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  1. Pretty rare they come up. Gamut make nylon wrapped G and D's now. I've had their plain guts and they were amazing strings. I think velvet still do a wrapped gut G too.
  2. Good stuff. Let us all know how you get on with it live !!
  3. Take a look at the Gutalike swingmaster set if you're set on getting Gutalikes. The G & D strings from Gutalike are nice strings. They sound and play very like plain gut. Not quite as much top end and not as much give when digging in. The plain A string is actually ok. Good fundamental that carries and projects quite well. The swingmaster wrapped E and A do away with the "dead" bottom end. Still sound like gut, but much more pitch. You can find them on YouTube for sound samples.
  4. Excellento Roberto. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
  5. You going for the gen1 or new model ?? Spoke to the guys online before, Max I think his name was, very helpful. Very interested in your findings 😀
  6. Vintage revolution acoustic box live mate. The gen 2 box is out soon or even now. You can still order the gen 1 from loopers paradise. Ron Wouters on FB upright union has one.
  7. Owen, if it's in good condition and you can post it, I'd like first shout on it. I'm just heading out, I'll PM you in the morning if that suits 😀
  8. Unfortunately ☹ thanks for the speedy reply 😀
  9. Is the gut still quite supple ? Not dry I mean . I like the regular Chordas, are these much different?
  10. Beauty !! Good luck with this, I'd hate to have to sell that right enough 😀
  11. Arghhh, I need a functioning DI or I'd be all over this. Had to pass on one of these a few months ago GLWTS 😀
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