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  1. Jeez...I just bought something like this. What's the spec?
  2. What scale is it Andy? 32"?
  3. Gah - Shame you're not closer to Cumbria, as I like the G&L
  4. Is the pickup original to 19760? "Refretted by me"...Are you a luthier? "Prefer collection"...Where are you based? Grade D - More effort required.
  5. Musicman seem to have a problem with neck pockets at the moment - Their guitars are the same.
  6. Why would you want it to? If anything it will sit in the mix a bit better (Stingrays can be overkill): Precision > L1000 > Kiloton > Stingray
  7. 1 = Lakland 2= Fender I prefer 1, as I think it has more focus
  8. Favourite Jeff Berlin video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEk5rZkBxFo
  9. This guy just posts one treat after another...
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