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  1. That apparently is't possible for the blunder, & they just won't back off of it, instead of being ashamed of their actions, like any normal human. The context of it is right there in the posts I linked to previously. You're right though, my hearing isn't so bad as to disqualify me from having a valid opinion.
  2. hmm, so now the poll shows there are some like me Today I was able to hear Stereo on this track:
  3. These headphones are diamond! With those I can hear up to 20 kHz, it's faint, but I can hear it.
  4. I can't hear 15 kHz or up from those example, but 12K is ear-splitting
  5. I'm not sure how these Samson headphones do it, but they seem to amplify, maybe it's the low Impedance. I doubt DUW wonders at all, but it is in their tag. Seems fitting. It's not apparent & discretely done, but you nailed it, DUW was banned.
  6. I took one of those online hearing tests with quality headphones & could hear from 20 Hz to 20 kHz, which surprised me.
  7. That's another issue I have. If I'm in an environment with background Music or just general din of the crowd, even if a person stand right by me, they almost have to scream for me to comprehend what they're saying. As you see from my hearing test on the first page, my hearing in general isn't all that bad, it's just that there is some cognitive problem or summat as it relates to discerning frequencies, spatial awareness. Tinnitus comes around sometimes, after seeing a band live or even just getting a good surround sound on the TV. One weekend recently & got my TV's internal 2.2 Surround speakers working together with the 2.1 soundbar & it was great, but that night I couldn't sleep, thanks to the ringing. The bass players on the other forum cry out loud when another bass player dares to use overdrive, or so I learned, LOL Playing chords is also not allowed.
  8. I may have hearing issues, but I'm not bloody deaf! I can hear if I like the sound of something or not, so what if I like Motörhead level overdrive.
  9. Here is just one: https://www.talkbass.com/threads/gk-mb200-or-genz-benz-shuttle-3-0.1293828/page-2#post-20223546 It went on like that at every opportunity from the "hearing police". I could find more, but it seems the hearing police were discretely banned there. Anyway, you can imagine the level of irony when I post about a hearing issue here & Lo & Behold a person from my past who has harassed me about those same issues appears innocent at first & then doubles down with justifying their bad behaviour instead of taking the chance to apologize. It's too late to apologize now. I may be mad as a hatter, but I don't go around laughing at people with a disability that they have no control over.
  10. I went for a professional ear-cleaning right before that hearing test that I posted. A nurse cleaned them with Peroxide. That arvo at home I plugged into a newly purchased G-K amp & it sounded like rapid-fire farting with the Gain turned up, I couldn't believe how awful it sounded. Luckily it was within the return-period, so that's exactly what I did & haven't even looked at G-K since.
  11. There is no wonder at all, 1 of these folks bullied me for years about my hearing & then has the cheek to come here & try to justify it. Then another just decides to lump on, because bullying a single person as a team is more fun, isn't it? How it's difficult for anyone to see who the bad actor in this scenario is beyond my comprehension.
  12. so, 4 out of 5 CAN hear stereo, & of course me being the single person who usually can't You fine folks feel free to make fun of my disability for the rest of the week, Adios!
  13. a single cricket is surprisingly loud when it's indoors:
  14. It's bad enough to have an issue like this, but there's absolutely nothing that can be done about it. I can hear well enough not to need hearing aids. I assumed Musicians would understand & maybe even be sympathetic, but it's more like apathy, which is growing in me daily. Just be glad you're not handicapped, but there is Karma.
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