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  1. Come and check us out if you can! Something to look forward to this year....I hope!
  2. Wow! Quick reply. Many thanks! I found a Vintera Mustang here in the States for cheap, but the fretboard doesn't do it for me. Needs to be darker to have that vintage vibe. Haven't had the chance to A/B it with my American Performer Mustang, but it also cost half of the American model....maybe I'll learn to love the Vintera?
  3. Fretboard looks great. What did you use to darken it?
  4. Ya, the Chinese faker (walnut) had a great sound as stock.....amazing sound with real Ric controls and pick ups. Very well made....but very thick neck (funny...not uncomfortable for me), but the bass was HEAVY. I sold it when we finished our run of Beatles/Stones cover gigs and went with a deal from Bass Centre on one of their Guy Pratt Betsy basses. But, I really now want a USA quality instrument to gig.
  5. I just ordered these as I'm very much a flatwound guy. I've always used Chromes, but they say the T-I's have less tension and better match the stick Ric strings size (and nut slot spacing).
  6. 4003s jetglo in the mail and inbound next week.
  7. I was hoping the thread would go in this direction!😂
  8. Had one! Too many darn switches, knobs and wizbangery going on....I got confused.
  9. Hummm, Was wondering that. What do gigging musicians do when travelling back from the States with their guitars? When I moved all of our stuff over from the States I had a USA jazz bass and '76 vintage bass, luckily no charges on those....but those were shipped in a container with our furniture.
  10. Yes, that does worry me that Ric's do seem to catch the eyes of thieves. I'll have to be careful on that front.
  11. Didn't know that. I'll do some research....and see what United says🙄
  12. Thanks man! It's that chickenbacker bass I had in this clip that made me want to go to a real Ric. The Chinese one had a REALLY thick neck and weighed in at 6.5 kilos! A deal killer for 2 sets. Please come check us out if we're near you in 2021!
  13. It was the last one in stock, needed to act fast at that price.
  14. Here's the Ric copy when we played some theatres last year (pre COVID)....blasphemy I know to play a chickenbacker, but it really was a great bass and it lead to me trying the Ric shape and eventually lead to me getting the real deal. (I just pulled the trigger on the jetglo 4003s)
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