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  1. Grimsby....only 2 decent live music venues there's a couple of club venues but personally I hate the club scene....used to be great could gig 4 to 5 times per week but gone right down now.
  2. played all of them at some point apart from Mr.Brightside don't think I've even heard it lol.
  3. 1 Bass and quality gig bag, combo, 2 leads (1 as spare) extension lead, spare set of strings and a carrier bag lol.....had a few looks when turned up at auditions and rehearsals, gigs in the past....but made a joke of me been a 'Budget Bassist' always seemed to go alright.
  4. Welcome aboard, it's a great Forum
  5. That Bass tone on The Stranglers.....Peaches still stands up today.....not a big fan of the Punk/New Wave scene more of a 60s Rhythm n Blues and 70s Rock geezer.
  6. Joe i'm going to make a taboo suggestion would you consider using tablature with you transcriptions and courses I think it would bring you a much wider audience for the non readers, hope you don't mind me asking, cheers Bob.
  7. Just a suggestion why not try youtube, there's tons of theory, songs tuition ect….I went for 3 lessons many years ago with a Jazz Bassist and found it a tad boring....I learnt more from books ect, then youtube there is so much on there....Mark Smith is very good easy to follow tabbed out stuff.
  8. I have a Pancho Tomaselli signature ESP PT-4 Jazz Bass (Black) swamp ash body, maple neck/fretboard with beautiful block inlays, emg x pups, gotoh hardware....lovely playing Bass but just a tad to much of a Rock look to it for my personal preference....fancied something different when I bought it, but would prefer a traditional Jazz or Precision to be honest, but a fabulous Bass.
  9. I didn't start playing Bass until I was in my 40s was originally a Frontman/Singer but fancied learning an instrument so opted to play Bass after hearing James Jamerson I was hooked on his busy but melodic playing and phrasing spent hours trying to emulate his style over the years although I will never be as good I have now developed a style that I feel captures him in my own way, without doubt my Bass hero amongst a few others of that era and genre, but Jamerson will always be the one who made me think I want to learn Bass.
  10. Watched this on SBL amazing player.
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