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  1. Hi Les, It's North East Lincolnshire I live in Grimsby....unfortunately all the old school musos are either retired or in there last bands...not many decent or committed musicians about to be honest....used to be great in 70s/80s but it's not so good nowadays sadly.
  2. Thanks again everyone....it seems according to the Guitarist that i'm the one at Fault as I take it too seriously, I have been in and out of bands since '79....played in first gigging band in 81....either has mainly singer/frontman and a few bands as bassist so getting on nearly 40 years played 100s of gigs in about 8 or 9 bands. But apparently i'm to serious and intense oh well....sounds bigheaded but there loss.
  3. Well folks the Guitarist quit last night via message....I tried to get a meet up over weekend just gone but he was to busy....tried to get a meeting tomorrow what would of been a rehearsal but won't reply...never mind back to the grind as they say, many thanks to everyone who replied I appreciate your comments.
  4. Well to complicate the situation even more our Bassist as now jumped on the bandwagon and dropped another bombshell saying he agrees with the Guitarist and will be taking a family holiday and also a motorbike tour of Europe next year but can't give any dates and doesn't see any harm in cancelling gigs....so looks like the beginning of the end for us.....my enthusiasm to carry on is waring very thin. I have no problem with folks taking holidays as long as I know dates and can work round them....but no way will I book gigs and cancel them.
  5. Thankyou.....been trying hard to keep things amicable between myself and the Guitarist trying to make him see my point of view regarding booking gigs and honouring them....but I think he's spat his dummy out and barely replied to my messages.
  6. Thanks for the replies folks....we are having a band meeting and rehearsal on Wednesday, so fingers crossed.
  7. Been practising with an old band I used to be with we re-formed in June this year....3 original members including myself (Vocals/Frontman), things have been going ok, slow but getting there about 16 songs off, I have started booking gigs for next year after everyone was in agreement. One downside our Guitarist and Drummer are in another band (same band) which obviously we took into consideration, I got us some gigs booked into new year....great....then out the blue the Guitarist who has just retired messaged me saying book gigs but we might have to cancel if they clash with my holidays....I replied no can't do that start cancelling gigs you soon get a bad name give me your holiday dates hopefully they won't clash....by the way they was all ok with dates when given originally.....trouble is he can't give me any holiday dates until next year and some of the dates I have already booked might clash so we might have to cancel. I wasn't happy so I messaged all members saying i will not book any future gigs until I know everyone's availability and holiday dates....I have messaged venues to cancel the few gigs lined up and apologised luckily given plenty of notice. Never had this problem years ago when we was originally together but since his retirement the commitments gone, he does very little to promote or help the band and often makes mistakes at rehearsal. Am I unfair as I told him straight that it's just not on to agree to gigs but if his family want to swan off on hols I have to cancel gigs...not a chance. Before you say get another Guitarist it's virtually impossible....but it's put a real dampener on things.
  8. Excellent....deffo got the swagger sounds great all of you.
  9. Lol unfortunately not...hope you get sorted soon best of luck, cheers Bob.
  10. This would be my dream always wanted to front a Dr.Feelgood covers band, I currently front a Blues/Rock covers band and the only Feelgood number we do is Down at the Doctors...good luck.
  11. Hi Maude, Usually if we play locally or just out of town the punters know what to expect...posters ect with the bands you cover but know were your coming from....not saying our way works we have had our fair share of good and bad gigs....we don't do the run of the mill stuff to be honest, has we're all late 50s to mid 60s it's a tad self indulgent these days playing stuff we want....those who know there music love something different but the usual whizzed up punters who wouldn't know a good tune if it was sat on there face brigade don't get it...but we stick to our guns and have a decent following.
  12. Nah leave the juke box on....folks have put money in, nothing more annoying than a band coming in and setting up and having to listen to there crap choice of music...unless it's some decent classic 70s rock.
  13. Rory Gallagher....'Blues'.....can't whack a bit of Rory..
  14. Going well....started with a get together a few weeks ago for a jam just Vocals, Guitar and Bass we now have a drummer lined up so fingers crossed hopefully get the odd cancelation gig this year and a few next year....really pleased to be back in a band.
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