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  1. I don't have any quick answers at this point in time, I'm sorry. @Woodinblack are you able to shed any light on it?
  2. I thought their biggest hits had him playing an Aria Magna...?
  3. Found these guys today - I can't think of many bands that can jump from Toto to Pink Floyd to Steely Dan to Dire Straits to Queen and do it all in a way that absolutely respects the original tracks and the musicians who played them. No short cuts here. Hell, they're living the dream and who wouldn't want to be up there?
  4. Stripe is the payment gateway. Is your browser set to display sources of traffic or data transfer rates or something like that?
  5. That'll be the new sponsors.
  6. Weird...I guess we'll never know...! Perhaps you could name your phone the Twilight Zone.
  7. It's not behaviour I would expect to see! Question is...is it you or is it us? If it's us, I'd expect to see more than just one member having issues but that isn't necessarily cut and dried. Do you get the same thing happening with different browsers?
  8. He's already got a career in hospitality - competitive BBQ-ing. https://www.youtube.com/user/bigpoppasmokers
  9. Sort of - I definitely have regrets from not buying a bass when I had a chance to. I played a plain looking Celinder J Update 5 in the Bass Gallery back in 2009 I think it must have been. A time when I was selling off quite a few bits and pieces in preparation to emigrate. The asking price was 2250 quid and it was the jazz bass I had been hearing in my head. Full, snarly, crisp and it played like liquid Jesus butter. I've never played a jazz bass like it since. The only other time I had that experience was playing a Spector NS5CR owned at the time by a BC member who no longer posts on here. It was at a bassbash and I made a mental note to myself to grab it if it ever came up for sale. It did come up for sale and I missed it. Then it passed hands one more time and then came up for sale a third time and I jumped on it. It's been with Mr Shuker for a while to get a slight neck warp sorted but that was my main bass...ironically ever since I stopped gigging. The last one is Dood's Shuker 6 string headless. We compared his and mine at the LBGS one time - maybe in 2013 or maybe 2009. I can't recall. I remember humming and aaaahing over the spec, wanting something like my Smith but with a little more midrange. On paper, the spec was right but my bass never quite got there tonally. It's a fine sounding instrument but very piano sounding rather than snarly in the mids. I tried Dood's though and it was everything I'd been looking for. How much simpler my life could have been if I'd just asked Jon to copy Dood's spec...but it's not for sale so not totally relevant.
  10. But it's a one piece top, isn't it?
  11. Ironically, they probably did the original finish to the bass. Martin used them up until he switched to Simms.
  12. Sei make the best wooden necks in the business IMO. And the flame maple/wenge necks sound particularly nice. I was sorely tempted by a black four in a similar spec many years ago. Seems like yours has a couple of body cracks though?!
  13. Your guitarist seems to be enjoying himself on Rebel Yell I don't blame him...if I had the skills, I would too.
  14. That would make him Maximus Abdominus surely...? Or Maximus Gluteus.
  15. Wowsers... my old amp...! Not as heavy as the Bass 400+ I used to have, and the handles make it far easier to carry.
  16. Vox do a model called the HDC77 which is similar: GC is safe BTW, I've used three browsers to access GC and they've all been fine. Feel free to ignore the warnings. I'm looking forward to seeing how you approach the carved top. Gibson use laminates which are vacuum glued into shape over a mould.
  17. So much this. It's my experience of using samples generally. The amount of time that auditioning hundreds to find one that makes you go 'ooh'.
  18. It's a direct consequence of two things: 1) The neck is made from very stiff maple...possibly too stiff (it happens). 2) The neck pocket may also be well designed, making for an overall rigid and vibrant structure 3) The maple body may be too dense I'd put money on it probably being number three given the other aspects can be applied to other Fender Jazz basses which don't have the issues you describe. Using maple isn't always bad but it's very variable and for the cheaper models manufacturers will be less discerning in the wood they use. I have an all maple Spector and a strat with a maple body and both are fine instruments. But they use soft maple, not rock maple. Here are some suggestions: 1) If you don't need to slap, try half wound strings. 2) You could try putting a veneer of softer wood like mahogany under the bridge. This will loosen the acoustic coupling between the strings and instrument, making it less efficient at transferring (dampening) higher and lower frequencies. You'll need to adjust the string height to compensate for the raised bridge so if you like super low action it might not be feasible. 3) You could replace the bridge with something more vintage in design, for example bent steel rather than cast for example. The lower mass will transmit string energy less efficiently. 4) You could also install Bartolini 'darker' flavoured pickups and use a SWR SM400 amp to sweeten things up a bit (this combo is great with bright graphite necks in my experience).
  19. Love it, particulary the singer - is that you as well? Or is it Rod Stewart...? Hmmmmm.
  20. It's on reverb too, speaking of which did anyone spot this sacrilege? https://reverb.com/item/40657110-1985-yamaha-japan-bb-5000-5-string-neckthrough-broad-bass-w-emg-s-black?utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=android-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=40657110
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