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  1. I travelled a little bit and had a discussion with a Finnish luthier yesterday. An unlined fretless 5. Let's see... This will be a really different take on an ordinary low frequency instrument. Beware, few of his creations can be seen here: https://m.facebook.com/harjunpaabass/
  2. I would start by tightening every screw and changing strings. There may be a defective string, or neck/bridge/saddle/something is loose.
  3. Try Sky. They did some classical stuff with drums etc.
  4. It is easy: Everybody needs bread(bin) and Christine.
  5. Youtube is filled with soldering videos. Main points: - take your time - invest a little bit on a reasonable equipment (Weller, Metcal...) - buy some components, like capacitors, pots (for a bigger load), and something that is easy to ruin (i.e. includes melting plastics) - take care of the ventilation (a small blower near an open window) - do some trials and errors to understand the behaviour of your equipment and parts - and again, take your time
  6. That Danish Hans Christian Mozarrt did some nice stuff in my youth... Tears of a clown is still really good song. Kraftwerk was something strange and clearly fun.
  7. Please @graham1945, I will not get any extra on top of my dear black beauty. This red one sure looks good, but I have already fell in love with the Dark Lady. I just came from rehearsal, and she really sings. And I am going to a gig on Saturday with her.
  8. Oh no, she has all the features my dream fretted has! I do admit that I got a black Genesis 5 from these pages, thanks to @graham1945 She is so close to perfect, I am not investing to a third Modulus (I had a Quantum 5 custom, but with the standard neck). I do have to ask, what instrument(s) was left, when you part from this beauty?
  9. Basic voltage should be checked with some load to get real results. I suppose this battery has met its end even before it has started its work.
  10. I put quite some effort on acting and behaving as a pro, although I am not one: read music, transcribe, try to be in time, helping others, study continually more... I wish I could be able to play only the right notes instead of all notes - this is probably the biggest difference between a real pro and me. Work continues...
  11. https://www.hbs.edu/faculty/Pages/item.aspx?num=56683 I still think, that a bass is not a luxury item, rather a tool. But an interesting point of view to study.
  12. Private message'd. There should be a letter for you. Offers are between the owner and the potential buyer.
  13. My grandfather was playing an accordion in the 1920's in few bands. That Italian instrument cost yearly wages of a working man. He had to take a loan to acquire it. After he was partially burned in a fire, he had to sell his dear tool. I love to play good instruments. If the price has been somewhat higher, I have saved money for some time. And it is nice that a good electric bass is still pretty cheap compared to our classical sisters' and brothers' tools (don't forget the bow...): https://bishopstrings.com/ https://www.isbworldoffice.com/bass-sell.asp
  14. Thank you sir, but I am in the middle of a negotiation with a skilled luthier.
  15. OK. I play a 5-stringer that has 19 mm string spacing and 35" scale. My next bass is probably a similar fretless. What are my choices? It is not very easy to set a strict budget, if the offering happens to be very limited. 17 mm just does not work for me: I played one since early 90's. And then I found THE neck last year. How about a certain neck profile, that seriously differs from basic p or j? Options available? Shall I start from the price? Yes sure, there has to be some bugdet, but I am not always able to set it unrealistically low. I just want to play necks that suit me ergonomically. The instrument is always a certain type of compromise, but I cannot compromise certain details, because of my hands.
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