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  1. Oh if only someone was selling one..
  2. I’ve never heard one of these in the wild but I’m now intrigued. Don’t seem to come up second hand often either.
  3. I spent half an hour looking through Zutons live photos/videos to try and find a better image and found nothing. Then I googled fender rackmount bass amp and had it inside of 30 seconds! A version of this Fender was made under the Sunn name but as the bassist was a fender endorser I would hazard a guess it’s the fender version he’s using. Sunn version:
  4. Fender Bassmann 1200 Pro / Sunn 1200S (same amp but rebranded)
  5. The microphone and cab suggest that it’s a guitar amp rather than bass amp at first glance
  6. I didn’t find myself inspired by the CL. Felt clerical compared to the 2 Pro.
  7. I don't think you'll hit all your criteria I'm afraid. I'd suggest getting something from the Ashdown MAG range. The Combos especially go for extra cheap.
  8. I bought from Todobajos, a bass guitar specialist in Madrid. They shipped to the U.K. very quickly and if I recall correctly for free (or very little if not). They’re on Reverb and it was a very pleasant and easy process.
  9. I agree with all of this. I love the aesthetics but understand it’s subjective. The roadworn blacked out thing is exactly what I’m after. Sound wise, I don’t think there’s any bass which does this sort of thing better. I run mine through an SVT2-PRO and it’s lovely. Audio clip below: Defiant Bass.m4a
  10. I certainly wouldn’t consider it a second rate bass I only got because I couldn’t afford a Sadowsky. I thoroughly believe it’s the best at doing what it does. Where the subjectivity comes in is deciding whether the VM4 sound is the one for you, but if you enjoy it I don’t think you’ll find something that does it better. On the other hand, I just found the Lakland and G&L offerings to be like a Sadowsky but cheaper. But still very good I should add.
  11. I used to work in GuitarGuitar so had many a noodle on basses in this price range. The VM4/5 always stood out to me as being so much nicer to play and I was a very big fan of the sound. I played Sadowsky, G&L, Lakland, Fender CS, Rickenbacker, Gibson, Musicman, and so on. And of all of them, the VM4 is what I’d pick. The Riedel is just a VM4 with some aesthetic changes and the black label pickups really. So the question is, if you like the VM4 and like this style of aesthetic then it’ll probably be for you. The black label pickups aren’t that radically different to the normal ones other than being a bit more aggressive maybe?
  12. Yes, bought these three for use as a PA system... ...but I am tempted by the prospect of using one of the FR800s with the LF1400 for a FRFR bass rig.
  13. No bites? Disappointing! Well, I present you 2x FR800 and a LF1400.
  14. A cryptic NAD for you to start off the week. Can you guess what the new acquisitions are? (All three parts are discontinued)
  15. Of course, if anyone feels so inclined as a result of this discussion..
  16. If I had a Radial JDX Reactor I’d probably stick that on everything.
  17. My recommendation would be an Orchid Micro if you want to keep things small. Or an Orchid standard if you can afford the space. Last time I recorded (albeit a different amp) I used a micro connected to the slave output, in preference to the built in one. Micro is (barely) pictured on top of the amp.
  18. As a sound engineer I’d be far more accepting of an external DI box connected to a slave (or in the speaker chain), than I would a built in DI.
  19. It has a slave output. Connect that to a DI, and voila. Same, if not better end result than if it had a built in one. That’s what I do with mine.
  20. Well I have one half of the equipment required to test that theory! If anyone in the Surrey area has an OTB to assist post lockdown
  21. I owned a 1st Gen TB500 and spongey sums it up nicely. I’d maybe even go so far as to say woolly. I have an AD200B now (which is for sale on this forum!) and it’s very different. That can do glass clean through to grind.
  22. The PJB heads / combos always sounded like a DI to me.
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