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  1. interesting... sounds similar to something the Cali76 Compact Bass does. It has a high-pass filter so the compressor doesn't affect the low frequencies.
  2. I'm probably only thinking about this because of lockdown and I'm bored, but I've been contemplating building a pedalboard just for a deep dub/reggae sound. One of my bands plays a mix of ska, latin, Afrobeat and on occasion we drop into a dub/reggae breakdown. So far I've been doing it all with the tone knob and my hands (playing up the fretboard or muting). I have a Moog Low Pass Filter I've taken off my regular board (replaced with the space friendly Proton) and I figure if I get a decent compressor, power supply and switcher pedal (the Moog is not true bypass) I have myself a beefy dub tone. Anyone know anything else/better that might contribute to this?
  3. don't you mean... valve-sniffery?
  4. I did get a little obsessed with valve shopping yesterday so part of me now just wants to buy fancy ones and replace them myself! The stock tubes are Ruby, which are apparently re-branded Shuguang valves from China. A valve savvy friend said to avoid the Chinese ones. Don't know if anyone agrees or knows better?
  5. I'm sending it back, they're going to have a look and replace the valves
  6. Got the new cable, made no difference. I did a bit of research into microphonic tubes and that seems to line up with the sound I'm getting. I decided to take the cage off to check. I tapped all the valves and ALL of them apart from one are microphonic!
  7. can anything be done about it if it is that? I've looked and I think there's springs in the housings of the preamp valves.
  8. Its coming through the speaker. I'm waiting til the cable arrives (hopefully today) in case its anything to do with that, but I'll try that first if it continues. As I said in the OP, when DI'd there's no interference/static.
  9. Hi there BCers I just took delivery of the PF-50t today, an amp I've lusted after for years. I plugged it in and I love the sound of it, and it seems like it'll be plenty loud enough for any of my gigs. However, it's got a weird, rattle or resonance or static or interference or something when I play a C. It's very quiet, I have to listen for it. I've set the bias according to the manual, and I've plugged both the DIs into my laptop and they're absolutely silent (this implies to me that the tubes are fine but I don't know anything about electronics). Aside from big scary problems like faulty tubes, the only thing I can think of is that I was using a regular instrument cable to connect it to the cab (I've ordered a proper speakon-jack cable). Anyone more knowledgable than me know what's going on? It'll still be in warranty and I have another amp, so sending it back isn't a huge deal, but I'd rather not go through the hassle if I don't have to!
  10. I was recommended the SM57 by a few engineer friends, they've said it gives a lot of punch to the sound. I've been told mixed things about dedicated kick drum mics, more people are recommending general purpose large diaphragm mics.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place for this (mods able to move it?) I want to do some recording while in lockdown (and afterwards). I've got a great amp (Mesa Boogie D-800) and sweet af DI box (Rupert Neve RNDI), so I'd like to add some more tonal options by getting a mic to record the cab. What mics have people used for this?Ideally something under £150.
  12. So much drool! If it weren't for money issues I'd be all over this!
  13. If only my roof didn't urgent repairs, I'd be all over this!
  14. It turns out I put the currencies the wrong way round when I checked the exchange rate... oops! With the lollipop tuner and postage its about £125, much more manageable!
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