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  1. Lol...I'm not convinced it's the volume that's the problem. As I said it's the ultra low frequency of the bass from 2 doors down that affects me really badly (it's the kind of 'music' they listen to)...really upsets my heart rate to the point I've literally had to run out the house jump in the car n go fer a drive till it stops. And since I'm affected I'm assuming maybe my mrs is also affected by bass frequencies I'm producing...although not so ultra low. Just kinda hoping theres a cheapish solution regarding absorbing the specific frequencies somewhere out there 😉🤣👍
  2. The situation is this. For a coupla weeks I had been deciding what inteface mic etc I needed to start experimenting with a little home recording. During this time I barely picked up any instrument. Also during this time my mrs experienced hardly any headaches. Since the gear I ordered arrived and I've been playing a lot her headaches are back. Now I know I'm no doubt opening myself up to ridicule regarding the quality of my play (on ya go u lot lol). Has anyone else experienced similar as I know when my neighbours play certain ultra low frequency garbage that they listen to it affects my heart rate and I pretty much have to leave the house. Assuming this is a thing I'm gonna have to soundproof my little music room therefore can anybody advise me on best materials to use specifically regarding blocking bass frequencies. Thanks for reading ..looking forward to hearing replies. Cheers guys.
  3. Ha ha...funny enough I'm working on that since she's more technically minded than this ole technophobe 🤣
  4. I've tried that...suggested bass...guitar..drums..just to give me someone to play with...all rejected lol 😄
  5. Ha ha...she's less bothered by the size...more bothered by time spent...lol 🤭
  6. Hi all...only arrived on planet Basschat last night. My mrs would like to know if there is a section here for bass widows...lol 🤣
  7. Hi all...thanks fer the welcome 😊
  8. Hi everybody..new here. Hoping to make a few friends n learn from others experience..bin playing since 18...52 now..self taught n still learning lol. Have kinda struggled all my life with cheaper basses but finally landed a spector that kinda plays itself. Anyway...rambling now..jus wanted to say hi 🙂
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