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  1. I've seen an article about impulse response bass (in noTreble, maybe?) but have not seen it for sale. Does it exist, have no idea.
  2. ...just like alusonic. Some aluminium neck manufacturers: Burke, Wandré, Travis Bean, Kramer, Hartke (by Vaccaro), EGC, Baguley, Bastin, Aluminati...
  3. Pots just need a more powerful iron, like 60 W, and at least a wide tip shape to transfer the heat. Bourns makes the blend pot, type MN. It's available in 250 k and 500 k.
  4. Once I tried to mix a bartolini J and a Status J. Nearly functional: the Status was a parallel humbucking and only half of the coil was in phase with the bartolini. Status sounded good in the bridge and bartolini in the neck, so the solution was to put a pickup selector switch. One on or the other but not both.
  5. Well, there is a need for a power source, here it is a super capacitor. It could be recharged in few seconds, here the charging current is probably limited by the electronics. That could be the reason for such a long charge time, 1 minute. The basic idea of the MiSi pickup is functional: a basic magnet-coil pickup and a MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical System) acceleration sensor. Guessing/ If this is a two band system, the MEMS takes care of the low end, and the low wound coil handles the high end. \guessinG I had an idea of combining a piezo (hi) and a MEMS (lo), but haven't finalized it. I did the MEMS part a bit over 20 years ago. Real low end driver, down to DC. But piezos take quite some design time, their features change if any parameter (thickness, shape, diameter, glue...) is changed.
  6. Right amount of basses is one more. I have fretted and fretless, and a double bass. Suits me. If you think that the custom Sandberg is your ultimate solution, consider: - string spacing - pickups + electronics - body shape and weight - neck profile - strings After these you should think about the woods and colours. I wish you have played Sandbergs before. A jump into total darkness may be complicated.
  7. If the remover has to stay in place, butter works well, too.
  8. ...played by Darryl Jones. I had to check, as I did not recall Sting played any bass, but there was that Bourbon on double bass. The studio album is just fine but the double live 'Bring on the night' is really good! To me it's the best Sting stuff ever. There the Bourbon was played by Jones and Stig - sorry, too much Top Gear - Sting played 'I burn for you'. Double bass, again.
  9. If your bass has two hi-Z pickups and any kinds of pots to use the pickups together (vol - vol, or blend - vol), there is no buffer and while using pots, you are affecting the response. Put a Noll Mixpot under the hood, and you have a buffered mixing.
  10. If someone is able to tell about the response simply by speaker diameter, fine. I am using an alusonic 2 x 12" and very happy with it. 18 kg only.
  11. And some extra data: https://www.glockenklang.de/en/products/bass_systems/blue soul.htm My Soul weighs 12 kg, while this Blue one is only 11 lbs = 5 kg.
  12. Without fretlines I would have reserved this right away. Good luck and so on.
  13. Some pictures please, and we might be able to help you.
  14. One issue in the pictures is that the fingers are not behind the frets. Soundwise it is better to get close to the fret than try to push the string and float somewhere in between frets. Changing to a fretless is also easier later on. Take your time, it will get better.
  15. I got a bit tired playing with them. Preamp is a must and every detail in piezo's shape and size matters. I had a chance to work with an accelerator sensor company and used their custom units. I made functional bass pickup prototypes. But they go down to DC! Without HPF they are unusable and the highest reproducable frequency lies at around 500 Hz only. Because of this the sound is really thick. I was thinking they should be mixed with piezos for wide response. Some day when I get the ambition again...
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