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  1. Nice condition Fender Rumble 500 v3. Purchased new from GAK less than a year ago. Used for a few gigs, but now mostly going ampless, so don't need the 500. Sad to see her go, but it does me no good not being played. Please have a look at the knobs and in a fit of desperation at a gig I used permanent marker to label the tops of the knobs. Easier to see now! Happy to meet within reason for collection. Possible trades (w/ money my way) for Rumble 100/200. Not going to attempt to ship this as I no longer have the original box. Paypal or cash fine. Thanks!
  2. This is the price I paid from the States....it will ship to my mother in FL and get here somehow🤫....saving considerably on the UK price.
  3. I just ordered a Backbeat for some tactile feel from my bass, so hopefully that will broaden my IEM experience.
  4. Thanks. Just purchased from the States. Looking forward to testing it out!
  5. Anyone know where to buy this in the UK....besides bass direct which is almost £100 more then buying it new in the USA?
  6. True that! I would use the amp simply to feel some air moving, nit really to hear it.
  7. The 60's cover band I'm in has now taken the plunge and we're all IEM'd up and sprung for a Behringer X32 board. I'm now running my bass through the Sansamp Programmable BDDI to the X32. This is fine for most of our gigs, but we're also doing theatre shows where some thought needs to be given to how the stage looks. I recently saw a Paul McCartney cover band at Leas Cliff Hall and thought it looked weird that they had no amps or wedges on stage. I'm thinking of making a lightweight large empty cab that can be a prop behind me....maybe even place my Rumble 40 in it to feel some air moving. Anyone ever do such a thing for the stage?
  8. MoJoKe.....Thanks for the heads up on the router. We will certainly need to give that some thought. Also, amazing to hear that Aliexpress IEM's beat out Shure se535's! Makes you wonder what the mark up is on the Shure product? I purchased a Walnut Ric 4003 copy and it was really great quality.
  9. Rehearsal number 2 with Behringer x32 and most of the band with IEM's. I upgraded to the se535 (from the se 215) and wow what a difference. Fantastic bass response. Super happy with my mix now. The ipad was a big help as well. First big test is a theatre gig in April with some smaller gigs beforehand, so I think we'll have it nailed by then. Also, the first time I've let go of the edge of the pool and used only my tech 21 bass driver as my "amp". Worked great.
  10. Speaking of Guy Pratt....the barn tapes...with Richard Wright some guy named Gilmour. Great stuff. Really shows Guy's talent.
  11. Our band has finally all gone IEM's. We do Sixties covers and vocal harmonies are pretty important as well as saving the old hearing. We had a pretty good run of December gigs so we put some of the proceeds to an X32 mixer and we all have purchased our own IEM's and associated headphone amps etc. Some thoughts on what we've gone through so far: -The X32 took a full weekend for our keyboard man and rhythm guitarist to get set up. It then took 2 hours of a 4 hour rehearsal to get everyone set up with the proper mix. -Those of us with android phones mostly found the x32 app is crap. The app seems to work just fine with an ipad/ipone. I dusted off an old ipad to use as my mixer, should be much easier with the larger screen. -The advantages for live performances are obvious, however, a downside is the set up for rehearsal. Rather then plug and play in our rehearsal space (Pirate studios) we have to lug our X32 and many bags of cables, extra mics, stands etc. to rehearse. A bit more work, but obviously it should pay off in the future.....just my two cents (pence).
  12. The flea jazz is a great looking bass. Love the nitro finish and tort scratch plate. I've never played one, but I did own a '76 jazz bass with similar pick ups and it sounded great. The Guy Pratt bass is half the price though!
  13. Gareth, probably not much of a difference. The EMG's will give you more punch. The truss rod being at the headstock is a bonus for adjustment ease....some might say it's in the correct position. I like the fact I can walk into Bass Centre in Bagshot and talk with Barry and crew who are really enthusiastic about their product. It makes it a little more personal....which I like. For whatever reason, I prefer the neck on the Bass Centre basses more than MIM Fender basses.
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