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  1. This is the one I am using now. Very happy with the sound!
  2. It looks really good! Love the blue option
  3. I have three pieces of gear that really impressed me this year: 1-Yamaha BB734. This was no surprise since I already had the 735, but I love it. It's just awesome 2-Boss LS-2. My board now is on parallel mode and I cannot be happier 3-90s EHX (Black) Big Muff. Best fuzz pedal I ever had I didn't screw thing up this year buying something that I don't like. I still have two months though...
  4. I have recently changed my pedalboard. This is what I'm trying now. I left the LS-2 out, so I'm running in "serial mode". Planet Waves PW-CT 11-->JHS Pulp'N'Peel v4-->MXR Bass Octave Deluxe-->Aguilar Fuzzistor-->Mooer Ensemble Queen-->TC Electronic Thunderstorm-->HPF-->LPF-->Aguilar Tone Hammer I include the Flanger because in my previous pedalboard I had the Line6 M5 and I got awesome synth tones with octaver+fuzz+flanger. This flanger is different, but it's fun too. The chorus and the flanger will go out when the MXR chorus will arrive, because that pedal has also a Flanger option and I love the sound. The Mooer is pretty good actually. It replaced a Corona Chorus. I'm also considering taking out the JHS and put a MXR Micro Amp instead of the compressor. But I'm not sure about that yet.
  5. Sire also some models that should check out I think
  6. Actually I think that's a really good piece of advise! My bass teacher is incredibly good and he does that from time to time. Maybe you need some time out of the music world. Like long vacations. Then you find the passion again. And if you don't, it's fine too. You had an awesome time and maybe it's time to move on (I don't think it would be the case but who knows)
  7. I just removed the Tone Hammer out of my board...and I need it back again

  8. That's one of the best looking basses I've ever seen!! 😍
  9. I use the same Ernie Ball that I used in my Jazz Bass Hybrid Slinky (orange bag)
  10. Since I first tried them, I don't use other (roundwound) strings. The lower tension is incredibly comfortable and they tend to last. At first I have to turn the tone know (or the treble) a little bit down,. I use all my basses with the Tone Hammer preamp. With my BBs (734 and 735) I just use it as DI, but since I'm going ampless 99% I needed one. However, it also gives me some tonal options in the mids that the BB preamp doesn't have. Still, I don't usually use the EQ with my BBs. And what you people were talking about increasing the mids in the BB, with the 735 I just boost a little bit the mids and it sounds awesome with the P pickup or with both (I don't like it that much only with the bridge one).
  11. Squier Affinity P-Bass, Line6 Lowdown LD400 pro and a Zoom B2. I still have the bass (so many memories).
  12. Update on my case: It's not that I always left it plugged. There were times when I took breaks and I left it plugged for one hour or two. But I'm doing another test so I'm being more careful now and I'm "counting" the days so I'll keep you posted haha.
  13. Sorry, I explain myself really bad. I mean that, with a battery in it and in passive mode, I thought that the preamp wasn't using any battery power, and I was wrong. If I remove the battery, I can use it in passive mode without any problem. However, I prefer the active mode. But my concern is that it only lasts for about 8 months... Other players in my area with active basses (non Yamaha. They use Musicmans, Sadowsky, Sire...) claim that they don't change the battery in at least one year and a half or even two. That's why I think that my preamp might have something wrong
  14. Guys, one question: How much do the batteries on your BB73X last? I thought that if I used it in passive mode it didn't use battery. WRONG. I know that. And I used to leave my 735 plugged. So the battery lasted like 6 months. Then, I learned the things about active basses (do not leave it plugged, in passive mode it also affects the battery) and the battery lasted like 8 months. And it wasn't my main bass at the time so I didn't use it that much. I'm curious if there is something wrong with my unit.
  15. I was asked for the 10th time if my pedalboard was the guitarist's and I was just only tuning...

    1. Rikki_Sixx


      By a random punter, or someone who you'd expect to know better? Like a roadie, technician, another musician etc.

    2. javi_bassist


      If it someone in the audience or a friend or someone like that, I wouldn't mind. But yeah, I get asked the question by sound guys, roadies etc. Someone who should know better

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