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  1. Bankai

    Show us your rig!

    Having played a DB751, I can unreservedly say the Aguilar!
  2. Bankai

    Show us your rig!

    What if I told you that it’s loaded with KT88s instead of the usual 6550s.. Making the great, even better!
  3. Bankai

    Show us your rig!

    In my 10+ years on this forum, I’ve seen countless members remark that if only they were younger and had a better back, they’d be running X or Y rig. I therefore feel it is my civic duty as a 28 year old with a functioning spine, to own such a rig. Sadly it’s consigned to a storage unit at the moment because COVID. I present you a ‘97 USA made SVT-II Pro, complete with a battered USA made SVT-810E. Yes, it truly is what dreams are made of.
  4. Tonehammer with a Barefaced Super Twin?
  5. Since trying a VM4 ten years ago, it’s the Bass I’ve sought after ever since. And when I looked at them all that time ago I decided I’d want a hardcore aged black with black hardware. Fast forward to now, and they happened to bring out exactly that as an off the shelf model in the form of the Reidel signature. Perfect! And it’s a bonus I really love that band! I dropped an audio sample of it in this thread a few pages back.
  6. I have the VM4 Reidel which has them fitted as standard. Would recommend!
  7. Radial JDX Reactor goes to 300W. That’s the highest one I know of.
  8. If that’s the V4B it’s only 100W
  9. If you want to spend the money, something like the Radial JDX would be great. It sits between the power amp and the speaker cab, and can take up to 400W, and has both cab simulation for both guitar and bass guitar built in. That way you capture the full flavour.
  10. Negative, I’ve always used it this way. It’s heavy enough that there was no risk of it moving.
  11. I wonder the same. Would love to give it a go but given the cost and that my amps are currently full of perfectly working valves I feel a lottery win is in order before I can justify it
  12. How much space do you have? Transport issues? Can you accommodate a big cab or would you prefer lightweight/small? I’d be recommending the Barefaced Retro 210S, unless you can take the larger Barefaced Retro 610.
  13. There must be something wrong with the SVT-2 to go for that price! Edit: I had a look through and they’ve got loads of second hand stuff in cases branded as ‘Terminal Studios’. I’m guessing it’s a backline company that’s folded and RT got the lot. That explains it
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