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  1. The woods chosen directly affect the stiffness of the system, & IME the stiffer it is the better it sounds. Some will disagree on that, because they want 'warm', & really rigid woods sound bright, at least w/o some treble-cut.
  2. The only reason I can think of to leave a concert is if it were too loud, but I learned to carry earplugs for those occasions. There was even the beginning of a serious earthquake when I saw The Cure at the Rose Bowl & some people chose to split. We ignored it & I somehow slept through a 6.7 Richter quake that night. Sections of highway had fallen & our mobile cranes on the shipyard pier were frozen in place by the bent tracks:
  3. Gibson & Epiphone are completely off my radar. I had a Tony Iommi SG for a weekend, the location of the strap button makes it difficult to form chords on the first position. Adios!
  4. I don't even like single-cut guitars, just put the top strap button as close to parallel with the 12th fret as you can & I'll be alright.
  5. I'm quite angry over them taking away that support!
  6. Music Man does the phantom coil thing on some models, when you switch to single, it's really in parallel with a phantom coil. I think most people who have tried phantom coils (including stacked) have agreed that they are anemic in comparison to split-coil humbuckers. The downside of a parallel-wired split-coil is that the output is 33% less than wired in series, but it does get closer to that single-coil sound. The Nordstrand Big-Splits in my Ergonomic Headless Ibanez are damn close to single-coil sound, but they're wired in series, parallel would take them over the edge.
  7. Did I drop this in the wrong sub-forum? 50+ views & ZERO response, hmm
  8. The B90 is not a humbucker. If you want a humbucker, get a Nordstrand Big Split in a custom shape to fit.
  9. pre-owned Premium Soundgear are great value-for-money, they're usually half the price of a new one I highly recommend them for a couple of reasons: reinforced neck (Titanium bars) GOTOH machine-heads, not the chintzy ones on Standards and get one with Nordstrands
  10. Where do we draw the lines? A luthier who winds his own pickups might consider everyone who doesn't is just buying parts. I doubt any of us have the equipment to make it all from raw materials.
  11. Mötley Crüe - Live Wire (220 bpm) AoS isn't really that fast IMHO, but I've become quite accustomed to playing it. It's my 'summon the salesman' riff if I'm serious about buying something. Killed by Death is slightly slower, but a fair bit more difficult to play.
  12. Get a set of DiMarzio Ultra-Jazz & wire them in parallel. The default wiring configuration is series, but that is where the top-end gets lost, because the coils in series will increase the Inductance, which lowers the resonant peak of the system. Inductance is summed just like Resistance: 2 + 2 in series = 4 2 + 2 in parallel = 1 Inductance will pass low frequencies & block high frequencies Capacitance will block low frequencies (DC) & pass high frequencies the Resonant Peak is where those two meet for the highest output A parallel split-coil humbucker will get you to 90% of the single-coil sound, & TBH in a band setting, no one will be able to hear that additional 10% the single-coils give you. TBH I'm struggling with this dilemma here at home now & will spent a fair bit of time this weekend experimenting with stainless DR Lo-Riders on single-coils & split-coil humbuckers.
  13. Exactly the sort of thing I mean, I saw the meme earlier on FB. Those types of things are SO common in the communities of stringed-instrument players & I assume any type of hobby that includes purchasing gear. Take my example this weekend, I posted asking about bass arrangements to learn in Playing & Technique & got exactly Nada, Zilch. If I had posted about what bass or amp to buy I'd be soliciting responses ALL weekend & into next week.
  14. Legend! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/jan/21/suzi-quatro-at-70-i-zip-up-the-jumpsuit-and-feel-like-me
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