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  1. How was your gig last night?

    Halloween gigs on Friday and Saturday. Both pubs made a real effort with decorations and the staff all in costume, so thought it was only proper that we should join in!
  2. HP colour printer cartridge 342

    Genuine HP 342 colour cartridge, unopened, in original packaging. Suitable for Deskjet 5440 and D1460, Officejet 6310 and 6315, and many Photosmart printers. Please pm if interested.
  3. Gone to a good home

    Having a clear out and found 2 CTS250SS pots. I'm fairly sure they are these [url="http://www.guitarpartsworldwide.com/CGE+250K+SOLID+SHAFT+POT+PWt6TjNBRE14b0RkalZIWnZKSGM"]http://www.guitarpar...b0RkalZIWnZKSGM[/url] Bought them for a P-bass project that never went anywhere. Anyway, if you want them just message me your name and address. Thanks.
  4. Off to the gig!

    The kitchen sink's in there if you look closely.........
  5. Feedback For Bankai

    Just bought Alex's US Standard P. He kindly drove to meet me halfway, which saved me a couple of hours travelling. Bass exactly as described and keenly priced. Didn't have time to chat unfortunately. Happy to recommend.
  6. I'm right handed. I do all the complicated things with my right hand - writing, using tools, using a mouse, texting (and you've got a dirty mind!) etc etc. So why, when I play bass, do I do the complicated bit ie fretting with my left hand? Wouldn't it make more sense to play it 'left-handed'? (I've tried but I've been playing it 'right-handed' for 40 something years and my brain just melts). Any ideas out there?
  7. SOLD- Fender 50s Precision Bass Maple Fretboard-

    Whereabouts are you located please? I'm a 'try before you buy' sort!
  8. Fender Nate Mendel Precision - Withdrawn

    Whereabouts are you? Is collection an option?
  9. Crate BT100 100W combo

    One last bump before it goes on the bay.
  10. Crate BT100 100W combo

    Bump for reduced price.
  11. Singer wanted North London

    [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]My band Random Patrols is looking for a new singer. [/font][/size] [size=4][font=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]Here's the bit about the band. We play all original material, and at our last gig the venue's description of us was '[b]Random Patrols[/b][color=#000000]-delay heavy spidery guitars and emotive vocals, possible nod to U2 there but there’s a bit more to their sound to that, quite subtle an lo-fi in places and really anthemic and stirring in others.' Which isn't too far off. There's some demos on [url="http://www.facebook.com/randompatrolsband"]Facebook [/url]which capture us well. [/color][/font][/size] We're all in our 40s/50s, and (apart from me) can play really well, and while we take it seriously enough it's a fun, relaxed vibe. [color=#000000][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]We rehearse about once a month in Enfield and gig a couple of times a year in and around North London.[/font][/color] [color=#000000][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]We're looking preferably for a female vocalist. The only real requirements are (ii) a good voice and (ii) no divas. Because we don't have a packed schedule this may be suitable for someone who sings in a band that doesn't gig too often and fancies an interesting side project. If you know of anyone who might be interested please put them in touch. [/font][/color]
  12. Crate BT100 100W combo

    Now £60.00 This is a 100W combo amp with a 15” speaker. It’s very loud and has a decent range of tones. It will comfortably keep up with two guitars and a loud drummer in rehearsal, and is easily up to gigs.in smaller venues. It’s solidly built with a metal grille and has survived a lot of use without looking scruffy. It has a number of useful features: - a single input switchable for active and passive basses, - two channels - a distortion channel with gain, shape, and level controls; and a clean channel with a 4-band EQ and an octave control for boosting the bottom end - a 2-button footswitch for switching channels and turning the octave boost on and off - a XLR balanced line out (pre/post EQ selectable) - a mute switch, a headphone output as well as CD inputs - a built-in chromatic tuner (which works very well). · Size 26” H x 21”’ W x 16" D. Weight 69 lbs It’s in good overall condition. Everything works as it should. The fabric covering is intact. Only flaws are some marks on the grille and the rubber on the handle has torn at the ends, although it still cushions the handle properly when you lift it. I’ve tried to show them in the photos. It is heavy so collection/delivery only please. I’m near J26 of the M25, but travel to Milton Keynes each day, Happy to meet up or deliver to anywhere local to or between these location.Any questions please fire away. [attachment=219798:IMG_20160511_161811.jpg][attachment=219804:IMG_20160507_165622.jpg][attachment=219800:IMG_20160507_165553.jpg][attachment=219801:IMG_20160507_165600.jpg][attachment=219802:IMG_20160507_165751.jpg][attachment=219803:IMG_20160507_165537.jpg]
  13. kristo feedback

    Bought a Fender Rumble combo from Kris. Very straightforward purchase, combo was sent promptly and well packaged, looks in good nick as described. All good..
  14. Up for sale is a Hartke VX115 1x15 bass cab. 300W/8 ohm. It's been my spare cab for a couple of years and so hardly used in that time. I'm selling it just because I need the room. It's in decent condition, the fabric covering is intact if a bit worn in places, and the corners have a few marks but nothing major, but the main thing is that the (original) driver is fine and it all works as it should. All the specs are on t'internet.at [url="http://www.samsontech.com/hartke/products/cabinets/vx-cabinets/vx115/"]http://www.samsontec...cabinets/vx115/[/url]. Because of size and weight collection preferred, but happy to courier at the buyer's cost. I'm located just north of London (very near J26 of the M25) and travel to Milton Keynes most days, so can meet/up deliver anywhere local to those. If you have any questions please get in touch.