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  1. Stan the Man with his hair and Alembic (1st solo), John Illsley with his red unlined Wal...
  2. Several basses. I do not own multi-scale, I am so old that I will not learn to play such a monster any more. A 5-string took around 6 months to understand and this was very long ago. Vigier Passion II is the shortest, fretted Modulus has 35", and my custom fretless 36". My next instrument is possibly a 35 - 36" fretless 5. Strings are D'Addario EFX220, or EPS220-5. GHS Super steels (long scale +) are a functional option.
  3. My basses (33.8 - 36") have suffered most, as well as benefitted most from string choices. Fretless: SS RW. Fretted: SS RW. Especially the low B was a PIA. I tried lots of strings to get the sound that I want. .005 makes a difference, believe me. Scale length is only my personal (physical) preference, and although I do like longer scale, the acoustic sound is now very similar from bass to bass.
  4. A real multiscale is a 274 cm Steinway or a 90 key Bösendorfer. The difference is mostly about your preference and how playable the bass is. How about other details like the string spacing?
  5. Take a short discussion with your neighbours and make a deal, that noise is OK from 12oo to 14oo, or whatever. When everybody knows this, there should be no word about it later on. This also drives you to do short, well thought (?) steps, one at a time. Talk about rhythm.
  6. I do admit that @cb1 has clearer score. As this song is in 4/4, the beat should not be sacrificed (yes, I remember my dotted eights...), and has to be 4 beats written to each bar. You have to think that the bar has to have as many sets of notes and rests as the time signature tells. One important point is that we do not have to use the shortest element of the bar. Otherwise we might end up in a situation of 1/16 notes and rests filling the score. But it may be a good way to think that way: how to put them together, so that they form beats. It does not look so good in the first phase, when there are arcs and notes look like the are divided to unnecessary parts. But the more you read and play, you see that beat behind everything.
  7. itu

    1/2 Basses

    There was a similar discussion some time ago, so search might help a bit.
  8. Guitar strings are far shorter. Please stay with bass strings. The piccolo tensions are followed with a .45 set. G (20) - 41.8 lbs / (45) - 42.8 lbs D (32) - 49 lbs / (65) - 51.3 lbs A (42) - 46.7 lbs / (85) - 48.4 lbs E (52) - 41.7 lbs / (105) - 40.3 lbs Total 179.2 lbs / 182.8 lbs The difference of 3.6 lbs is really small, isn't it?
  9. http://www.daddario.com/upload/tension_chart_13934.pdf
  10. I do have one, but my use is certainly 'quack'.
  11. As price seems to be the first issue, I will not suggest a Status. But if the quality was...
  12. Xero is an envelope filter, we discuss about eq stuff.
  13. Very good discussion, the community shows its power again. I do admit that some of my choices were slightly odd. After listening to the song and reviewing the score, there are funnies, yes. Dotted notes were notationally (nearly) correct, but playing would have been, umm, "classical". My bad. The reason for many rests in the beginning is doublefold: the software plays longer set of rest bars right (and I am only not able to make such a short and tidy notation), although that looks complex without chords etc. When I do a bass score and something is happening without bass, I try to include details (lyrics, chords, melody lines...) to help following the reading. 8 bars here may seem crowded, but as I said earlier, this score is not overly complex. Usually this type of song is learned quickly and then the paper is just an extra support. It is true, that the legibility is another thing. As I use a tablet for my notes nowadays, and not paper anymore, this would drive the notation to three pages. No repeats, no segnos... and a bluetooth page turning device, which is really helpful. Thanks for your comments!
  14. itu

    Bass solos

    How about something older from Domenico Dragonetti? Jazz bassists? Mingus, Marc Johnson... Live vs. studio solo?
  15. Status has 18 mm in 5-string basses. Ibanez BTB, broadneck Warwicks, and Modulus Quantum 5W have 19 - 21.5 mm etc.
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