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  1. I hate it when people play for you, yea it's a really nice bass. Ok let me decide that. Grrr lol You know it's bad if you feel better when you leave the place
  2. From what I've read this is a boss oc2 clone but has anyone ever tried it? There's a few videos on YouTube with guitar demos but couldn't see any for bass. Thanks
  3. Yea definitely give them a ring, hopefully they can help you out
  4. My local music shop is terrible. Way over priced and has had the a lot of the same stock for about 5 years now. I simply wanted a pack of strings that I could afford. I was then offered and tried to be sold a set of strings with the G missing for a bargain £15. I laughed and walked out. They aren't very helpful I honestly don't know what's keeping them open. What are some of your experiences of fails like this???
  5. In terms of the stock date apparently it isn' that accurate as what I ordered changed to much earlier but was told to ignore it. Best thing to do is give them a ring!
  6. I recently had to wait over a week for them to action a refund on something I ordered that wasn't in stock. I think it took 9 days in the end. I've used them before and they were spot on so i guess it depends on the day
  7. I have to agree with you. When I've said something similar on another bass forum years ago and I got destroyed and told along the lines that I didn't appreciate music and that I should go away and 'learn'
  8. Also the same when I see that someone has quoted someone, all I see for both is the coding
  9. I'm finding when someone posts a url link for examle to photobucket, all I see is the link itself and not the picture
  10. I've definitely seen worse. But still bad...
  11. That is the best looking SG I've ever seen! Hope you sell it quickly 😀
  12. I traded them in at Andertons earlier in the year. They were a bit bulky and heavy for me. I've now got two Fender Rumble v3 12s which are much easier to move and a lot smaller!
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