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  1. One of the things I have enjoyed about Ibanez was their online support, but that is falling apart now, they took down their wiring diagrams URL a few months ago & the link to it is gone from their site: http://www2.ibanez.com/support/wiringdiagrams
  2. There are 3 iterations of the SR5005E, according their BOM lists on their parts page: I had a fun time comparing the 01 & 02 versions & found the difference was the shape of the controls-cavity cover, LOL! So they changed the routing. That's as far as I compared, there are also 4 iterations of the SR5005OL (non-E). From their main page, you can go to Support & Parts Lookup to see the BOM of almost everything.
  3. A G&L with MFD pickups is going to mop the floor with a Squier.
  4. That's it, tomorrow I'm tearing the guts out & wiring the pickups straight to the jack! I don't actually want the East preamp, but I do WANT that better-sounding 100% passive. G&L did it right with the SB-2, two volume controls, & that's IT. Unfortunately they still love those Fender-ish 250K Ohm pots for Volume. only kidding about tearing out my controls, I wish there weren't FIVE holes in the top, LOL!
  5. I had been looking at Mouser & only just noticed you can scroll to the right for more specs, DOH! Looks like limited options, if you're not willing to buy in quantities of 100s.
  6. "How many £ will you contribute to the purchase?" is what I would the person making the suggestion
  7. The carbon paint measured 500 Ohms, which surprised me on a G&L that I owned, but it still worked to shield it. East is probably using the shielding to connect the pots together, like is common on a Jazz controls-plate. I've seen some Jazz controls-plates where there was no wire to the sleeve side of the output jack, because it's already connected to the metal plate.
  8. Another difference I'm noticing is that the EHB never goes out of tune, but the SR will sometime need to be tuned UP a tad. The neck on that is less stiff. I did an 'experiment': https://www.talkbass.com/threads/comparing-neck-stiffness-ibanez-content.1351512
  9. hmm, while I was reviewing what I wrote, it occurred to me that I forgot to change the direction the instrument was facing When I play indoors I'm almost invariably facing East, which fortunately for me is the 'sweet spot' where the noise is least. Out on the porch today I was facing South, which is the noisiest direction to be facing, DOH! I want to take it out there & see if changing position solves the issue, but everything is still wet from the rain.
  10. That little Vox is a tube-amp, but a hybrid NuTube, when the Gain is cranked it's noisy like an all-tube amp. The environment matters as well, there's EMI going through here all the time. I can't even use a gOOgle ChromeCast or Amazon Firestick, the EMI is so great that it blocks the signal, in only a 3 Meter distance. I normally don't notice noise with the SR1800E, but at the time I had it blended back to mostly bridge pickup for that extra mids bite, & it was instantly noisy when I plugged in. fine once the pickups were balanced
  11. Took the SR1800E out on the back porch today, the weather was really great: I'd been playing it quietly indoors for a long time, I guess all Winter. The first thing that I noticed was the NOISE when I cranked up the Gain & Volume. I guess I will keep my EHB as-is with the humbucking Big-Splits. I was struggling to come up with something to play, but not for long, because:
  12. the very basic part of identifying intervals or notes I know, why I am even attempting to play Music w/o that very basic skill?
  13. IF was included above, because I didn't know about the amp, but now I see it has two output sockets. Also, don't use adapters, that's just asking for a failure.
  14. just connect one cab to each of the TWO speaker outputs: https://ashdownmusic.com/products/mag-600h-evo-iii
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