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  1. Price drop to £1200 because I want something different these day.
  2. Sorry yes it’s misleading when I said as long as I want. Because I’m never going to want anything for more than 30 days 😂
  3. Signed up Wednesday (£30) Contacted Thursday and asked for a list of at least 3 pedals I want in order of preference (sent back 8 😂). I’ve attached the list of what’s on offer, some frankly incredible stuff on there. Pedal dispatched same day but not told which one it was from my list. Arrived Saturday, comes with a prepaid postage label back. For those who don’t know, this is a £400 pedal, based on a Neve channel strip. Which I currently have for as long as I want for £30 and as soon as I send it back they’ll send me another (I believe) So far I’d highly recommend thepedalclub.co.uk The Pedal Club _ Rental Effects - Pedals.pdf
  4. Really want to try these, but keep feeling like I want the preamp of the PF-20 and the power section of the PF-50. What cab are you running with it?
  5. Very much a worked last time I used it (until it didn't) This was core to my iOS rig until an iOS (I want to say 13 caused it to no longer work). Basically Apple updated their audio drivers for iOS and Line 6 just went meh, overnight stopping my rig working. Please understand you are buying an unsupported piece of equipment that if you plug it into an old ipad air or mini (2/3/4) etc running iOS 12 you'll have no problems getting it to work. I know plenty of people running older devices for the purpose of connecting to a mixer or specific device. You too can be one of these people. Come with the lightning cable, no box, or instructions. Price includes shipping but no returns, it is what it is and it might be useful to someone but for me it's a paperweight.
  6. Cost me £37 something from amazon yesterday, opened long enough to put it next to the bass and realise I'd bought medium scale not long scale. Gauge 45, 65, 80, 100 Save some money from my stupidity, I believe these work well on string through body mustangs and other shortscale basses.
  7. Warwick Rockboard also do one which will give you a smaller pedal footprint. https://shop.warwick.de/en/rockboard-by-warwick/quickmount/22910/rockboard-quickmount-type-a-pedal-mounting-plate-for-standard-single-pedals
  8. Originally introduced in 1993, the SansAmp PSA-1 rackmount, and later PSA-1.1, quickly became studio staples. The SansAmp PSA has been used on thousands of major releases, worldwide tours and film soundtracks for multiple applications and instruments –including guitar, bass, horns, vocals, and drums. With 2019 marking our 30th Anniversary, we thought it was time to change things up a bit and streamline its architecture into a compact, easily portable pedal. The SansAmp PSA 2.0 offers the same 100% analog circuitry for punchy, responsive, organic sounds that bring out the best in any instrument. Only the programming and memory sections are digital. It also offers the same operational simplicity, essential functionality and dizzying versatility. In the studio, you can record direct, enhance existing tracks in mixdowns, as well as add interesting touches to any instrument. Live, the SansAmp PSA 2.0 can be used as a pre-amp direct into a power amp with guitar or bass speaker cabinets, as a “monster direct box” to a P.A. system (or both simultaneously), and as an outboard processor. Additionally, the PSA 2.0 features a Performance Mode, which turns it into a 3-channel stompbox. With 128 memory locations, storing and recalling programs is simple. You don’t need any special training or a degree in physics to operate your unit. The rotation of each control increases and decreases in a smooth, gradual, linear fashion, so when you turn a knob, you hear the difference immediately –in real time. You just set your tones and push the Save button. There is no lag time, or “cutting out” when you switch between programs. And being all-analog, there is zero latency. The SansAmp PSA 2.0 provides the flexibility to find almost any conceivable personality within the vintage and modern guitar and bass amplifier sound spectrums, as well as an assortment of revered stompboxes. It is designed to give you inspiration to be your most creative self. Great condition, full working order with tin, power supply, sticker and manual.
  9. Older model, made in Japan. Full working order, older model. Few chips and no box. £5 shipping
  10. Rockboard Tres 3.1 w Mod 1 and T-Rex Jr Power. Was bound to happen 😂 had it for all of one practice before deciding it was too much for a country band. Like new Warwick Rockboard Tres 3.1 with Mod 1 patchbay, T-Rex Jr power supply, IEC to figure 8 power lead (to go from the mod to the trex) and all the 9v standard dc cables to connect the T-Rex to your pedals and the Rockboard Tres 3.1 softcase. Bought this recently, board is like new, with the velcro applied and mod fitted. All the rockboard stuff has the boxes and the bag has no marks or scuffs. Basically bought it all, put it together, decided it was too big/complex for my needs as a bassist and now it's for sale. The mod 1 allows our to route all your cables cleanly along with power on the rear. Once setup it's a very tidy solution and I'm including everything you need to get started. Open to offers for the board and mod without the T-Rex if you already have a power solution of your own. I also have some EBS flat trs and patch leads I could sell (if anyone is interested). Plus £10 shipping.
  11. Likely be for sale again next week when I don't get into this band and realise I've bought too many pedals
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  13. Trying to get one but also been playing with higher gain settings on the mojo, I just don’t know if I need an even higher gain model. Almost definitely going to pick one up though.
  14. *Awaits the sale of the dUg patiently*
  15. I went in to bid but it was gone, I’d have definitely tried it out for that price. But I did just get a PSA 2.0
  16. https://www.andertons.co.uk/tc-electronic-mojomojo-paul-gilbert-overdrive-pedal Bit more than the standard but still cheap
  17. https://www.tcelectronic.com/product.html?modelCode=P0EBD Colour me interested, the standard mojomojo is killer, I’m not sure I’d need a higher gain version but more headroom 💁🏼‍♀️
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