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  1. Thou shalt not fight the religious...
  2. I am using a X-over: it keeps low clean, and I can crunch the highs a lot.
  3. The magnetic field dictates, what is functional. If the strings are close enough, you'll be fine. If you find bigger issues with levels, you may need to change the pickup, or tune the string spacing. The poles may affect levels somewhat, if the distances to strings vary a lot. This requires testing. Here you see a picture of an EMG 40DC (4.0" double coil). The viewing film is also from EMG.
  4. I have been looking at this name for a few times here, and been thinking: "I have heard this before." But it was Tony Bennett. I feel so old.
  5. You are interested in a comp, go to these pages: www.ovnilab.com Then if you really want to buy one, learn how they work. S.O.S. (Sound on sound) has few good articles.
  6. I do not get how is the amp involved here? Here we are talking about speaker element testing, aren't we? The 9 volt battery has so little energy that it cannot burn an element like we have here. Only move the cone.
  7. Sorry, no. I just remember that we laughed ourselves silly thinking about that 0.05 dB vs. £1000 or whatever the cost was.
  8. It is seen and heard many times, that all sound possibilities are not feasible. My fretless has three choices where two would be good. Ser/par or ser/single would be the best options. Yes, you can fill your bass with switches and pots, but at the end of the day you will use maybe two or three sounds only, just like @Woodinblack said earlier. Long ago I saw an American bassist with Precision. The pots were removed and he had two switches in it: ON/OFF and TONE/OFF. He said that in the studio he may need the other switch, and live he sometimes needs both. Functional. Simple.
  9. Here you can see my fretless 4. She has a step attenuator and a coil switch (ser/par/single). The switch (a Swiss Elma) is a two pole / three way. You do not see screws, the magnets are under the copper foil.
  10. A local acoustic researcher did a test between two cables years ago. The high end one was ridiculously expensive, thick silver cable. The other was some cheap basic copper wire. The difference was measured, and it was there: the much cheaper had 0.05 dB less ultra highs. Of course the signal would deteriorate in long runs, like 100 m or more. There are other details that interest me, when I choose cables: robustness, materials, thickness, flexibility, Neutrik connectors... I am prepared to pay something, but jokes do not interest me at all. One reason for those high price cables is that if the stereo set costs an arm and a leg, the cables have to be something else than £2 from a local store. Someone just saw a possibility, and now we have funny priced cables.
  11. Does he have a Cable Cooker (TM)? If not, I cannot trust his knowledge and understanding. Cable Cooker (TM) is a Must to every Hi-Fi person! I think he should also sell wooden tone blanks, that you could raise cables from the floor to make the sound more airy. (If anyone even faintly thinks I recommend this sheet, I have added this text.)
  12. SM58 no switch SM58S with switch
  13. Wavy Grovers. I had them in my first bass, a '74 4001.
  14. The reason I wanted it without keys, is that after 13 years of piano lessons I hate keyboard, and love Misa Tri-bass.
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