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  1. Cold wet Blackpool club in December last year, No one in hardly and saw these guys easily the best live band I have ever seen and the Song writing is just superb.
  2. Cheers Dunc, Forgot all about the mixer on here, Old Age 😁
  3. Worth mentioning there is a immense Backlog of post at the incoming postal terminals in the Uk at the moment. If your in rush for stuff at the moment prepare for a long wait.
  4. Really superb Live / Studio / recorder/Podcast Mixer worth checking out the SOS review for the features. Built in amps for 4 headphones So can use Wired IEMs straight into the desk https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.soundonsound.com/reviews/zoom-livetrak-l12%3famp comes with the official case too. In very good almost new condition. Im in Chorley Cheers
  5. Bright orange does stand out a bit Dunc , Hope your new basses are all the same colour 😄
  6. Sounds great and in good condition, Comes with channel switch and cover.
  7. Good working condition with cable and case. Collection or postage no problem 😀
  8. My favourite cab of all time, If it was north I would have it. 😁
  9. The new stuff they have listed is back to normal PMT pricing unlike the earlier tempting sale stuff. They could really learn stuff from RichTone and Guitar Guitar on selling used equipment.
  10. It does sound good and I've had most of the Valve stuff in my younger days, My back did not need it but how could I refuse such a price . https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/ampeg-svt-ii-head-**contact-for-delivery**-a63-w-flight-case-2nd-hand-yampeg102270/
  11. I got the first one from Richtone for £299 and it fires up perfectly and sounds like Thors Hammer. Really in good condition and probably could tell some stories.
  12. Sold a bass to Andy today, Great guy to deal with as we all know and paid on the spot. Enjoy the Bass Andy and see you around no doubt 😁
  13. Bax are just terrible when things go wrong, Would not buy from them again.
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