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  1. Auerswald costs a fortune. Another bow bass is Atlansia Oxford: https://atlansiaguitars.com/Bass-Guitar.php
  2. A note at a time? Most of the units are not able to transpose chords. Just to make sure your expectations are in line with the suggestions.
  3. Rickenbacker 4001 (1974, black) - my first own bass from Denmark street, £400 in 1986 Washburn Status copy (natural, later modded heavily) - my second instrument, worked well, 30 - 90, twang bass Cort P copy, modded to a 5 - one of my first trials Höfner short scale (60's) - repaired from wreck Kramer Ferrington (burst) - it was owned by some star! but the sound... Modulus Graphite Quantum 5 custom (1991, cocacola, bartolini) - was new and had an incredible sound, (costed an arm and a leg, and an acoustic piano then), I played it a lot but that 17 mm spacing, sold it few years ago Ibanez GSR (black) - some very cheap model and felt like one Ibanez Affirma (natural blond, fretted 4) - had been in a shop for ages, got a good offer Ibanez Ashula (white, modded to 5) - strange test, strange instrument, rebuilt it and sold Ibanez SR506 (modded to 5) - this was another wide neck trial, rebuilt it and sold Vigier Passion II (1988, burgundy) - found this one from the original owner from France, my first lesson in French! Vigier Passion II (1989, honeyburst) - she likes travelling, but comes back Modulus Graphite Genesis 5 (1999, black, bartolini) - my main bass, the neck! local luthier made fretless 4 (natural) - unlined 36" beauty, superlight (under 7 lbs!), birch + walnut + blackwood J parts, fretless Status J neck (sunburst) - neck's too thin, J is not for me J parts, Status MM neck (sunburst) - the P width is better for me and this is a rock unit with a single EMG double coil and vol fretless 5, MusicMan neck (natural) - pau ferro feels and looks good, but 17 mm spacing Guild Ashbory (red) - I bought this when it was new in markets and played few songs in gigs, but no way at least 12 heavily modded P-ish parts basses - I think I am into something... the latest trial is still at home MISA TriBass - novation BassStation - I try to manage this combo Clevinger 5 eub - incredibly good, had it since new and was expensive Plywood double bass - this was a wreck, and I put it together, played a few years, but I had no space total 32 + some more instruments Quite many have been tests: do I like this detail or that? There are lots of manufacturers or luthiers that could build my dream instrument with ease: long scale 5 with 19 mm string spacing, one humbucker, lightweight, dark color scheme... Thinking about the money, well, it took quite many years I did not rely on my personal feel. I should have been more picky with the choices I made. All those trials with friends' basses and those played in shops have driven me towards my specs. Not only instruments, but also strings and amps. Some European instruments I would like to play every now and then are a 4-string fretless Wal, Overwater, Spalt, Status, Auerswald, Schack, Ritter etc. Shops are few and basses hidden, but they do exist. It has been a long road, but it will continue. Happy to travel it along with you, my dear colleagues!
  4. Agree. I have the old fretted 4 version (blond, flame maple top). I am not very fond of the piezos, but they offer lots more sound options if needed.
  5. I think the idea has been used earlier in Roland synth bass and Jerry Auerswald's creations. Please take a look: https://www.auerswald-instruments.com/
  6. I try to explain this in the near future. I do not speak English as my mother tongue, so I need to do some work with the text. So sorry, this takes some time, but I'm workin' on it.
  7. So you say... and many of the points are correct.
  8. Could you please clarify your need with this? Usually very low frequencies equal uncontrollable sound and the need for lots of power.
  9. itu

    Expression pedals..

    Mechanics is probably the biggest cost of the whole unit.
  10. itu

    Expression pedals..

    HoTone Soul Press has three modes, expression works without batteries, and the size is pretty small.
  11. This track is from 1980. The 21-year-old player sounds surprisingly good, although the recording here has some wow and flutter... I have always loved the relatively simplistic and economical style of Fernando Saunders. This is the opening track of the record The Spin: I may be wrong, but this sounds like fretless: It is OK to deal the basic Pino and Tony stuff, but some less distinctive recordings are nice to hear. Even without bass solos I like the sound and slightly different approach of the fretless a lot. Please keep these videos coming.
  12. Can you measure the pickup from the pickup end, or are the wires also in the epoxy? If so, in this case of a dead end you could cut the insulator from side a bit and measure conductivity to the pots and if there is any signal or voltage there. If the signal is found, the cuts can be fixed with some shrink tube.
  13. itu

    Basses on the settee

    What is the MG in the middle? Body like Quantum, but neck like VJ5, so what is that?
  14. I tried strings and tunings for few years when I was young. Then I made a decision to concentrate on SS RW. 30 - 90 was fun, but 40 - 100 is more like me and the music I play. Nowadays I use GHS or D'Addario, because their strings fit my 33.8 - 36" basses. I use the same sets in every bass (4, 5, fretless) to get the same feel and sound possibilities everywhere. No need to do expensive or long lasting trials anymore.
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