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  1. So far I've taken my big board to a few rehearsals and one gig, and in all situations I've only used overdrive and octave! it makes me sad! However, it gives me an excuse to make a small board 😁
  2. Not even a little bit 😂😢 I'm a secondary teacher and, as you can probably imagine, things are quite full on for us just now. I make no promises, but if I do make any demos, I'll post here first!
  3. As much as I love big boards with lots of options and crazy sounds, I have a huge respect for the tiny minimalist boards with 3 or 4 pedals (Noble Amps insta feed is pretty good for those). My first board was a Nano with three pedals (Agent 00Funk, Grizzly Bass and 3 Leaf Octabvre). I'm playing with the idea of making a small board, I'm thinking either a pedal train Nano or Nano+. I'd definitely have an overdrive and an octave, considering some kind of preamp (Noble Preamp if money was no object... but it is!), or a switcher pedal. What would you put on a small board?
  4. Same experience as everyone else. Easy sale of my Sold Gold FX Bet Mk2. Quick replies and swift payment. would recommend.
  5. Got a few pedals for sale that won't be getting the love the deserve. All have velcro on the bottom. Trades considered, particularly for filters, fuzzes and octaves. Or if you have any 3 Leaf Audio pedals I might give you all three! Prices do not include postage. Creation Audio Labs Grizzly Bass: £150 SOLD A very versatile pedal, and looks great with all the LEDs lit up. A combined overdrive and distortion, with mid and high cut controls. Does a very good impression of a cranked valve amp. Original box not included. Latent Lemon Audio Brassmaster: £120 SOLD This is a clone of the legendary Maestro Brassmaster, and it sounds great but I can't justify having this and the Malekko B:Assmaster. Up there with my favourite fuzzes. Comes with badge and circuit diagram (no original box). SolidGoldFX Beta Mk2: £100 SOLD This is a great little pedal. It can be a tube-y overdrive or a B15-esque preamp. Comes with original box, bag and instructions.
  6. A singer friend of mine has been banned from coiling cables because he does that thing where you wrap it round your arm really quick 🤣
  7. If you have the spare cash it's totally worth it in my opinion. There's also the Latent Lemon Audio Brassmaster, which is a clone of the Maestro pedal of the same name, and about £100 cheaper. I have one, which I could now be persuaded to move on...
  8. I messed around with it for a good hour last night. It sounds AMZING with the Moog, proper 70s Stevie Wonder synth tones 😍 However, I also don't know how often I'll use it... luckily I have an originals band where I write most of the material 😀
  9. Received my B:Assmaster this afternoon so thought I'd add it to give it a proper mess around. I also threw on the original Octabvre, I feel like two massive pedals makes more sense visually on the bottom row...
  10. This arrived on my doorstep this afternoon. I've admired Malekko for a long time, especially this pedal. I've only had a short blast on it, but it sounds predictably brilliant. The knobs and switches interact with each other in very interesting ways, and of course it looks great. It also came with plastic teeth inside... apparently a feature of the original Brassmaster.
  11. I need to replace the strings no my Vintera mustang but short scale strings are a bit too short because of the throughbody stringing. Long scale would probably be too long but does anyone know if medium scale (32") would work? thanks
  12. Thanks! Angus (singer) is an absolute beast, one of the best singers I've ever worked with.
  13. Over lockdown I got bored and made a few videos to keep me playing.
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