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  1. How many bass players make their mark from the first note? A string-bend at that! This is a silly track but that groove is for days.
  2. I really like this bass and I like the term 'couch bass'. My recently acquired Ibanez Mikro is now my 'couch bass'. Just need to wait for my back pain to subside before I get back into practising 🙂 I just watched the linked video - the bass sounds really nice and full and perfect for what you're doing on that track. A little hint of Rickenbacker on that fast lick near the end - lovely.
  3. I love music like this - I think it's damned hard to play such a sparse line and stay in the pocket.
  4. You have a point. I was keeping my girlfriend company. She had an early insight into my character, buying me drumsticks for my 17th birthday. "You drum on everything" she told me.
  5. I got a message about this from a YouTuber who mentioned Tom Scott, Chuck Rainey, Rick Marotta and Ray Parker Jr among others. Sounds about right.
  6. Babysitting in the late 70's meant a couple of bus journeys, some beer, a quick fumble and the best bit - THIS! Does anyone know who any of the session players were??
  7. You CAN dance in platform shoes and you MUST!!! Hats off to Lequeint 'Duke' Jobe. Killing it!
  8. If I could only grab two albums for my desert island sojourn, these would probably do: Focus - Live at the Rainbow Focus - Hamburger Concerto For we bass players and fans, Bert Ruiter is IMHO one of the most underrated players ever to pick up a bass. Listen to him on the live version of Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers! Solid, solid stuff.
  9. Welcome @Girlarms - rambling is obligatory here. As you will find... 🙂
  10. The fretted is drop-dead gorgeous. It looks shorter than the fretless - hoptical hillusion?
  11. Hi Marc, I saw a YouTube demo of the 5-string and I loved it. I'm just not sure I'd get the use out of a 5-string. The string spacing on the 4-string seems to suit me perfectly. I read about flimsy control knobs before I bought the Mikro but these feel really solid and smooth and that was a nice surprise.
  12. Hi, I thought I'd sneak in here as the new and very happy owner of a GSRM20 - a diddy Mikro Bass. I have the walnut flat one and I've made no changes to it (yet). Not that I'm a bass-modder or even a particularly talented bass-player. I just love quiet electronics - which for £159 I did not get and did not expect. It's a lovely little thing and it encourages me to play Herbie Hancock stuff that I thought I couldn't play. This and the Zoom B1on pedal that I got on eBay are two things I should have bought 10 years ago.
  13. This is a SEXY machine
  14. So, upright bass players. Welcome to the house of thumb.
  15. I have a friend who works as a fencing armourer and has to solder new connections to the weapons all the time. I plan to ask him to give me a Soldering 101 class 🙂 Then I can do some rewiring in the VW and then tackle the Ibby 🙂
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