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  1. Quick Lick 6 - Left-Hand Muted 16ths Contents: 0:00 Demo 0:47 Intro 1:51 Context 2:18 Muting Techniques 3:15 Intro to LH Muting 3:59 Breakdown 6:56 Outro
  2. edit: posted something but was about the wrong song, ignore this!
  3. Sure! My default setting is something like this:
  4. The Meters - People Say [notation / tab] Original bass: George Porter Jr. Love this tune. A lesson in understated funk. My go at it is slightly less understated, but it's just so fun to fill over! Transcriptions archive
  5. Coldplay - Adventure of a Lifetime [notation / tab] Original bass: Guy Berryman Had to learn this one for a gig. Although the bassline remains almost the same throughout, there's that one fill that sounds a bit like Bernard Edwards. Transcriptions archive
  6. Ah thanks! Glad you like the approach.
  7. Quick Lick 5 - Double-Stop Slap Contents: 0:00 Demo 0:38 Intro 1:38 Breakdown 7:19 Outro
  8. Pretty sure Louis Johnson played 'Sunset Driver', an MJ b-side, with this tuning.
  9. Quick Lick 4 - Shake It! (a.k.a. those trills that only bass players seem to do) Transcription & backing track available for Patreon subscribers. Contents: 0:00 Demo 0:40 Intro 1:51 Breakdown 2:50 Tips 4:53 Outro
  10. For those that would like the transcription, head over to the transcriptions page on my website.
  11. John Legend feat. BloodPop - 'A Good Night' [notation / tab] Original bass: Ely Rise (keyboard/programmed) Another wedding request. Tailor-made to be a first dance, which is a bit cynical tbh, but that's how the industry works! Original bass is definitely a virtual instrument played on keyboard, which means some of the jumps are a bit tricky if played on electric. A bit repetitive too... but hopefully other bass players will find this when in need of a quick chart at some point! All other transcriptions here
  12. New one up today, in which I give a brief explainer of double thumb technique and how I approach it. Transcription & backing track: https://www.patreon.com/huwfoster Contents 0:00 Demo 0:38 Intro 1:20 Technique 3:38 Breakdown 6:52 Outro
  13. Rudimental feat. John Newman - 'Feel The Love' [notation / tab] Original bass: Renell Shaw (breakdown only - the rest is programmed synth) Decided to transcribe this one as it's a request at a wedding I'm playing this week. Synth interpreted for bass guitar with octave pedal and other FX for the majority of the song, then clean electric bass for the breakdown. All other transcriptions here
  14. Lizzo - 'Juice' [notation / tab] Not sure who the original bass player is! Two people credited on the album, so it's either Nate Mercereau, Ricky Reed, or both! Short video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQ9F1gMnyb2/
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