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  1. I'm leaning towards the Ashdown actually, but I still have my doubts... I tried the EBS too but I wasn't impressed. It sounded really good, but it wasn't what I was looking for
  2. I have to admit that it sounds better than I expected...
  3. So my pedalboard is complete...until I think of buying something else. Probably in the next two days or so

  4. Hello guys, I have been looking for information, demos or whatever info about this pre amp. I've always loved the Ashdown tone and I'd love to have it on my board since I'm going ampless lately. But there are no demos or anything. The tube drive is something that I like and the EQ is the same than in the RM, which is very flexible. The rest of the features are not that important to me. I'm also considering the Shift Line MKIIIs, which has a much worse EQ but a really nice warm tube sound. Do you guys use the Ashdown?
  5. I've finally finished the board inside my head!! I'm really proud and it sounds really good. TC Electronic Polytune 2-->Pigtronix Philosopher Bass Compressor-->MXR Octave Deluxe-->Boss LS-2-->HPF-->LPF-->Aguilar Tone Hammer Boss LS-2-->EHX Big Muff-->Ampeg Scrambler-->Line 6 M5-->Boss LS-2
  6. There are also some pedals which reproduce drums in that way. We wish we could get rid of them...but we still need them haha. I'd "worry" more about sampled bass in modern recordings. But nothing is like the real thing. A fun pedal though
  7. Ok guys, I solved it. As you said, it was an electrical issue. The adapter I used was kind of broken. I build my pedalboard and when it's plugged to the Power Plant it doesn't make any noise. So now it's perfect Thank you for your replies and for your help
  8. Actually they were all plugged to independent power supplies. But I will check what you say, because it may be an electrical issue in the house. I will keep you posted. Thank you
  9. I am a happy user of the Ashdown RM500. I get a lot of compliments on my tone when I use it. The EQ is very powerful. I had never used the "effects" that come with the amp. However, I have started setting just a little bit of comp and a little bit of Drive and the sound is even more impressive. It's the best Class D amp I have ever tried. I must say though, that I am also a happy user of the Aguilar Tone Hammer pre amp. I use it when I don't take the amp with me. The EQ is also amazing and very flexible. When I used to use the Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 I was also very happy. I prefer the Ashdown, but just my personal taste. I have never used the Genz Benz, so I can't comment on this one. You won't get wrong with any of these options.
  10. Hello guys! I have recently buy an EHX Big Muff which I love. The sound I get out of it is exactly what I thought a Fuzz should sound. However, it has a very loud noise. I know all fuzzes tend to be noisy. However, my two other fuzzes (a Dr Green Bearded Lady and an Aguilar Fuzzistor) do a noise when not played, but as soon as I play, they are "quiet" (or maybe the noise it is very very low). But not the Big Muff. There are certain parts of one song that I play at a lower volumes and the noise is louder than what I play. Do you know if this is normal? Or what kind of problem it can have? Muff.mp4
  11. Hahahahaha, true Ok, so the crappy pic (my phone updated its version and it does weird things with the light in the pics)
  12. That's an awesome pedalboard! Can you explain it?
  13. Helix or not Helix...that's the question

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    2. geoham


      Had my LT for a week. Seems awesome, really seems a tool without limits. I've got my first rehearsal in two days and a gig on Saturday - can't wait to play with it properly!

    3. bassnut68


      Been gigging with an HX Stomp for a couple of weeks now. No regrets. None at all.

    4. javi_bassist


       @CameronJ I'll get the HX Stomp once my bass cab is sold.

  14. I joined some classic rock cover band, so this is my pedalboard now.
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