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  1. Hello, Due to a surprise bill, I’m forced to sell my favourite amp. I’ve never come across anything better and doubt I will. Unfortunately, with something to urgently pay off I can’t justify keeping the SVT given how little I actually give it proper use. This is the sought after mid-90s SVT, from the period where they were still made in the USA before production was moved overseas. Better transformer, build quality, etc. It has been regularly serviced throughout its life. It’s fitted with KT88s which give a great tone. It will include the 4U rackmount flightcase that’s pictured. Amp is located in KT18 Surrey. I can drive a reasonable distance to meet a buyer. Discount price of £800 if you take it before Monday, after which it’ll be £900. You’re welcome to come over and try it before buying. As everyone says, the SVT-2 PRO is *the* amp. Only downside is the weight!
  2. No real change in weight. They were great to start but in the end the one for my right ear just wouldn’t fit without being uncomfortable and had to be forced a little. I mostly play drums and so a little bleed is good for me as it means I can hear the kit instead of having to plumb it in electronically so it’s not all bad. I’ve got a nice set of the aftermarket comply foam tips for the se846 and they’ve been great so far. Worn for ears with no real fatigue or pain. It’s only when I get to about the 6 hour mark that I get slight discomfort but it’s manageable.
  3. I did previously have a pair of custom moulds a few years ago and found I only got about 1.5 years usage out of them before they didn’t fit correctly and that has somewhat put me off too.
  4. I love the idea of using a Rupert Neve Shelford rack channel for bass and I think it’d sound excellent. However, the price is prohibitive..
  5. On the OTB it will output 500W into 8 ohms or 4 ohms, depending on the setting you choose. However, if you select 4 ohms and then give it an 8 ohm nominal load (I.e your OBC115), then it will fire out only 250W at maximum. As the OTB has a solid state power amp it’ll be able to handle that load mismatch fine. Alternatively, use it in 8 Ohms mode and just don’t turn it all the way up. 8/10 maximum maybe!
  6. I had to run my OTB at full pelt to even have a chance of being heard. I was using an SPC210 though. Point is, with a poor cab then you will have to crank the OTB!
  7. Barefaced 410 would be your solution I’d suggest.
  8. I finally caved and moved the fridge on but the head is definitely staying! A BF Super Twin is the new cab of choice..
  9. I recall a band about ten years ago come to play a set at our (very) small local venue. It was just two guitarists and a drummer. They prided themselves on (their words) being the loudest band in the county. Each guitarist only had a 2x12 combo but set it at their feet running full volume straight into the first row of the audience. They cleared the venue (including me) within a minute, sadly to the detriment of the bands who were following them later in the evening. I wish I were the engineer that night because as you say, I’d have used a beer crate and angled those things back so they fired straight at their own head-height and no doubt things would have changed *very* quickly. Alas, the engineer appeased them and just raised everything else to match the guitar volume.
  10. Better resale value if they didn’t work out. I don’t need custom and these give sufficient isolation and comfort for me.
  11. Having previously owned the Shure se215, and se535, I recently upgraded to the se845. Wow, what a difference! Incredible reproduction of bass guitar as well as a soundstage far in excess of the other models. Quite the price jump but if you can justify it then I think it’s worth it.
  12. I think his suggestion is that it’s quite common that venue sound engineers will use a DI box to take the signal before it goes into your amp. Usually because some people will apply very over the top EQ or Settings on the amp that make the DI signal not very usable .
  13. No, you shouldn’t mix them like that.
  14. Beat me to it. You’ve already got a pedal board so you might as well add the SFX at the very front of your chain as that’s absolutely the best HPF solution you can get.
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