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  1. Sorry, no trades as I've had an issue over lockdown of spontaneous bass regeneration. Not sure how it happened....but they're everywhere!
  2. Don't think they are the same necks as the Pro basses, as I had a 2018 Pro P bass recently. I do know the Performer series do have graphit rods (see above) so there's that. Best, Gunnar
  3. Excellent. Then you know you can adjust string spacing to your desired width...... You see even spacing and Guy doesn't (he's mentioned it before).....you like rosewood and not maple..... Now that we're done with all the tutorials (thanks very much!) back to the sale of the lovely bass. I never knew not having exact string spacing would cause so much discussion.
  4. The general consensus on Talkbass is that they are indeed most likely keeping it quiet to steer folks to the Pro models. But, it makes sense that they have the rods as they are American made necks and would be silly to re-tool in order to not have the rods.
  5. Lovely, multiple string adjustment options with the new American Fender bridges. Buy the bass and you can adjust to your hearts content.😀
  6. Have a look at Guy Pratt's original Betsy original jazz bass, that's actually how he prefers his string spacing. Go figure.
  7. 3 Position saddles so it can be adjusted to your liking!
  8. Hey Ebenezer, I couldn't find the spec either, so asked around on Talkbass and was steered towards a thread that was asking the same question and see above for the answer. Best, Gunnar
  9. Actually, not true. I asked the question on the Talkbass.com site and got this confirmation from one of the members who inquired directly with Fender USA:
  10. Purchased this new 2 weeks ago (but it's a 2018). I loved it so much I tried the rosewood model and decided the rosewood was more up my alley since it's a bit more traditional and I play in a 60's cover band. I'm super impressed with these American Performer models. You get graphite support rods and a fantastic playing neck. I've set this bass up as per Fender specs. Includes truss rod tool, allen keys etc. 4.2kg according to the old bathroom scale. £875 shipped....or £850 local sale, bank transfer or PayPal fine.
  11. I'll also ad, worrying about my gear is also a reason why I don't have really high end equipment. I've sold my Markbass amp set up since we're now using IEM's. I just have a Fender Rumble 40 for any small gigs where I might not use IEM's (and DI that into the PA). I just don't want to worry about my equipment when at a gig, or left in my shed. If someone nics my American Performer Jazz bass it would suck, but it wouldn't be the end of the world to replace it....and I always have my modded Bronco bass as a back up.
  12. I use an uninsulated out building to keep my gear....and futon for naps, desk etc. In the summer it gets blazing hot and winter pretty darn cold. I do have 2 garden/greenhouse low energy heaters to pull some moisture out in the winter. But, I must say, my bass collection hasn't suffered. Although, I do wish it was insulated. We're in the process of moving, so I can show a picture. The positive to our garden is it's surrounded by high walls, and no access to streets or alleyways, so I feel pretty confident it's secure. I also have a camera installed.
  13. My Guy Pratt Betsy Bass is off to a good home with a good man. Thanks for a smooth transaction Gary! Enjoy!
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