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  1. Welcome aboard it's a great forum for advice and even if you fancy a good 'ol rant....someone will put you straight lol, enjoy
  2. Aye it's messy stuff worked there for 25 years until they closed it down in 2009.
  3. Apologies Maude unable to upload any pics for some reason on my laptop.
  4. I worked at a Titanium Dioxide Pigment Company for many years it's a white powder used in Paint, Plastic, Toothpaste ect and i'm sure the embedded pigment on my skin and hands helped in Relic'ing my Norman Acoustic Guitar, all along the neck it's worn down to the wood and the shoulder of the body ect....looks great but i must say it's been with me for almost 20 years the only instrument i would never part with....looks great, sounds great and played regularly.
  5. Just can't get the hang of slap but Victor does it with ease and taste, enjoyed the vid
  6. Absolutely not...it was early mid 70s....recorders, violins, triangles lol.....not cool for an aspiring young Rocker into Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, UFO...i hated our music teacher he was a short fat Ginger haired and goatee bearded pompous git and i was thrown out of many a lesson for refusing to learn such girly instruments lol
  7. Nice one Greg, thankyou.
  8. Why Rock the Boat when your earning millions of dollars.
  9. Nice one Jass best of luck with the course and thanks for the comment, only just started first lesson on Penta Positional Chord Studies but a few light bulb moments already.
  10. Just started the course, been in a musical rut for awhile now and wanted to challenge and push myself and stay focused on something....2 years of hardwork ahead....I have looked at several Academy Sites and Bass Tutorial Sites and most do a lot of meaningless lessons and rely on guest Bassist seminars to boost there ratings....I want one to one Theory and Musical content and Joe seems to be the man for Bass Education no bullxxxx, hope i'm right and it turns out a sound investment, wasn't cheap nearly £500 but for 2 years of weekly emailed lessons plus access to Joe's Lesson Lounge with over 70 lessons if you break it down it's a great investment and I needed a focus and want to get into Theory in a hope that I can maybe teach others in the future....fingers crossed and here's hoping I achieve my ambition.
  11. Sad news first see UFO in 76 at the Winter Gardens Cleethorpes was blown away see Pete many times since with the different line up's of UFO and also Waysted….RIP x
  12. Hi Folks would someone be kind enough to put a link up for the isolated bass on FFYL original line please or is it on youtube, thanks in advance.
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