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  1. Macbass68

    Feedback for Tradfusion

    Just bought a Chowny CBH-1 from Dave. Great communication; quick delivery, guitar and case exactly as described. Pleasure to deal with him - Top man! Many thanks , Dave Mac
  2. Macbass68

    Maruszczyk Elwood 4a - TRADED

    Are you sure it's not a 2 band active pre-amp? Is this an L4a? Thanks,Mac
  3. Macbass68

    Feedback for Silverfoxnik

    Have just bought a Yamaha BB500 amp head from Nik - he's a real pleasure to deal with! Good communication; head arrived quickly, wrapped beautifully. Have no qualms about dealing with him, people. He's the real deal, very straight and genuine! Many thanks, Nik, Regards, Mac
  4. Macbass68

    ## SOLD ## TecAmp Puma 500 £325

    Where in South Yorkshire are you,? Thanks, Mac
  5. Macbass68

    Squire Classic Vibe Fiesta Red - SOLD

    Great city! Worked there for 4 years and loved it! (Was based in Possil Park !!) Love the Bass, just a bit concerned about the marks on the front - what are they from? Mac
  6. Macbass68

    Squire Classic Vibe Fiesta Red - SOLD

    Beautiful Bass! Where are you based? Mac
  7. Lovely Bass - but Bass Direct have then in stock £875 new??
  8. Macbass68

    Peavey Cirrus USA - SOLD

    Hi, Beautiful bass! Do you have a rough idea of the weight? Thanks, Mac
  9. Macbass68


    Whereabouts are you? Mac
  10. Macbass68

    Cort Artisan C4H active bass. **SOLD**

    Whereabouts are you, Andy? Mac
  11. Macbass68


    Sorry to hear that. We'll start circulating this in England too, just in case. Hope , with the help of the Bass Community, you get these back! Have you put the message on Facebook, too? Regards, Mac
  12. Macbass68

    Price drop Musicman Ray 34 Honeyburst

    I'm interested, but can't see any pics of the bass ???
  13. Macbass68

    Mensinger Cazpar Custom, now 750 GBP

    Is this still for sale? Mac
  14. Absolutely amazing Basses. This is a real bargain - someone should snap this up soon!
  15. Macbass68

    Line 6 M13 stomp box modeller

    Hi, Is this still for sale? Mac