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  1. It's on the too do list, thanks again.
  2. Enjoyed the Lesson Greg, thanks.
  3. As it reads in the title just curious about the 'Watts' anyone shed any light, 'skuse the pun.
  4. Not sure but I dare say the paid content would be more in-depth, I have a couple of Marks courses Simple Steps to Walking Bass and Chord Tone Essentials but found they clash in content, but never the less they have some useful information in both. The course you mention won't break the bank and i'm sure you will get plenty out of it, good luck.
  5. Jamerson at No1 that'll do for me
  6. Thought so Stew I am just dabbling with Theory as I haven't gigged in years and got to the point of either packing up or just going right back to basics...I always avoided theory in the past it looked so daunting but it's made a big difference and actually quite interesting, still just scratching the surface but knowing a bit can only benefit you in the long run all the best.
  7. Don't know if this helps and forgive me if you already know but say for instance it's the Key of C Major the chords will be... C Major D Minor E Minor F Major G Major A Minor B Diminished The above will apply to any Major Key.
  8. A good way of remembering the Cycle of Fourths is C F (Bb Eb Ab Db Gb) (B E A D G) Try to remember C F and the word BEAD G that's how I simplified it worked for me then play single notes in the cycle, then some simple triads it makes sense believe me, good luck
  9. A plank of wood with 4 nails and strings attached would be to good an instrument....what an awful racket, I can't see why guitar companies endorse such clowns, he's never progressed as a musician, as you can tell i'm not a fan.
  10. As it reads been following Kevin on youtube all week and subscribed to the youtube channel and also signed up for monthly lessons works out about £14.77 in my humble opinion needs a bit more recognition, he's a professional Chicago based Musician and Educator some really good content on his website ranging from Triad, Modal and Pentatonic workouts through to Blues and Jazz Walking Basslines plus lots more, some great stuff on there and Kevin seems genuinely into helping you achieve your goals....well worth a gander and his Walking Basslines in my opinion are what Walking Bass is all about authentic, swinging and most importantly Musical....check him out.
  11. Big Jamerson fan the reason I picked up the Bass....he sounds so different on this track and it's well documented about his falling out of favour with producers, personally if you hadn't pointed out this was Jamerson I would of never thought it was him, I prefer the old Jamerson tone but that's what I love about him he remains in my opinion the best ever....RIP.
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