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  1. I don't know about the RM heads because I have the RM500 EVO, which doesn't have headphone out. If you really need the headphone out, I cannot recommend you the preamp, sadly.
  2. It must be a typo. I saw it yesterday and that's what I thought. @chycthe Ashdown preamp is a really good preamp. I have it and use it (not so often now, since I have another preamp). I think it's very good clean. In my case, I also swapped the valve and I put a JJ 12AT7, the input gain at 9-10 and the drive at 8 and it has a really nice warm tone. The EQ is also very powerfull, I love it. I have to admit that the headphone out is pretty useless since it is very noisy. In my unit at least. But I've never needed that feature.
  3. Hi I have the same exact setup, but I am curious about your signal path. If you want to use the DI out of the Markbass, why do you put the Stomp after it? In my case, it goes: Tuner->Comp->HX Stomp->Markbass.
  4. I have the RM112 EVO and I have gigged with it. For small venues it is enough. And it is good. You will like it.
  5. Nowadays I only play it at home, because I use my Yamaha BB735 for almost every project I am in because of the 5th string (and because I love the bass), but this is the one I cannot live without
  6. @andy67I have also consider buying a 434 used, but I live in Spain and in Europe the BB434 are like 180 euros more than the Sire (new). Secondhand are difficult to find. That is why I considered the 234. I don't mind the preamp, my other 4 string basses are passive.
  7. Hello guys! I want to ask you for your opinion. I want to buy a 4 string PJ. But I'm on a budget and I can't spend too much. Since I have a BB735 and it is probably my favourite bass, I looked into the Yamaha catalogue. I like the BB234. I have also considered the Sire P7. However, I think that the Sire might be much better than the BB234, and more similar to the 434. The 434 is out of my budget. Is there a lot of difference between the 234 and the 434 in terms of quality?
  8. You have to play with the input gain. I also changed the valve
  9. I guess it's because of the tube. The power requirements are also high: 18-15V 400mA
  10. I have recently bought an Ashdown Triple Shot and I had the same feelings I had when I bought the OriginAL. Minor flaws but overall good sound. I have been using my OriginAL for a year now and soundguys have always approach me to tell me how good the sound was and how easy was to EQ my bass. I have used the preamp with my pedalboard in a rock situation and sounded good. I have used it with just a tuner for some old school acoustic band and it sounded awesome. However, when people talk about preamps they never think of this amazing pedal. What is more, I have been using a Markbass amp in some situations and a friend (who is also a good bassist) said "oh, you have finally stop using Ashdown. Good for you. You will see that they were not that good". I don't know why they have that reputation.
  11. Hi guys! So I was in a music store in Madrid and they were selling the pedal at a really good price. I've always wanted one. The reviews in Youtube (the two or three...) were really good sounding, so I pulled the trigger. First impressions were not that good. One of the knobs was loose and did bounce. The switch is kinda weird at first. Now I got used to it and it is fine. It's soft, but you have to pull it hard. It's difficult to explain, but it's fine. This is my main complain with Ashdown. I love them, but their products usually have some minor flaws that make them look "cheap". And they make really good products. Anyway, soundwise the pedal was...ok. I was kind of dissapointed. Yesterday was my second day of playing with it and I spend much more time with it. I fixed the bouncing know and now it is perfect. Soundwise... it changed my mind. I am not used to adjusting different eq bands and that is why I was dissapointed. But when you learn how it works, it sounds incredibly good. BassTheWorld said that it was a similar concept to Darkglass but with a different sound. And I completely agree. It is more old school than the Darkglass (which I prefer). The options with the Triple Shot are impressive. You can get so many different sounds... So far, my favourite setting is distorting a little bit the bass and the treble, leaving the mids clean. But I'm just getting started. The only feature I miss is an Master Volume. I know it stands out of the concept of the pedal, but there is a signal increase when switching on/off. I will integrate in the FX loop of my HX Stomp so it is not really an issue for me, but I wanted to mention it. I'd like to make some sound clips (I have to make sound clips for the Ashdown OriginAL) and I'd love to try the Velvet Compressor. I wanted also the Studio Compressor, but I can't have both!!
  12. I was afraid this day would come... but I find myself playing and taking to gigs more often my BB605 than my BB735... Man, the 5th string in the 605 is just amazing. I cannot say enough good things about the construction of this bass. The 5th on the 735 is okay, but I find it with less body than the 605. I'm not sure how to describe it. I love both basses anyway. They are keepers.
  13. Maybe it lacks some bass amp simulations, but I think they are making a mistake by separating effects in the categories of "Bass" and "Guitar". I use a lot of guitar effects with really good results.
  14. I haven't updated mine yet, but I'm very excited about the synhts and the Ampeg Liquifier. When I had my pedalboard full of pedals that was the only chorus I trully liked. I had a lot of different chorus pedals before it and I never liked one 100%. Until I got the Liquifier.
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