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  1. Eh up Lowdown the plateau arrived and you were bang on....i have recently returned back to Bass i think i bogged myself down with Theory on Bass which started to get to much the more i delved into it.
  2. Great vibe glad i stumbled on this very old school.
  3. Wow....i think your right, i have good days and bad on both, really in a rut, what would you suggest.
  4. I have huge respect for Joe Hubbard hence joining the 2 year Bass Mastery Course but i'm a non reader and 16 weeks into it i just thought enough's enough this just isn't registering so i pulled out....maybe if i had aspirations to turn pro but i will never achieve that level
  5. I do i foolishly started an expensive course to try better my Bass playing and learn the Theory but got bogged down....let's face it we all learn to play songs and join bands end of....but at nearly 60 and several bands later playing utter shite at times and same old, same old covers i just don't enjoy it and as a Bassist you don't get much choice....so hence switching to Guitar.
  6. Thanks some good advice some of the theory has been very productive i can be noodling away and think eh up that sounds like so and so and before you know it you've worked part of a song out you wasn't even looking at, cheers.
  7. Well after 20 odd years playing Bass on and off i've decided to concentrate on Guitar....always had an Acoustic knocking about and learnt some fingerstyle ect, but bought an 80s Epiphone LP Standard a few months ago and little Blackstar 10w practice amp and find it much more enjoyable....really tried to up my game with the Bass learning theory but the big mistake came after enrolling on Joe Hubbards 2 Year Bass Mastery Course (at great expense) took the risk hoping this would make me focus and better my playing but been a non reader it went straight over my head and the endless meaningless drills just bored the tits off me, i'm just not a Jazz/Improve player just not good enough.....give me some good ol' 70s power chord Blues/Rock classics and some 80s Metal and it's happy days, wishing you all the best i've enjoyed the Forum it's been great but always deep down wanted to learn Guitar and progressing quite well.
  8. Aye great feel and groove....i taught him all he knows lol.
  9. Good lesson Greg, thanks.
  10. Thankyou for the replies and suggestions much appreciated
  11. Thanks for this i have started dabbling a bit with Theory i have a understanding of the Modes when in Major Key....but clueless with the Minor Scales (Natural, Melodic and Harmonic) even though i have been playing years....it's definitely something i need to address.
  12. Hello, Started getting into a bit of Music Theory ect about a year or so ago and i'm struggling with notation on working out say Walking Basslines/Jazz Standards ect could anyone recommend a good book with all the bass note register on especially on the higher register ledger lines as i just get lost....ok with tabs but wanting to get into Jazz Standards and most are in notation....not wanting to sight read but be able to do cheat sheets so i can learn some standards, thanks in advance Bob.
  13. Hi Mark try Youtube i'm sure there'll be plenty of tuition videos on there....slap bass/rockabilly style, there's a Upright/Double Bass section right here on the Forum i'm sure there might be some reference to above style if you scroll down the pages but a lot is Jazz/Walking Bass...good luck.
  14. Welcome aboard it's a great forum for advice and even if you fancy a good 'ol rant....someone will put you straight lol, enjoy
  15. Aye it's messy stuff worked there for 25 years until they closed it down in 2009.
  16. Apologies Maude unable to upload any pics for some reason on my laptop.
  17. I worked at a Titanium Dioxide Pigment Company for many years it's a white powder used in Paint, Plastic, Toothpaste ect and i'm sure the embedded pigment on my skin and hands helped in Relic'ing my Norman Acoustic Guitar, all along the neck it's worn down to the wood and the shoulder of the body ect....looks great but i must say it's been with me for almost 20 years the only instrument i would never part with....looks great, sounds great and played regularly.
  18. Just can't get the hang of slap but Victor does it with ease and taste, enjoyed the vid
  19. Absolutely not...it was early mid 70s....recorders, violins, triangles lol.....not cool for an aspiring young Rocker into Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, UFO...i hated our music teacher he was a short fat Ginger haired and goatee bearded pompous git and i was thrown out of many a lesson for refusing to learn such girly instruments lol
  20. Why Rock the Boat when your earning millions of dollars.
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