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  1. There must be something wrong with the SVT-2 to go for that price! Edit: I had a look through and they’ve got loads of second hand stuff in cases branded as ‘Terminal Studios’. I’m guessing it’s a backline company that’s folded and RT got the lot. That explains it
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I’d happily bring my pair out to play. I’ve never made it to a bass meet so will have to resolve that when the time comes that we can run such events again!
  4. Yes, the drive is on the amp. No effects, no modelling, etc. It’s a mid-90s Ampeg SVT-II Pro running KT88s. Tone settings as shown in the photo, and running into the BF 210S.
  5. I made a recording of the Riedel for anyone wondering how the Black Labels can sound. I appreciate a large component of the tone you'll hear is the valve amp this was recorded through, but it gives you an idea hopefully. Bass was used in passive mode. Sounds stonking if I do say so myself. Defiant Bass.m4a
  6. If further clarification on the wonders of valves was required, click the below link to hear my SVTII-Pro in action during a recording last month. You're hearing only the cab microphones, the DI was not used in the end. No modelling here! Defiant Bass.m4a
  7. I used my SVT-II Pro for a recording for the first time and I'm really happy with the result! The song isn't finished yet, but here's an excerpt of the isolated bass track accompanied only by drums. Click the below link to load it. I just love how it sounds as it comes crashing back to the open string at the end of the progression and sounds meaty as. Defiant Bass.m4a The recording was done using a Sandberg VM4 Riedel Signature, into the KT88 loaded SVTII-Pro, into a BF210S, mic'ed with a Audix i5 on-axis and an Audix D6 off-axis. I did take a DI too, but this was not used in the end.
  8. Absolutely. I expect these to fetch even less!
  9. That’s pretty standard for a 2x12 guitar cab though. It’s not designed for bass
  10. Showing my (younger) age, I use Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World for PA setups when I’m engineering. At first glance, it may seem an odd choice but for modern rock gigs it’s a very well mixed/mastered single that’ll test things just right. Plus, having now heard it through so many different systems I can hear very quickly if something is wrong or absent.
  11. I use mine (AD200B/SVT2PRO) with a Barefaced 210S. It’s enough. It’s more than enough. I don’t think there’d ever be a time when it wasn’t enough, and if that time came there’d almost certainly be a DI involved. But... I also have an SVT810E for good measure But if you’re looking at getting a big ol’ valve head then I wholeheartedly believe that the BF210S is the perfect partner. Small enough you can have it in the corner of the living room for home playing if you’re careful with the volume controls. Loud enough for almost anything. Perfectly matched tonally.
  12. I’ve played through the Aguilar DB751, Orange AD200B, Ampeg SVT-CL, and Ampeg SVT-II Pro. All were sensational, truly brilliant amps. Once you get to that level I think it just comes down to subjectiveness as to what style of tone you’d like to hear as they’re all wonderful. For me however, the SVT-II Pro wins.
  13. I’ve a few I use depending on the scenario but if it were for live and being combined with a DI from the amp, I’d be looking at something like a Sennheiser e609 or Audix i5. The photo I put up is an Audix i5 on-axis with an Audix D6 off-axis. If you want to splash a bit more cash, then the Sontronics Halo would give you probably the best result. Whichever one you go for, I’d have it centred on the edge of the dust cap. You’ll get a good punchy tone from that, to be combined with the full-range signal from the DI.
  14. Well, I mean there is another option.. (photo from a recording session last week)
  15. That’s the one. I didn’t realise they sold via eBay too. They’re a very small company with no social media presence so when I’ve ordered in the past I’ve had to ring them. They’re based down near Exeter. Check the SoundOnSound review: I have one of the micros and one of the classics. I would suggest maybe considering getting the classic rather than the micro, so that you can use it in other setups too, i.e bass straight in prior to amp, if that need comes about. As for the slave output on the AD200B, it’s just a simple unbalanced output ‘from the core’ so whack a good DI on it and you’ll probably get a better DI signal than you would from the built in ‘standard quality’ DIs on a lot of solid state amps.
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