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  1. Modulus had all their Quantums 35" at that time. Now you may place your order and choose between a 24 fret / 35" or a 26 fret / 34" neck (TBX and Quantum only). How on earth is this lady still available? I thought that she will disappear in hours, if not days.
  2. itu

    Bass Bridges

    Think about the possibility to change strings quickly, I think this is called a top load type: https://www.thomann.de/gb/goeldo_hw50b_bass_3d_steg.htm If you need special spacing, consider this and multiply it by the amount of strings (top load, too): https://www.thomann.de/gb/goeldo_hw60b_bass_einzelreiter.htm This needs some extra space lengthwise, because of two parts: https://www.thomann.de/gb/warwick_bridge_30116_4_g.htm All corners should be rounded, so the saddle screws of this bridge will annoy you sooner or later (as well as the lousy string width adjustment), but this is the model cheapo: https://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_vintage_bass_bridge.htm All adjustment screws like a little bit of nail lacquer (colour is optional), so that they stay in place better. If you want mass, put some steel or concrete to your bass body (just for that too heavy feel, it has negligible effect on your sound). The most important thing with the bridge is that it is attached well. So tighten the screws after a month or so.
  3. itu

    Determine port size for a 1x12 cab

    And the names of the scientists were A. (Albert) Neville Thiele (Australian; definitely not Theile) and Richard H Small (born in the US).
  4. itu

    Iron Ether Frantabit - *SOLD*

    Put an adjustable LPF after this and you get more possibilities to work with it. Screams turn to... this is actually somewhat demanding unit, but I like it.
  5. itu

    NPD - BrightOnion Router

    While looking at these boards, I see a variety of markings, like those tapes. What could be the ultimate way of setting (and sometimes, forgetting) all parameters? I do use a paint pen (not fluorescent, though) and put small dots to the pedals. These help, too: https://www.thomann.de/gb/stompshield_the_stompshield_kit.htm I heard about a 3D-printed cage, sort of: https://www.apatura.fi/shop.html What's available in the market?
  6. itu

    'Thermally modified' woods

    Juha https://ruokangas.com/ uses thermo treated woods. He has several videos, here's just one:
  7. itu

    DIY Effects

    You have a DMM? Measure the heater element. Check the power cord to the wall, fuses, all connections... rule possible faults out, one by one.
  8. itu

    Mixing in Digital Effects and Dry Bass

    I am using X-over (Iron Ether Divaricator, KMA Tyler) to keep the low frequencies (< 400 Hz) dry and the higher frequencies wet. If you blend dry and wet there may be phase and mud issues.
  9. itu

    DIY Effects

    https://news.bloombergenvironment.com/environment-and-energy/uk-retailers-may-be-selling-lead-solder-in-breach-of-eu-ban-1 If you do a simple search, these news tell about ban, don't they. I do admit that the lead version is far easier and better, for me at least. I bought something like 1 kg of it last February.
  10. itu

    DIY Effects

    You can use almost whatever that has some reasonable diameter. Within a box (metal one, so a Faraday cage) you may see X-talk, so distance or placement may be more important factors than the wire. But if the wire is really thin (Litz), it may act like a component. And remember those coils: if you have too log a wire, do not make a neat coil out of it. Cut the excess.
  11. itu

    DIY Effects

    Resins are not so good to inhale so it is more than OK to open your window while soldering. A tiny fan/blower would be very nice. Wash your hands after playing with lead. Start with cold water to close the skin.
  12. itu

    DIY Effects

    Some shops still have it and probably sell it. They may not know or care, that in EU it is forbidden to sell tin/lead to consumers since March 2018. It is not illegal to sell it to certain industries that need and have to use it.
  13. Yes, I do change my strings far more often, too. Just an example.
  14. itu

    Two Bass Hit. Opinions? Options?

    How about a passive A/B-box, that has a level pot in the other input? It would be very easy to construct (few components, a box, some wire, three stereo input jacks and a footswitch) and then the change would be a dream. My Glockenklang Soul has similar inputs. I can connect an EUB/fretless to the other input and an active fretted electric to the other. One level pot is enough, just put the more powerful behind the pot (or a trimmer that can be set by a tool) and do a set-and-forget. I would use stereo jacks because it is better to solder the ring and sleeve together. If you ever happen to meet an active instrument and a stereo cable...
  15. So what from Kind of blue. Angel Eyes by lady Holiday. The power of love by FGTH.