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  1. Also, look at this rare beast! https://reverb.com/uk/item/49312045-fender-mustang-bass-1978-antiqua Already looking at if I can afford to get this and still pay for my Serek 😅
  2. Doe snayone know what model that is? it doesn't look vintage and I'm not aware of recent (i.e. last 20 years) models with a matching headstock.
  3. The Doom 2 is gone already and I only saw them a couple of hours ago. I think what annoys me is that Spencer could have charged more on his own site, and that would've been a better place for the money to go IMO.
  4. Just seen a Proton and a Doom 2 up on Reverb for about £500. What is uncomfortable is that the seller says the bought them directly from 3Leaf in the last few weeks where Spencer has been selling off the B-stock. I don't know about you guys but that doesn't sit right with me, to buy at a comparative discount and sell on at a huge profit (for context, I believe Spencer sold them for approx. £150).
  5. I'm looking out for a 3Leaf Doom 2. Will probably be a few months before Spencer does another run
  6. I personally prefer my filter after overdrive/distortion, it gives the filter more upper frequencies to work with. As Josh Scott of JHS says, just try stuff
  7. I play in a few different wedding bands so I use octaves, filters and chorus to recreate synth bass sounds (I don't play with nay of them consistently enough to justify shelling out for an actual synth). I also make some pretty wild sounds in my original band, we're a trio so there's lots of space to take up. Having said that, my phaser and chorus probably get the least use of all my pedals, hence why I only have one of each.
  8. Same... but as soon as some Doom 2s appear I'll be all over them.
  9. Every time I've checked Amazon doesn't stock Serek basses 😔
  10. When I put the deposit down at the end of October Jake said it would be a year, but they've had supply chain issues and he posted on the socials to add an extra 6-8 weeks. Everything I've read about them says it'll be worth it.
  11. This makes me more excited for mine, but also more frustrated because I probably won't get it til January 2023 😭
  12. For my mini board (Mono Lite, so basically a Pedlatrain Nano) I've mounted a Gigrig isolator underneath and I plug that into a standard 9v True Tone power supply. I'm sure that would void any warranty but I've been doing it for about 6 months and it works great.
  13. Gone a little bit crazy this festive period with pedal buying but here is 3 of 4 pedals ordered this last few weeks. This is a fantastic fuzz for bass, probably second only to my Malekko B:Assmaster. The clipping settings give a lot of fun options to play with, the bass boost is good if you really want that low end, though at my preferred setting it becomes flabby and loses definition.
  14. I sometimes wonder if what's happening there is that the upper frequencies are so loud as to cause us to perceive the lower frequencies as quieter. The ear (bot the physical structure and the audio centres of the brain) pick up more on upper mid frequencies than anything else, cause that's roughly where human voices lie. Total theory and nothing to back it up mind!
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