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  1. I do like the Xotic stuff, after trying all sorts I've got an RC and a BB for boost and drive, they are there the ones that work for me in the mix. I'll have to check the SP out.
  2. I know we've got "Supporting Member" now, how about if you post in Off Topic a lot you also get "Cross Member"?

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    I like the look of these, but also like being able to easily switch between IRs on the IR loader pedal I use. How do you switch between the different IRs on the MLD?
  4. Isn’t that only possible for some keys? I mean key signatures, not physical keys. If you get closer to just in one key, you’re getting further away in another?
  5. I know there are loads of examples of this, but I came across this one not long ago
  6. adamg67


    Hotone Omni IR, I figured since applying IR is relatively well known and fully digital it would do the job and it does - has decent software for pushing stuff to the pedal and does 40 IRs at a time, has DI out and an output volume. I wasn't after anything that would let me switch between lots of different IRs but it's doable with the single footswitch as you can program what tapping and also holding down do, so you can make them do up and down the patches if needed. When I was using a rig (MB multiamp) that let me set up different tones for different songs I found I was mainly sticking to one or two anyway.
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    I'm a little way down the same road, and have tried probably 20 or so preamps including quite a few of the usual suspects. I've moved all of them on except an RC Booster which really gets used like mild OD with the bit of dirt it does on full gain. What I've ended up with is a cab sim IR loader (with DI) instead, I've come to this conclusion before for recording when just a cab sim seemed just right. It's dead easy to load up a bunch of different IRs and there is a real variety in what they sound like. Compression and cab sim are my two always on pedals, then I have a (admittedly ever-changing) selection for producing dirt to overdrive to distortion if I want it. Overdrive + cab sim only is really nice IMO. Worth saying that my currenty basses have quite "characertful" pickups - Haussells, Nordstrand NP and big split man (two big singles) and whatever my Sandberg 48 has in it - and I also am not aiming to replicate any particular kind of sound. I do need my tone to work in a band context and that's how i judge it, when I audition stuff I re-amp my bass through my DAW so I can play whole songs and listen to how the bass is sitting in the mix while I twiddle knobs.
  8. Fender Bridge Humbucker I bought this second hand and I'm not sure what it originally came from but it's a nice Fendery humbucker, nice and bright without being harsh, good for lots of things but would obviously work really nicely in a H-S-S strat. 4 wire so can be coil tapped, and the 3 screw holes on each side for flexible mounting is a nice touch. No screws or springs. £45 Posted within the UK (RM second class)
  9. Pariah Poundcake Guitar Humbucker, Neck Position Hand wound medium / high output Alnico 5, it's great for EVH style high gain rock but is not a one trick pony, it's good for any overdriven rock style and a lot more besides. 4 wire, so good for coil tapping as well as finger tapping. This is one of the pickups that made me realise the neck pickup could sound great after sticking to bridge humbuckers for years. See the full description on the Pariah site: https://www.pariahpickups.com/product-page/poundcake A couple of Youtube Reviews, both the same guitar I think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXmDW-djpm8&t=1s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex_A3pF0AUA The wires had been cut short so I've soldered and heatshrunk them individually and then added heatshrink on top of that. The screw holes were bigger than the standard imperial ones and smaller than M3 so I've tapped them to M3 which are easy to get hold of. Screws and springs aren't included. £45 Posted within the UK (RM 2nd class)
  10. Nick was super helpful when I put out a call for some scratchplate material, cheers! 👍
  11. Dan bought a tuner from me, all nice and smooth, good comms... spot on. Deal with confidence! 🙂 👍
  12. Assuming both necks are the same number of frets and scale length I would use the distance between the neck heel and the last fret on the 2 necks to tell if the scale length will be right. If it's the same then if you seat it at the end of the pocket it should be the same overall. If it's different then you need some adjustment at the bridge.
  13. Mooer Baby Tuner Not a huge amount needs saying, it's a tuner. Has a few chips and marks but all working fine. It has one of those rubber bases that is hard to stick velcro to which is why I wrapped it up the sides, it works well like that so all pedal board ready. As with a lot of pedals this size it doesn't take a battery. £22 posted within the UK (RM 2nd class) now sold
  14. Darkglass Vintage Microtubes Ultra V2 These don't need much introduction and there are plenty of reviews out there. Features: 4 band EQ with switchable frequency for low and high mids Distortion with drive control, blend, level and extra "attack" and "grunt" switches which really vary the way the distortion gets applied. Cab sim which can be switched on or off, any cab sim IR can be loaded via USB. Master volume Headphone out - great for practice. Direct out as well as a standard output, use it as a DI (works well with the cab sims) Ground lift Full details here: https://www.darkglass.com/creations/vintage-ultra-v2/ Boxed with USB lead. Has velcro on the base but the self adhesive rubber feet are included (they've never been fitted). This had a scratchy blend pot which I've replaced, I found a pot that fitted nicely and the soldering is as good as the original (I've got some pics). I've given it a good test since fixing it and it's all working perfectly, happy to gaurantee the work. £195 including UK postage (RM 2nd class) NOW ON HOLD
  15. My favourite bass distortion, tried all sorts and this is what does it for me when it's in the mix.
  16. Oh, so it has. I think there are a few alternatives about now though.
  17. It's the Palmer Batpack 8000, not super cheap but it will last all day with those few pedals and not much less if I add a couple more. You can use it while it's charging as well just in case, but when it's charged up I basially don't worry about it even for half day jam sessions, it never even gets down to half. Only two isolated outputs but that's never caused me any issues.
  18. I didn't, and still have a funny gap in my otherwise not bad looking bitsa build... I'll drop you a PM
  19. Is the scratchplate bendy? Paint often doesn't like being bent.
  20. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    I went for the Presonus Faderport 8 (had a Faderport for a while before that), so a lot of things work out of the box. I have a few favourite things like eq mapped to it as well but yeah, I have to go through the thing of connecting the controls to the effect. The main thing for me is having buttons to hit for things I do a lot when I'm working on stuff, and it definitely does the job for that. I almost wished I'd held off buying Notion now they have the score editor, although my main project at the mo is fairly guitar based so I'm not really using either! It has made a difference with the new project having a set up I can drive fairly well, no messing about when we're writing, it feels like the technology is working for us not the other way around.
  21. adamg67

    Which DAW?

    Drag and drop for instruments, effects and MIDI is just second nature for me now in Studio One. I've got my controller set up so it's really easy to pop up the browser window and then hide it again so it's easy to drag stuff from there. And then obviously when you save presets they appear under the instrument and you can just drag the presets as well. I'm so used to it I'd forgotten there were other ways of doing it
  22. I've posted this in items wanted but I think the people who hang out round here might have this kind of thing sitting in a drawer...
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