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  1. Rory Gallagher....'Blues'.....can't whack a bit of Rory..
  2. Going well....started with a get together a few weeks ago for a jam just Vocals, Guitar and Bass we now have a drummer lined up so fingers crossed hopefully get the odd cancelation gig this year and a few next year....really pleased to be back in a band.
  3. If singer A ticks all the boxes but just lacks a bit of balls I would give him the nod like everything he will only get better.
  4. Be yourselves at least then they know what to expect. Nothing worse than been false, it's always a bit awkward for both parties, if it goes well compliment the individual, if it doesn't just be as diplomatic as possible without been rude, good luck.
  5. Hello Folks Just enquiring about best music shops to get a half decent P.A from in the Lincolnshire/Humberside maybe Yorkshire area I have just recently re-joined my old band from a few years back as Vocalist/Frontman I very rarely play Bass these days and 2 of my previous bands I was Vocalist. Need to trade some Basses and Acoustics don't really know of anywhere who will do a decent trade in since Electro Music Doncaster closed any help gladly appreciated cheers Bob.
  6. Silly quote from a 1 hit wonder as the great saying goes "LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL"....good Rock music will never die and I would hardly class Primal Scream as proper Rock band just some idiot trying to bump up there dying popularity because they have and never had anything worth saying....button it Mr Gillespie and crawl back under your stone.
  7. Hi Scott some good and fair comments I must admit when I click onto a video I usually see how long it is and if it doesn't grab me within a few minutes I tend not to bother but Respect to you for trying to put your views and bass playing expertise out there...reason I don't or won't is because i'm pretty average player and the criticism would destroy my lack of confidence even more lol....keep up the good work but my advice would be keep 'em short and to the point, all the best.
  8. Good stuff, love The Sabbs
  9. Sorry Scott got to disagree on that one as a weekend warrior on and off for the past 40 odd years...in my experience if you don't play covers on the local pub/club circuit you would soon be twiddling your thumbs at home with no gigs...just my humble opinion
  10. We parted on decent terms and all remained friends I meet up regular with the Bassist for a few jars....just hoping we can keep Stan our Guitarist keen. Drummers in Grimsby are like hens teeth.
  11. Went to see my old Guitarist in his band on Saturday night and our Bassist was there as well (I was Frontman/Vocalist) we all got chatting and all agreed we'd like to get together again for a jam and see were it goes...unfortunately we parted company in 2011 because our Drummer was in so many bands it was causing friction, we tried to find a replacement but to no avail and we all went our separate ways, we have all toyed with re-forming in the past but nothing came of it, but now myself and the Bassist have been bandless for quite sometime the Guitarist is with his band but in my opinion wasted in them, so fingers crossed we'll get together and see how things go and hopefully re-form.
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