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North West Bass Bash

This Sunday!

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  1. Location, location, location!!!!!

    I have to second this - It's so frustrating to have to ask location on pretty much every thread. Could do with a flag or something as well, as I'd prefer not to buy from overseas, but I can't be the only one.
  2. 1976 Greco P Bass (Price drop)

    Where are you based...?
  3. Bacchus Bass

    Looking for a P, J, or PJ Bass around the North of England / South of Scotland. Thanks.
  4. G & L L2000 Query

    Never played a bad-un and I've had 8 now, vintage and now - Don't be afraid of the 3 bolt (they did it properly).
  5. *** SOLD *** Mike Lull Bryan Beller 5

  6. New distributor for G&L basses

    [[quote name='martthebass' timestamp='1493810383' post='3290803'] Named after the 'anti satellite missile'? I always thought it stood for 'Another Strat, Another Tele'. [/quote] I only learnt that today after 7 G&Ls - Didn't think about the Cold War etc.
  7. Yes with Geddy Lee

    Turns out Steve Howe played a Rickenbacker Bass on the night.
  8. Yes with Geddy Lee

    I saw them live with Chris Squire at Colston Hall, Bristol - Such a wonderful night and Chris signed his 'Fish out of Water' album for me. Geddy Lee's a great choice for the HoF gig and if he used a 4001 then it would have been perfect (IMO). Formidable band.
  9. Lightest conventional bass

    The most Traditional would be a G&L with an Empress Body - 7lbs. Happy Jack will probably know better than I, as he had some light Basses.
  10. UM BONGO

    Nice. I watched Dave La Rue play one with Joe Satriani and it sounded excellent. This Guy played one in 'Egyptian Smoke' as support: [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ7amOCI6DI"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ7amOCI6DI[/url] I like listening to Bongos, but Musicman's Electronics are too powerful for me to play personally - More of a P Bass/Double Soapbar Guy.
  11. Uh Oh......NGD....Strat alert

    I've had four G&L Legacys/Fullerton Signatures and I now have an Invader Superstrat - You can't go wrong! Congratulations!!
  12. NBD - ACG

    [quote name='OliverBlackman' timestamp='1489573827' post='3257991'] What do these sound like? Are they clean or are they aggressive? [/quote] I think it's a P/J setup on that one
  13. NBD - ACG

    Blows your mind - So many nice things to point out!! The Top and those Inlays for starters...
  14. NBD - Fretless 5 (pic heavy)

    The Old Arpege is hands down the best 'Rock' Bass
  15. Is anybody getting bored of "reliced" instruments?

    Sometimes they look good in photos, but in your hands they look naff. Supposedly Clive Brown is the best in the business, but I've never seen a Clive Brown in the flesh.