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  1. itu

    Recommend me a pair of headphones

    Go to a shop that has a good selection of headphones. Take some music with you that you are familiar with. Compensate the volume to a reasonable level with every pair (there really is a difference, there). Then make a choice of price and test all in the same league and take the (soundwise) most comfortable pair. The other way is to start from the top: try the highest price first, then the second and go on until you hear a difference in sound. Then your choice is the previous pair.
  2. itu

    What bass is being played in this video?

    Could it be a Schecter? Logo has similar looks.
  3. itu

    New Stanley Clarke bass... by Fender????

    My guess is that it's a piccolo. But the f-word and Clarke? Contradictionary terms?
  4. itu

    NBD Fodera content

    An elegant looking instrument, I like the color of the body and the fretboard.
  5. itu

    Best Budget OD/Distortion?

    My experience is that if you try one pedal in a shop, use similar instrument you have i.e. active (lo-Z) or passive (hi-Z). I had lots of issues with different setups until I talked to a pedal manufacturer. His guide was that I should try to find the place in the signal chain (after any active pedal the OD will receive a lo-Z signal!) and take the type of an instrument into account. So, now I have two pedal boards: A and P. (Actually a tiny third one with just a tube OD and a comp - which equals rock. :) A list of some units I have tried. OK, many of these pedals are not from the lowest price points but there are many used and kit units that may have tempting price. An old Russian Big Muff Pi (we just did not get along), Jan Rey Vemuram (so guitar), RAT (thin, but I heard few days ago that it could be customized), ebs multidrive (just thin), WH pork loin (very close, but no), Mög (4 channels, pretty heavy), rainger FX (possible), Rochambeau Crustacean (strange; still have it), IE Oxide, Sparkle Drive (actually quite good unit for bass), Darkglass B3k (metal) and Duality (that I liked a lot), OmkartGromt Grombass (not my cup of tea)... Now I have Spruce OGF for passive, an amptweaker BTF for active, and that Overlord for - fun.
  6. itu

    High tension VS low tension

    Would this be of any help? www.daddario.com/upload/tension_chart_13934.pdf
  7. itu

    Bit Crushers

    FrantaBit behaves pretty well with an adjustable LPF after it. Gives more freedom to tweak Franta. Here in the picture is my active bass rig. The high band has a fuzz, chorus/flanger and an envelope filter. I put the Franta to the low band and with the LPF some "unusable" sounds can be tamed. (Reverb and comp are after the Tyler.) I would love to see a x-over in front of every bass effect chain and an LPF after it to adjust whatever needed. My passive bass rig can be found from my profile (thinking to move the active rig to the same place).
  8. itu

    2x12 Recommendations

    2x12, MUST BE: Transparent, featherweight, 4ohm, vertically aligned. First of all, I would not use the word "transparent" as the cabinet colors the sound a lot. One and probably the most important reason for this is efficiency. Think about a hifi system, that needs to have as straight freq response as possible. They may have the efficiency in the ballpark of 0.01 % i.e. 100 amplifier watts equal 0.01 W of speaker noise and the rest (99.99 W !) will warm your house through speakers' voice coils. This happens, as the response has to be tweaked with components in the speaker x-over. Now, a PA system (including bass and guitar systems) may have efficiency in the area of 1 - 2 % (and 98 - 99 watts warm up the club house). This is some 100 times more sound/volume/noise coming out from the system compared to hifi. Is it fair to compare f response of these two? Certainly not. So please, do leave the word "transparent" out. If you are into technology at all, you probably already know that impedance does not actually matter volume-wise, as the volume difference between those two (4/8 ohms) is mostly negligible. In this real life a 4 ohm cabinet may produce LESS sound that its 8 ohm counterpart at high power levels but this is amp dependent: sometimes 4 ohms is just too hard for the power amp. So as a specification, is it a reasonable must? That's why I would write: 2x12, featherweight, vertically aligned, (adjustable tweeter optional). One speaker suggestion to the list would be Italian Alusonic - and was Swedish TKS mentioned here? http://www.alusonic.com/ http://tks.se/
  9. itu

    Knobs changing during gig due to cable

    A tad cheaper than loknobs is a set from Stompshield. You can find them from the germanian T-shop. I do not put them to every knob, but to those that are the most important or few to round few others. http://stompshield.com/
  10. itu

    Favourite basses and back pain.

    I went to the lady Katariina Larisuo (https://mikkihouse.fi/en/) who makes straps. We talked a bit, as I wanted two very comfortable straps. So, she suggested that between the 3" wide leather and a cotton fabric she would put felt. The combination is super comfy. Three hours of playing, no pain, no more. It is true that i also use relatively lightweight instruments most of the time.
  11. itu

    US made super jazzes

    The Pensa-Suhr that Victor Bailey used: https://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/3007B/lots/34 Sold for U$D 10 455. Can be seen at: http://rudysmusic.com/used-vintage-soho-nz/vintage-pensa-suhr-koa-jazz-bass Modulus Graphite Bassstar. Non-US could be Status T-bass or J and Japanese makers may have something special there, someone already said moon. German, French, Italian makers like Meridian (and Funk-u-lator and Syntave but not Vimana)...
  12. itu

    Vigier Porn!

    Yes, the same. I was lucky to find the right sized knobs right away. Sometimes this small country that I live in (Finland, or Infland) may have two parts somewhere in Lapland - or not.
  13. itu

    Vigier Porn!

    The bass was missing the eq knobs so I visited a local electronics shop and bought few knobs and several hats. Tried red and black hats but green seemed to fit at that time. The frames are grey.
  14. itu

    Recommend a reverb?

    Thank you for a kind offer, I do have the basic version, that works like a dream. Bought it from Taylor. On top of it i have an Oxide (might sell this), a FrantaBit, a Divaricator and a Xerograph Deluxe. Quite a work to find the sounds needed as they offer a big palette of very different noises.
  15. itu

    What gear exceeded expectations for you?

    GK 200MB was very good and was behaving like it was far bigger. Lightweight! (sadly, it was stolen in the early 90's) Mesa 400+ was the opposite: weighed probably 300 lbs/kg. Earthshaking sound. This I did not own, but had a chance to play it live few times. Modulus Graphite customer service. I had a smallish issue with my Quantum 5 SPi custom (this happened in the late 90's). They wanted my bass back to the Factory. Fine, I paid the sending fee. It took quite some time, but one day there was a UPS guy behind my door. The bass came back with a hard shell case, a new bridge, polished surfaces and naturally the fret work was done! None of these details were asked! Neutrik plugs. Enough said. Daring Audio Phat beam has a comp, and a HPF that work like a dream live with my passive instruments. Definitely not a transparent unit. Iron Ether Divaricator really changed my use of effects. A x-over built for bassist. Thanks Taylor! Patrice Vigier, il est magnifique!