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  1. Yeah, its a fantastic pedal. Initially I thought it was too weird sounding to be much use, but I now end up using it more than my overdrive on wedding gigs. I use it as a compressor/boost when I'm using a pick, but with the same setting and rolling the tone off on the bass it makes a great B15 sound. The LED is horribly bright though.
  2. I remember playing one of these when I was shopping for my JMJ Mustang and it was a lovely instrument. Like you say, lightweight and real easy to play. I will be googling them imminently...
  3. I finally got my Schmidt Array XDM350 board on Thursday and I've been working on it ever since. It's still not quite finished, the cable runs are very long, I think I've used some 25 feet so far! Only one more to go for the Jive and I'm fully operational!! I also have a Noble Preamp on order, it should make it onto the board in November.
  4. For a long time I was obsessed with getting the bass sound from I Wanna Dance with Somebody/How Will I Know/We Can Work it Out (Chaka's version). Before I got the EHX micro synth the closest I got was a octave>chorus>filter, in particular the 3Leaf Chromatron, which gave me the down sweep sound I was looking for. I also found that my Malekko B:Assmaster into my Moog 101 was a great Stevie Wonder-esque synth sound, though oddly I couldn't get the same sound with any other fuzz pedal. I also got a great atmospheric David Lynch's Dune-esqe sound with octave>fuzz>moog filter w/expression pedal>delay.
  5. After getting my Schmidt Array this board is no longer needed. It's a great lightweight board, plenty of space underneath for power. I've cleaned up the underside as best I can, but there's still some residue and scratches. Loop side velcro will be left on topside. The case is also pretty solid, though I seem to have lost the strap (I never used it, but will include if I find it), and only a couple of superficial scuffs. Dimensions: WxDxH - 45.72cm x 31.24cm x 9.4cm Postage to mainland UK included I have someone interested in the case if anyone is interested in just the board. £75 each posted.
  6. I think its great minimalist no bulls**t setup. All basses covered: octave (mega jealous of the octabvre mini btw), filter (C4 is a filter?), fuzz, overdrive, comp, tuner. I wish I could be so discerning!
  7. My band just released a 2 track EP. Here's one of them. https://youtu.be/I8i-zGpbwd0
  8. I too have a Noble on order (roll on November), and I found a website that did detailed calculations based on the price of the item, cost of postage, VAT etc (can't be bothered linking it right now, might add later) and it came to around £250 duty on top of the price of the preamp. Even if its sounds like s**t, for that price I'll be singing its praises forevermore 😂
  9. Do you trust it with that lovely bass?
  10. A Schmidt Array pedalboard (due in a couple of weeks), Noble Preamp (due in November), and a Serek MW 5 (due in November/December).
  11. Probably have too much on order to afford another valve amp but I'm watching with interest
  12. Agree and agree. I really like the bridge pick up sound, its mid-rangy and cuts but isn't too bright, as you say. On my other bass with a bridge pick up I don't tend to use it solo'd but on the Acinonyx it really works. And I kind of prefer having the preset tone settings, less faffing around! I agree in the same ball park, and I use them a such, but there is a little extra something' something (which I love btw). It was why I bought in, its got a unique sound I'd never heard before (on something I could afford!)
  13. Sounds beefy! I feel like the Acinonyx is very different from the more familiar Jazz/Precision/Stingray tones in most recordings, so it still feels a bit odd playing it live, but I'm sure I'll get over it! That's a great set btw!
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