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  1. thebigyin

    Shuffle kerfuffle

    Roscoe Beck from Robben Ford and the Blueline, Tommy Shannon from Stevie Ray Vaughan,
  2. thebigyin

    Triplets, how do you count them?

    1 and a....2 and a...…..or 1 e a.....2 e a that's how I would count it but generally its a feel thing
  3. thebigyin

    Not everything about the bass is great .....

    Got to disagree on Stranglehold admittedly the Bassline is virtually same hypnotic groove throughout but the song and Teds solo are legendry probably the best solo of all time but each to there own
  4. thebigyin

    A Conundrum

    Years ago I would of joined a band just to play and believe me I have played some real cheezy crap over the years that would make you cringe and the run of the mill dirge ect….like yourself I cannot bring myself to do something I just wont enjoy so have almost resigned myself to the fact that I probably wont play live again...awful thought I know but I don't let it get me down like it used too...good luck in your search.
  5. thebigyin

    first gig done!

    Nice one glad you enjoyed it
  6. thebigyin

    First gig played, where and when.

    Louth Town Hall 1981 I was Vocalist/Frontman back in those days....first time playing Bass was round about 2001/2 at the Swallow Inn for a rock n roll band called Jinx (was a very late starter about 39 when I picked up the Bass)
  7. thebigyin

    Daft as it may seem

    Would like to get into walking basslines myself...im reasonable with straight ahead blues, shuffle and rock n roll 12 bar lines but the jazz stuff Im a long way short...can get round a simple R.3.5 progression but a work in progress I know John Pattitucci said its a lifetimes work mastering it, but been unable to read I find it difficult and if it doesn't sound melodic I switch off.
  8. thebigyin

    Daft as it may seem

    What is one of the most important things you have learnt whilst playing Bass? This might sound very stupid to the well educated on our beloved instrument but when I first started out (I was a very late starter on Bass but a vocalist prior to that) roughly about 20 years ago I started playing Guitar but gave up pretty quickly and decided to give the Bass a bash went for about 3 or 4 lessons and learnt some very basic scales and the major and minor arpeggios in the root position ect...shortly after this I joined a 50s/60s club band which played a lot of rock n roll covers at my audition they play Oh Carol Neil Sadaka version......A, D, E and F sharp minor......learning them basic first position arpeggios put me in good stead as they realised I knew the difference between major and minor lol....apparently there previous bassist didn't and played the entire song chord changes in major....anyway my first audition and I got the job I know most of the songs we played were mostly easy 12 bar stuff but I had only been playing around 6 months at the time so I was real chuffed with myself lol....what I considered a bit of boring theory payed off way back then.
  9. thebigyin

    What are you learning / working on right now?

    Some classic 70s/80s heavy rock stuff.....in the process of learning Snowblind, The Wizzard by Sabbath....Run with the wolf by Rainbow....Fool for your loving Whitesnake….Straight thro the heart by Dio…..hoping time permitting to learn lots of what I consider classic heavy rock/metal songs just for fun and maybe gig with a future band lol...I doubt it though...happy new year folks this is my new years resolution.
  10. thebigyin

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    With ya Blue
  11. thebigyin

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    Having 5 gkids Clive Dunn does hold some sentiment lol.....Grandad yer lovely
  12. thebigyin

    Am i finally out of touch? ..are you?

    I don't mind been totally out of touch with todays music....its utter drivel.....bring back the 60s/70s when great music ruled the airways....long live Rock n Roll.
  13. Adrian Vandenbergs Moonkings
  14. thebigyin

    Help me reignite my passion

    Hi if you are anywhere near Grimsby Lincolnshire I have a small 10w crafter practice amp and a few books you can have for free....no worries if you are to far away just an offer to help out....hope you get back on the mend soon.
  15. thebigyin

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Andy Fraser when he was with the band Free from the early 70s some excellent melodic and soulful playing.