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  1. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1427159066' post='2726666'] I like the way BC is moderated. [b]There are other sites, where if you disagree with a mod, they kick you off the site permanently.[/b] I do think the Rick thread should be shut down. Blue [/quote] Absolutely Blue. And if I wanted a site like that I'd be using it all the time.
  2. Reading through this thread I really can't believe that so many people are tip toeing around the elephant in the room - Waynepunkdude. His banning was something of a watershed for many of the recently 'disappeared' on here who find it difficult to believe that someone who had helped out dozens -literally dozens and dozens - of people on here has suddenly become [i]persona non grata[/i]. He'd spent a lot of time and money helping people he'd never met and occasionally got his fingers burnt, and yet still offered to help others. That his presence was somehow detrimental to the community is difficult to understand - impossible in fact, given the leeway allowed to others apparently trolling these boards. He was hardly a controversial poster aside perhaps from his evident dislike of Apple products. That this is the 'worst' I can recall of his posts perhaps says something of his character on here, unless you'd describe a dislike of sunburst finishes a hanging offence. It was, IMHO, a poor day for the community (if not necessarily the forum) when he was banned, and I'd still like to know exactly why he was.
  3. Which Gotoh did you try? The 201 is pretty similar to that style and available in gold if it's just for aesthetic reasons.
  4. He did a session for Robert Elms on Radio London the other day, it's due to be aired tomorrow morning. He was knocked out by the band, "especially the one with the beard. Who was that, was that Sklar? He was stunning".
  5. I've got a vague recollection that he actually approached Fender at some point and they weren't interested, so he went with Shuker. I doubt he'd go back to Fender either.
  6. Given that both Chowny and Retrovibe are still in the business of selling basses they may not want to give away all the details of their manufacturers to potential competition, but I noticed that Skylark have recently stopped selling. They've closed down their website but are still maintaining their Facebook page - might be worth contacting them if you have no luck elsewhere.
  7. It's very hard to tell what the problem might be, buts it's probably capacitive leak between live and earthed conductors. It could be that your practice space has a problem with this but not significant enough to trip the RCD - if your amp is leaky enough it might be sufficient to then trip the RCD. In any case you should get your amps checked over by a qualified tech.
  8. The Fulltone Bass Drive has a separate boost switch and meets your 'Ampegy' criteria. Discontinued now but shouldn't be to hard to find secondhand as they were very popular a few years ago.
  9. Glad you're here to keep me on the straight and narrow Jon.
  10. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1426013521' post='2713466'] Take your pick. [/quote] Decisions, decisions. I haven't even made my mind up what I'm eating tonight.
  11. [quote name='KevB' timestamp='1426007422' post='2713361'] I thought I read somewhere that the Ric copies made under the 'Greco' label were half decent efforts but I'm no expert. [/quote] Greco 'fakers were made by Matsumoku (bolt on necks) and Fuji Gen (through neck). Both good manufacturers.
  12. What screwed Myspace was that the site wasn't designed with scalability in mind. The site owners knew this and had tried various bodges but it needed rebuilding from the ground up. No easy task. News International thought they were man enough for the job but hadn't allowed for the upstart Facebook. Instead of cutting their loses and capitalising on the fact they had every band on the planet using Myspace, they tried to go head to head with Facebook on Facebook's terms. We all know what happened.
  13. Yeah, RIC applied for and got a trade mark on the body shape a couple of years ago.
  14. [quote name='donslow' timestamp='1425974447' post='2712811'] Thanks guys, would there be need for a separate boost pedal as well do you think?! [/quote] Not necessarily. There are plenty of OD pedals that give masses of boost, but the trick is finding one you like the character of. If you're completely happy with the Colorsound apart from the bass it would be worth search the DIY pedal forums for a mod that will give more bottom end, as it's often just a case of changing a capacitor value.
  15. [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1425930451' post='2712464'] Never got close to 200W of valves, just my 50-watt Selmer. The output valves were cooking but the speaker wasn't even breaking sweat. EDIT: I thought the Compact and Midget were both rated at 600W? [/quote] The thermal rating is 450W RMS.
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