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  1. Love it, sounds great through headphones
  2. Nice one the Chord Tone Mastery ebook is chocked with examples enough to keep me really busy...good luck with your two books.
  3. I see....thought the BFEARLY was short for black Friday and get in early...never mind still a decent buy.
  4. I took advantage of Joe Hubbards (Basschatter) Chord Tone Mastery Course on his black Friday deal.....a lifetimes study here.
  5. Thanks for your replies....I thought so, cheers.
  6. thebigyin


    Hi Joe there's loads out there on a budget to get you up and running Squier, Cort, Yamaha, Vintage all make good quality entry level basses and a small 10w practice combo Blackstar, Ampeg, ect will all do the biz for home practice best of luck and welcome aboard it's a great forum for help and advice.
  7. Morning folks anyone used the above amp.....100w but only 2 x 7" speakers are they ok to gig with? Got chance of a trade for one in local music store but worried if they can handle a gigging situation, any feedback appreciated, thanks.
  8. Grimsby....only 2 decent live music venues there's a couple of club venues but personally I hate the club scene....used to be great could gig 4 to 5 times per week but gone right down now.
  9. played all of them at some point apart from Mr.Brightside don't think I've even heard it lol.
  10. 1 Bass and quality gig bag, combo, 2 leads (1 as spare) extension lead, spare set of strings and a carrier bag lol.....had a few looks when turned up at auditions and rehearsals, gigs in the past....but made a joke of me been a 'Budget Bassist' always seemed to go alright.
  11. Welcome aboard, it's a great Forum
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