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  1. So much drool! If it weren't for money issues I'd be all over this!
  2. If only my roof didn't urgent repairs, I'd be all over this!
  3. It turns out I put the currencies the wrong way round when I checked the exchange rate... oops! With the lollipop tuner and postage its about £125, much more manageable!
  4. I want to add an Xtender to my JMJ Mustang, which has lollipop style tuners. The problem is I can only get an Xtender with a lollipop tuner direct from Hipshot which clocks in at about £200! I'm thinking I might get one from the Bass Direct and swap the tuning peg but I don't know how achievable this is. Anyone tried it?
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. The SC has a clear hi-fi-ish tone (depending who you speak to of course!) that I can adapt to fit with whatever style I'm playing, and it's got lots of volume so it works for the medium sized venues I usually play. I generally use the One10 for gigs where space is tight, like theatre pits or some of the local pubs I play. However, because it uses ceramic magnets and they way its built (Alex gives a detailed description on his website) it has a very 'vintage' tone, lots of low mids and smooth/subdued highs, IMO great for soul/motown/old school funk type stuff, which I love playing so it'd be great to have the option of a proper gigging rig with that tone. I've used them together a couple of times, I don't recall thinking much of the sound. Alex doesn't recommend mixing his 10s and 12 as they are so different, and I'd agree. Maybe slightly louder due to extra cone area and being taller and closer to your ears.
  7. I have a SC and a One10, they're VERY different in tone with the same amp so you might want to try a One10 first, they definitely impart their own sound on your bass. One10s are rated at 8ohms so your MB would be outputting 400w to each One10, and according to the website they can handle 250w no bother, and up to 500w if its clean. Loving the pictures everybody! 😍 so tempted to pull the trigger!
  8. I play with a few different bands so set ups can be very variable, sometimes I get wedge or there is an in-ear set-up but sometimes there is neither. Frankly, I just like combining amps, cabs and basses for tonal variations, and I like my One10 and just want that sound but louder (without shelling out for a Two10 which I don't have space for)
  9. Can't seem to find a thread on this though I've seen pictures. What are people's experiences with gigging a One10 stack? Is it loud enough? If I'm using my own amp that generally means its with a wedding band, most of whom have a decent PA, so my rig is mostly for monitoring.
  10. seconded. This pedal does a great imitation of a tube amp if you use it in preamp mode (no overdrive), very B15 sounding. And if you want a bit of hair on the note just flick the switch to add in the gain circuit.
  11. Funnily enough this happened to me, probably about 8 years ago. I stepped on it to tune and the button and various screws and washers launched across the stage! I managed to screw it back to together and it worked fine but I wouldn't buy one again, I use a TC clip on tuner now.
  12. I've only had this for a month or so but I've realised that I need an active DI box (I use passive basses). It's in great condition, no damage or scratches. 15dB pad Merge (thru becomes second input for summing stereo instruments to mono output) 180 degree phase reverse ground lift Speaker (30dB pad) I'd consider full or partial trades for an active DI, something like a J48 or a Rupert Neve RNDI Postage to mainland UK is £10.
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