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  1. These are super little heads, That vintage button is so nice to get in the band mix. GLWTS!
  2. Cetera

    Gary bought my Hartke bass, Paid on time and has wonderful coms. Highly recommended! Many Thanks Si
  3. My first amp was putting the headstock against a door, I did find my bedroom door was very resonant and unscrewed it so it was easier to sit on the end of my bed and play!
  4. Anyone got one spare.
  5. SN Dolphin

    Superb bass this, another one I wish I'd never sold, Easily up there with NT ones IMO, Martyn's a top guy to deal with too.
  6. Live band mixing software

    We now use a Mackie ProDX8 so simple to run from any device(I use my phone) I've had a few Digital mixers And for anyone who is scared of the change this is the easiest mixer ever. No gains to mess around with either. The learning curve is non existent IMO. http://mackie.com/products/prodx-series
  7. Stagg EUB Bargains

    Hi Matt, I’m afraid it’s going to a new home soon. Thanks
  8. Stagg EUB Bargains

    I've never plugged it in but your mate can have it if he wants to fix it.The bag is Ok and it has both arms.
  9. Stagg EUB Bargains

    Great to hear that Ash. Got my refund and he said I can keep the bass. Headstocks in 3 bits if anyone wants a project for free.
  10. Stagg EUB Bargains

    It was UPS which is one of the better couriers, I told him he has very little chance of getting anything seeing it was not in a box. Just asked for my money back and asked him if he wants the bass back. Good luck Ash hope mines in the minority!
  11. Stagg EUB Bargains

    Mine turned up minus headstock.. Only Bubble wrap over soft case.
  12. Status ( sold )

    Still a Bargain as before, You lucky Lefty's.
  13. Stagg EUB Bargains

    He said he made a mistake with the price and is going to list them higher, I and the others will get them at the original price.
  14. Stagg EUB Bargains

    Do you think he realised something.
  15. Stagg EUB Bargains

    I tried not to buy one but failed