. If it's the same way round for two coils they are in phase (so long as you connect the multimeter up the same way obvs). Most people probably know this now cos lots of places sell it but it's easy to get copper foil tape with a conductive sticky side now, so gone are the days of soldering bits of copper tape to each other. It really works.
  7. Brian bought a Barefaced cab from me, everything was spot on, good comms all round and a pleasure to deal with - thanks!
  8. They're rough and ready settings, I still need to have a proper session to get it properly dialled in. I do remember liking the FET mode last time I played with it though. I'll try and remember to post what I end up with.
  9. My search for small but perfectly formed continues, but I've got the first part of my nano board flyrig sorted now: Thumpinator, Pitchblack mini and DG Hyper Luminal all nicely arranged and staying where they are (probably). The left hand side can be the pair that are on there in the pics, or a DG Vintage Microtubes Ultra v2 instead. All battery powered, and the gap where the power on and LEDs are in the middle also lets me break out other pedals if I want something else - there's a line plug underneath for power as well. Getting there. The plug coming out of the front was a bit of a toss up, but it seems to work fine without getting stood on.
  10. Yes, that was me, definitely. Or so I will tell myself... 😂
  11. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    I suppose it all depends how you define intuitive. All I'm saying is, it doesn't always matter to me if I can use something immediately without having to take a bit of time to understand it. If it's an app on my phone for booking a train ticket I want to be able to just use it. If it's the next programming language or whatever that I want to learn, I expect to have to learn some stuff. I still want things to be consistent and something like "easy if you know how", but I don't expect to work things out without going off and learning something. The last language I learnt was Python, I found a book on it that I liked, read that, used it on a project, then read the book again and made a load of notes. My DAW is somewhere in between, I don't want to have to study to use it and want it to be easy once I understand it, but I don't expect to be able to use it without knowing anything about it. Seemed like a half reasonable point to be making to me, but then I'm only a developer 😂
  12. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    Yeah, I'm not trying to sell Studio One, just using it as an example as it's what I happen to use - I have no idea if it's better or worse than any other DAW except from hearing what other people who've used both say about it. It could just be that I like it because I know it, but then again I'm not very tolerant of bad design or things that don't work well, so I can probably say fairly safely that it's pretty good.
  13. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    I'm sure there are good DAWs and bad DAWs, but one thing I do know from working with some fairly powerful software tools over the years is that something being intuitive and immediately easy to use isn't everything. In fact, some of the longest-lasting and most powerful tools I've used famously don't even try and be intuitive, they try and be simple and powerful but you have to learn some stuff before you can do anything at all. Sometimes you need to learn a few concepts, and when you do everything clicks and it's easy to do quite powerful stuff. I found a few things in Studio One a bit confusing until I decided to spend a bit of time watching a few tutorials and reading the effing manual as the saying goes. Now I find it very easy to work with, it's not that it's complicated and I've had to learn lots of difficult things, you just need to know what represents what, like what they are representing with tracks and channels and why they're not the same, that kind of thing. I'd definitely not judge a DAW without spending a bit of time with it.
  14. Ta, I'm only just over the border in Lothersdale, 10 minutes to Colne from here (the Mrs works in Nelson)
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