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  1. I had the Evox12 and still have the RCF 745's. Much prefered the Evox 12's TBH they are a great system. If I was buying now I would seriously consider these- https://www.thomann.de/gb/db_technologies_es1002.htm Half price from the retail price from Thomann.
  2. This is terrible news, Liked him as a musician and a author. Feel for his friends and family especially his young daughter. RIP Neil.
  3. Lovely, Not many basses turn my head but Asats do.
  4. I've got one on order mostly for guitar but I'll have a go with the bass bit when I get it. Been using a Boss JS 10 for a while for guitar but sold it to my guitarist when I ordered the Spark. Looks a dream in the demo's but will report back when it arrives.
  5. Still available now, Any 4 string trades considered or Active PA cabs.
  6. Thanks Marc, I have no idea of its age. Not seen many stripped down Duke’s around so presume it was a custom order. Got a nice gentlemen calling round in the next week to have a look. Cheers
  7. A lovely example of a Duke bass, Strung with Silver slaps comes with a Hercules stand and a quality soft case. Lovely grain on the back, Sounds great with plenty of projection volume wise. Might consider a trade for a electric 4 string of similar or lesser value (No Fenders and like graphite necks, Rics 4003s, ) or a sealed 8x10 cab plus cash . Im 20 miles north of Manchester for collection and try out.
  8. https://www.loudersound.com/news/thin-lizzy-frontman-phil-lynotts-mother-philomena-has-died R.I.P Philomena.
  9. Cover Band wanted for gig this Friday on Mars, Max budget of £150.
  10. Alex does a typical Witty Forward, It’s a mixture of facts and stories and guest stories. Lots and lots of Fender at the start and then Ric, Gibson and the rest, all with amazing pictures. Lovely book, Will take me a while read it. It’s a lot better than I imagined it would be back in February.
  11. Stunning book, Bass porn at its best, If you like bass you need this. I was a early order but I would pay the full price.
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