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  1. Yes, a lot of confusion!!!!! To my Best understanding, the resistor will "trick" the amp to drop the "overall impedance" letting you extract the maximum power!!!! The magical question is, with the toggle in 4ohms(no resistor) and a 8ohms load, will it drop the power ?? That's the point for not burning the 250w cab!!!!
  2. I believe you, but in that case orange scrub up !!!!!! Please read the following in the user manual TB 500/1000(500MK1)
  3. Hi guys, I'm in the process of buying amp and cab (second stuff for rehearsal room),I sold the old stuff, gk backline 600 and 4x10,and I want to buy something with 2x10 preferably, the competitors are Markbass little mark black line and Markbass traveler 102p 4 ohms (all new), or terror bass MK1 used and Harley Benton solidbass 210t (new) and the question is, is the MK1 safe on the 210t? the MK1 provides the 500w in 4 and 8 ohms, I run the risk of burning the cab!!!!
  4. I people, want to buy a pedal, features, especially for pre amplifier, valued additional, distortion, compression and di, for the amount I have available, I have this choices, HLX battalion, MXR M80 bass di, Ampeg SRC DI Tech 21 SansAmp Character VT Bass DI, Tech 21 Bass Driver DI V2, Aguiar tone hammer, any more suggestions up to 300 € max ???? thanks
  5. I've been watching tech 21, but it's not as complete, it's more like the orange bass Butler
  6. yes it could be an option, I already have a good tuner Boss tu 2, but if on the one hand it's more reliable, if one breaks down the others are fine, it's much more to take with me, and on the other hand, if I buy EBS or Gallien Krueger level stuff, I spend a lot more money!! ! the solution of a good "all in one" for me is ideal, now the "right choice" is still a doubt, despite being very inclined towards EBS, I haven't decided yet, I was more inclined towards a used one, but nothing appears
  7. as i thought, well i have to choose between ebs microbass 3 and gallien krueger plex, I think this two are the most complete....
  8. Yes I do understand the argument, if I go for multi FX, I will go for the hotone ampero, I think that bang for your buck is the best ( road "gig" worthy, studio worthy, rehearsal worthy and home silent practice) as for the boss and zoom not my favorite (plastic construction), from what i've seen, helix do everything and a pair of boots, but i haven't seen in hotone, for example, build a double parallel signal, for example to replicate the signal of a bass Butler or ebs microbass, the goal was to create a parallel way, with compressor in the bass and distortion in the mids and highs
  9. Right I understand the thinking, but I would prefer something simpler, hence I'm leaning towards ebs, the big advantage I see, for me, in a multi-effects, is the fact of having two or three sets always available, studio, rehearsals, and gigs, with change of a single button, the zoom or even the GT bosses, for me it doesn't work, I think the ones are too fragile, the helix too expensive, for a multi it would be a hotone or Valenton, nux etc. up to around €370 max
  10. The multi-fx is to expensive, except the hotone ampero, but it's more for guitar, then bass, I don't use 10% of the effects, I just want a simple and good compressor and distortion, to blend with the clean tone, like the bass Butler, but now with de ebs it as the tuner aux in and headphones out. The question is ? Is there another like it ??(same features?
  11. The ebs microbass 3 double's as a silent practice all in one headphones amp
  12. Tank's for the advice, but I think the TC doesn't split the signal!!! I will probably go with the ebs microbass 3.
  13. KinkMaster

    help needed

    Hello guys, I need a "do it all", EBS microbass 3 type, the main functions are compressor, distortion, with auxiliary input and headphone output, the new ones from darkglass, the EBS microbass and what else ?? suggestions? os: you have to separate the signal for and have a blend. thanks
  14. Hello guys, I would like to hear opinions about this machine, ebs neoline 410, who has it? what do you think?? Thanks
  15. I friends, and tanks for the feedback, my main amp is a TB500 MK1 so the little bastard,will deliver the full 500w at either 4 or 8 ohms, so any single cab "stack" must deliver minimum of 500w at 8 ohms, i already have a 4x10 eden cab 600w 4 ohms, that i used to couple with my other amp ( 300w at 4 ohms), there for wanting a "powerful" single light weight cab, just for band practice and small gigs, for larger stages i will go with the 4x10 (my favorite sound) , maybe will try to sell the obc 212 iso and try to buy a barefaced, but used, due the lack of cash, and here in Portugal they are very rare, and the ones that show up are mainly the "12 speaker.
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