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  1. I don’t think there is a massive value in instruments owned by the types of players generally most popular with the members on a specialist interest bass-centric community. Bass has a much narrower appeal as an object of veneration than guitar. I would expect something like John Paul Jones’ jazz bass, or Roger Waters’ precision would make big numbers.
  2. In addition to his unparalleled technique, he was also the most lyrical and expressive player. My elderly tablet doesn't allow me to post a link to Jeg gik mig id en sommerdag from "the eternal traveller" album, but it is a thing of beauty.
  3. GuyR

    Chunky Jazz Neck

    I have an 80s Tokai Jazz sound which has quite precision like neck dimensions and is also a great bass. Fender custom shop relics can be surprisingly chunky also. Haven't tried any of the other brands you mention. precision neck on a Jazz body might be a solution?
  4. Bass Gallery. As you say, 15% (inc vat) sold four basses in the last 2 years, for a total of £10k. Mainly took a couple of weeks, one a couple of months. One sold for considerably more than I expected. Zero hassle, comms good, funds immediate. 10/10.
  5. You are right. When the ghastly spectre of logic raises its ugly head in relation to a bass purchase, all chance of a favourable outcome is lost. I bought an all original 62 custom colour jazz bass around 2000/2001 for £3.4k. I have had 20 years wonderful use out of it. I spent an hour playing it this evening. I'd probably not lose money in the unlikely event of selling, although that was absolutely irrelevant to me when I bought and still is. I never think of it as a collectible.
  6. G As time goes by, it is inevitable that the proportion of vintage instruments with replaced electrical components and frets will increase and that those changes will become more acceptable, as the stock of completely original instruments decreases. There are few Italian vintage violins that have not been substantially repaired, re-necked, fingeboarded, refinished etc. The inevitable repairs are completely acceptable and do not seem to significantly deter buyers. It seems logical to me to anticipate the market for vintage guitars/basses will follow, but who has a crystal ball. Maybe electric guitars/basses will completely fall out of favour. Authentic original instruments have been trading at premium prices since the early 1980s, so the market is well established. On another subject, it does seem a shame to denigrate the choices of others, or assume the motivation of others in making their choices as unsavoury. We are all just bass players making our choices, enjoying our instruments. I'm pleased for anyone, anytime they acquire a bass they enjoy. For me, the very best basses I have played have been vintage.
  7. Lovely looking bass. Godins are excellent value. I have an A5 which has the perfect neck profile for me and a flat ish fingerboard. What is the neck profile like on this?
  8. Certificate or not, a lovely looking bass and a sensible price. CS prices seem to have risen strongly in the last year.
  9. Have never dealt with BD but it is always good to hear about positive experiences.
  10. I have only skimmed this thread after the first page. I don't understand why you would have an opinion or make judgements about about other people or their motivation based on their choice of instrument.
  11. I thought all the options for phrases to downplay "refin" had been exhausted.
  12. That's a lovely bass. ACGs shapes are a little "out there" perhaps, but they are original, which is not easy 70 years into the evolution of electric basses. The blue against the burl is reminiscent of of natural opal. Overall, a thing of beauty and I expect it will be not too shabby to play. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Have sold two relatively high value basses recently via bassgallery. Both sold quickly for a decent retail value, so 15% commission was excellent value and zero hassle factor.
  14. You would be most welcome Jon. I could probably get a box of some description from bass gallery, which is near my work. There is someone at home 24/7 currently for collection so I'll PM you my address.
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