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  1. The Boss Katana amps are basically a very good solid state amp with built in Roland and Boss effects. For example the delay is based on the Roland SDE3000.
  2. Hi everyone, Orders are now open for BC t-shirts in the run up to Christmas. There are three high quality options available. Option 1 The first is a limited edition design [email protected] which was first offered at the SW bass bash. Stocks are limited, offered only in the darkest of dark green on a first come first serve basis. Sizes are M-XXL, please contact him for more information or to order. Option 2: These come care of Dan at www.dpdp.co.uk and are available in black or white with a hint of orange, in keeping with the BC theme. The quote below the graphic comes from Sting's recent interview with Rick Beato "The keyboard player...could play a C chord. Unless I play a C, it's not a C chord. So I control the harmony." There are a range of sizes available (XS-5XL) in high quality 'ultra cotton' in mens' and ladies fittings. See 'How to order' below for more information. NB: The images are mock ups and for illustration purposes only before they went to Dan. There may be tiny variations in the location and size of graphics in the actual product, in the interests of making it look good when worn. Option 3 This option has a basschat logo in black and white. Simple, clean, nothing more than is necessary. Again there are a range of sizes (XS-5XL) available in high quality 'ultra cotton' in mens' and ladies fittings. See below for more information. How to order Option 1: T shirts are £20 incl postage to a UK address. Please contact @scrumpymike to enquire about availability and place your order. How to order Options 2 and 3: Men's sizes: S-2XL at £20 each incl UK postage 3XL-5XL £22 each incl UK postage (Size guide: S 35/37", M 38/40", L 41/43", XL 44/46", 2XL 47/49", 3XL 50/52", 4XL* 53/55", 5XL* 56/58”) Ladies Sizes: XS-2XL £20 each incl UK postage 3XL-5XL £22 each incl UK postage (Size guide XS 8, S 10, M 12, L 14, XL 16, 2XL 18) Payment: Please send payment via Paypal to [email protected] In the remarks or notes box please include the following information: 1) Your BC username (this is so we can PM you in the event of any issues, omissions or questions) 2) Please list the quantity, which design, fitting, colour and size of each T shirt you are ordering i.e. 2x option 2, mens, black XL £20 1x option 2 mens, white L £20 1x option 3 ladies, black M £20 1x option 3 ladies, white 5XL £22 Deadline: Orders in time for Christmas close Sunday Dec 19. After that time there's a chance we can still do UK deliveries but it's not certain. European deliveries: Postage will be £4 extra. However...I've been advised by Dan that Brexit has totally screwed up any kind of reliability in the European postal system and packages to Ireland simply aren't getting through. Royal Mail have some sliding deadlines depending on destination country but there are no guarantees of delivery in time for Christmas for European deliveries, I'm sorry. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to answer.
  3. I'll suggest iDonner register an account and perhaps they will take your comments on board for future promotions.
  4. "'snap' deals also provide consumers with up to 50% Off on other items including electric pianos, keyboards, drum kits and professional audio."
  5. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: Nov 26 - Nov 30 During this 6 day limited period, Basschatters can snap up a limited number of goods at the most enticing discounts of the year with 30% OFF site-wide. Get your favourite items quickly by simply clicking on them. Besides 30% OFF purchases site-wide, 'snap' deals also provide consumers with up to 50% off on other items including electric pianos, keyboards, drum kits and professional audio. December Back Promotion: 25% OFF Site-Wide on every category: Dec 1- Dec 5 Starting from now, iDonner features exclusive holiday collections, limited-edition musical instrument gift sets and the bestselling products of the year in the iDonner Holiday Gift Guide now. Also Basschat members can use exclusive code BASSCHAT15 to save 15% off Site-Wide Code for any orders anytime.
  6. Assume everything you post online anywhere is in the public domain. As far as our employers are concerned, it is regardless of whether it's hidden or not.
  7. There's a thread somewhere...but in any case, here's a pic of it just after purchasing in 2006. I was looking for a cheap Alembic Series 1 at the time, found this on TB and thought 'oh, that's interesting' and bought it off the bass player in legendary Canadian band 'Spirit of the West' as it so happened. Fantastic action on it, barely have to breathe on the strings to fret them but it needs a compressor to fatten it up a bit. Here's a video of Hugh playing it in sub zero temperatures, he's remained a life long friend since we met.
  8. Like most 8 and 12 strings, they're very much a one trick pony and really suit power trios otherwise they just compete with too many other instruments. The serial on Greg's bass was 791300 and mine is 791309. Given they both have graphite necks, they're practically sisters. Alembic sold quite a few of them to Canada as the necks could cope with the sub zero to room temperature fluctuations a lot better than wooden necks at the time.
  9. I'm on a late seventies binge this morning.
  10. I like you. Hmmm, maybe not.
  11. Drop me a pm and we can look into things in more detail. 👍
  12. I like it. Do we have a current contact at Elixir?
  13. And the air fare. And the two weeks quarantine. And the testing to leave the country And the three weeks quarantine on reentering.
  14. Damn, what I wouldn't give to be there...!
  15. Try deleting your browser cache - CTRL + F5
  16. Just discovered this wee clip of Herbie. He's still with us, bless him.
  17. You've omitted the left handers!
  18. I have two and really like them after trying a TSA15 at a Basschat gig (the TSA15 would qualify for inclusion too, probably). I think you might have to get yours looked at because mine are dead quiet and plenty loud. Although mine sort of went down in volume after about three years of use. I tried switching the output valves but it didn't help. I suspect the power caps might need replacement which would be a surprise because the amps have never been thrashed - volume never past 4. I agree about the brightness but that's normal for combos with small speakers. I also have a 5F2 tweed clone made by a chinese company who export. I believe they're marketed in the UK under the brand Morris and are hand made with top notch components including orange sprague caps. The company used to ghost/OEM build the Peavey Classic 30. The amp is quiet, clean and plenty loud enough - louder than the TSA5's at the moment (because it's newer I guess). If you push it, the amp will get grindy and snarly but has more headroom than a 5E3.
  19. String spacing on the 90's 5 string basses could be as little as 15mm. Mine is, I really like it.
  20. For the purpose of maintaining visibility? Yes, it's an idea and perhaps be trialled if there's enough interest.
  21. Just had a wee server hiccup at BC central, nothing to worry about.  A severe thrashing from Ped saw the IT gnomes working to the brink exhaustion to restore service as quickly as inhumanely possible.  All hail the IT gnomes for their tireless devotion to our cause.  

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      All snow the IT Gnomes!

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      Long may they rain.

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      Sometimes I want them to fail just so I can thrash them

  22. https://www.basschat.co.uk/staff/ You can choose your favourite and send them a message. What specifically is the issue?
  23. It wasn't due to the bass player.
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