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  1. Thank you ped - that's very kind of you - i'll go in and edit it, Many thanks, Mac
  2. Hi, I'm sure it's probably very simple - but how do i mark my item as sold??Mac
  3. £750 NOW SOLD ELSEWHERE Due to retiring from performing due to ill health, I am, very reluctantly, selling my Maruszyck Jake 4p+ with Delano pick-ups. This is the finest bass i've ever owned, is in excellent condition, and has the original documentation. It is an extremely comfortable bass to wear, weighing 3.9 kgs roughly, and hangs beautifully from a strap. I have owned it for 2 years, and it has not done that many gigs, and it has been well looked after, Collection only, i'm afraid (Yes, i know that limits my options, but it's just too good to risk getting damaged). Ask me any questions you like about it; look forward to hearing from you all, Thanks for looking, Mac
  4. Beautiful bass! If you were in Yorkshire i'd snap it up! (Why is it that every Bass i like on here is always at the other end of the country?). It's clearly been well looked after. Let me know if you're passing through Sheffield! Mac
  5. These are top class Basses. I have 2 Maruszczyk Jake basses, and they are wonderful in every respect. I keep looking at this as i need a Jazz bass, but it's getting close to Christmas -----! Mac
  6. These are stunning guitars! I have a Maruszczyk Jake, and the workmanship, build and sound is top class.! I keep looking at this Absolution, but i do feel for a second - hand bass the price is too high? Only my opinion! Mac
  7. Thanks for that. One other question. If i changed the strings to Flatwounds, does that affect the piezo pick-up in any way? Thanks, Mac
  8. Hi, Lovely bass . Have you any idea of the weight? Thanks, Mac
  9. Just bought a Chowny CBH-1 from Dave. Great communication; quick delivery, guitar and case exactly as described. Pleasure to deal with him - Top man! Many thanks , Dave Mac
  10. Are you sure it's not a 2 band active pre-amp? Is this an L4a? Thanks,Mac
  11. Have just bought a Yamaha BB500 amp head from Nik - he's a real pleasure to deal with! Good communication; head arrived quickly, wrapped beautifully. Have no qualms about dealing with him, people. He's the real deal, very straight and genuine! Many thanks, Nik, Regards, Mac
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