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  1. Spiro Weich are excellent on many basses for arco and pizz . Don't know about slap. Anyone?
  2. Stick to the DB. Aside from a mute you could dampen the bass considerably by putting a wrapped towel between the tailpiece and the bass. As for the baby . I remember as a student taking my first born to Orchestra rehearsal . She slept through the rehearsals. Choose good music to rehearse and maybe you'll get the double whammy of improving technique and subliminally "jazz washing" your baby.
  3. Like Happy Jack says it depends what you want it for . Separate head and cab allows for a more adaptable rig . A quality head can be paired with a lightweight cap for DB and a bigger cab where more grunt is needed e.g. on an electric bass gig. EA and Acoustic image amps are excellent pieces of kit and worth the investment . As are crazy 8 and the Ten . I'm sure there are other options available too. . Re cost . I like to be on a gig and not be thinking my gear is letting me down . When I'm playing the last thing on my mind is gear.
  4. " Plain gut has a very weak sound (much less volume than wrapped ones). " Hi comrade Not sure what gut strings you base this comment on . In my experience the opposite is true. Quality gut strings are louder than all the strings I have ever used on my bass. I use Gamuts Lyon G pistol d And wrapped A and E. Maybe others have a different experience? I should add that I'm lucky enough to have two basses . Jazz bass strung with guts . Classical bass with Spiro Weichs.
  5. Just sold some strings to BaconCheese on a try before you buy basis. A pleasure doing business with Johannes. Very prompt payment.
  6. These are around 500 Euro new. They are gut core with a metal wound wrap. Totally stable tuning. Very good condition. You can google reviews . They are hand made by Gerold Gennsler.
  7. I've had gut strings on now for about three years or so. There is no other string like Gut. Yes there are tuning issues but you get used to that quickly. Maintenance is not an issue. I haven't done anything with them in all the time I've had them. The sound is seductive. They are just begging you to Swing. The low tension is much easier on the hands than steels. You can bow them but I have to say that the G sounds too harsh to use in a serious ensemble. Ok to bow the lower strings for the obligatory long note at the end of a ballad etc.
  8. I've used both the EA Wizzy and the crazy 8. Both great cabs but the crazy 8 shades it and it's cheaper. Plenty loud enough for most situations.
  9. Hi I'm increasingly finding myself in the position where the DB is becoming impractical so I am thinking of pulling the trigger on a bass allegro 4 string. Will still use DB as my main . Any guys got any experience with this EUB. thanks
  10. I agree with Clarky in that it all depends on volume. It's my view that DB is no fun at high volumes . If the volume gets to the point where the DB sound is compromised so much that you'd be better off playing an EB then I think I'd play EB. I really don't see the point in playing gigs where that is the case. That being said I find the Ten 2 cab more than enough for all but the loudest of gigs and it has loads of bottom IMHO . Most situations that require more volume will have FOH reinforcement. Also use the crazy 8 cab with the EA doubler . No problems playing in bands with drummers.
  11. Wow you're giving away a quality pick up at this price. At £85 it's a real bargain for the buyer . Should you ever decide that the Full circle might be worth a revisit you might regret this.
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