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Geddys nose

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  1. NBD soon! Have a guess 🤨

    It’s a real clean looking bass Andy, Wish they still offered these. I remember using the online spec program when I could not afford one!
  2. NBD soon! Have a guess 🤨

    Status Smart Bass in Blue! I presume he split it in the end.
  3. VIGIER Passion 2

    PM sent.
  4. Disappointing customer service at bass dealer

    Ignored or left alone? I love it when I can try/browse stuff without someone asking.
  5. Markaudio linear array systems

    I did look at the Markbass stuff before I bought my last speakers, Most of the competitors make a big thing of getting it hooked up quickly with very little effort for the performer. The Markbass stuff looked very fiddly with the separate cables and different parts, even the demo videos looked like a lot of hassle setting it up.
  6. Vigier Passion graphite

    My old bass and the same for at least two others on here. Such a incredible instrument. Probably the nicest bass I’ve ever played.
  7. Overwater Bass

    Nice looking bass, Where about s are you?
  8. Epi T-Bird Classic IV Pro - SOLD!!!

    These are up there with the US ones IMO. Bargain price this one.
  9. How often do you change your setlist

    Guns or Roses ?
  10. Feedback for whentbass

    Bought a Lovely Status Jazz neck off Michael, Just fitted it and its twice the bass it was before. Great Guy to deal with. Thanks Again!
  11. Feedback for JimBobTTD

    Bought a Preamp off Jim, Great guy to deal with and everything is as it should be. Thanks Again!
  12. Sorry no, I think they are letting you choose your reverb in a pedal form.
  13. Could I have this please. Cheers
  14. *SOLD* Sandberg Electra VS4

    These are superb basses for the money, I think a guy over on the wanted Ads was looking for one of these.