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  1. Beam me up Snotty.....don't like it don't comment.
  2. Thanks for your replies appreciated
  3. Unfortunately i can't upload any photos but recently purchased a Vintage (Brand) Precision Bass it's obviously second hand but it's an old one the chap i bought it off had owned it at least 15 years....it's not a reissue or V4, i presume it's one of the original one's....looks nicely made and plays well, well worn and scratchplate is nicely tarnished....anyone had one and are they decent basses, only paid £50 so presume it's a steal any info on these will be very much appreciated.
  4. Cheers Greg another great lesson really enjoyed your Blues Lessons
  5. Eh up Lowdown the plateau arrived and you were bang on....i have recently returned back to Bass i think i bogged myself down with Theory on Bass which started to get to much the more i delved into it.
  6. Great vibe glad i stumbled on this very old school.
  7. Wow....i think your right, i have good days and bad on both, really in a rut, what would you suggest.
  8. I have huge respect for Joe Hubbard hence joining the 2 year Bass Mastery Course but i'm a non reader and 16 weeks into it i just thought enough's enough this just isn't registering so i pulled out....maybe if i had aspirations to turn pro but i will never achieve that level
  9. I do i foolishly started an expensive course to try better my Bass playing and learn the Theory but got bogged down....let's face it we all learn to play songs and join bands end of....but at nearly 60 and several bands later playing utter shite at times and same old, same old covers i just don't enjoy it and as a Bassist you don't get much choice....so hence switching to Guitar.
  10. Thanks some good advice some of the theory has been very productive i can be noodling away and think eh up that sounds like so and so and before you know it you've worked part of a song out you wasn't even looking at, cheers.
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