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  1. Great, it is so useful and has pretty much every jazz standard you would ever need! Yes, you will do yourself a massive favour in the long run if you start working with chord names rather than fret diagrams. You can also make up setlists and write your own chord sequences too. Enjoy it!
  2. Nice one! Yeah I do a similar thing with arpeggios and chords. You can also think about it as continuous 2-5-1’s. I often play a major 2-5-1 then change the ‘1’ to a minor chord and carry on with that being the ‘2’ of the next 2-5-1. The i-real app is so great isn’t it. I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t got it.
  3. The Circle of Fifths does need to be explained careful, not least because in the Jazz world it is called the Circle of Fourths! But it is very helpful when learning about keys and chord progressions. But I get your point, that is not an area that sone people are particularly interested in learning about.
  4. You can learn the theory behind music which leads to understanding, but also learn patterns. You then have the best of both worlds.
  5. That’s great @Doddy good illustration of the modes. Thanks for that. Personally I see no problem in learning shapes and patterns on the fretboard. It’s can be very useful to learn the shapes of the modes and Pentatonics, etc. But learning the theory behind music is also very important as @Geek99 mentioned. The two aren’t mutually exclusive though. The modes aren’t actually useful at all though when learning to sight read. An understanding of key centres, where the notes are written and how rhythm works is what is necessary. You don’t have to go near modes for this area. Chord tones (arpeggios) are much more important in the real world for bass players. Modes do have their role though if you are soloing.
  6. That’s definitely a useful system for learning the modes @Reggaebass If we are talking purely for sight reading purposes then learning key centres and the sharps and flats in each key is more useful. Just for this particular situation though. An understanding of the modes and the different patterns will of course help with other areas of playing though.
  7. That’s a common issue. Start playing exercises in G Major and then move onto D Major, etc. and then do the same in the flat keys starting on F Major. Over time you will become more confident with different keys. Also remember that a sharp or flat (and natural) sign lasts for a whole bar.
  8. It’s to open up options. For example you can use substitutions to get smoother and more interesting walking lines or give more options for the soloists.
  9. Interesting, good to hear your story about your limitations... You are totally correct, none of it is rocket science, even technique or ear training. It is just knuckling down to some hard work and practice. But all elements of music improve you as a musician. Knowing music theory can be a brilliant aid to help train your ear too! Think of interval training for example. But it sounds like you’ve got the music theory covered so good for you!
  10. I love his background on the video and it’s a nice lesson. I agree that Blues is a great style to use to learn bass. It has a lot of transferable musical ideas and techniques.
  11. Ah cheers, didn’t know Roscoe had an instructional video. That will be interesting to look at. I think we have similar tastes. Tommy’s feel is just so on the money!
  12. Great, they are both particular favourites of mine too. Saw Roscoe Back with the Blue Line back in the late 90’s and I was blown away by his tone and lines. As for Tommy Shannon, he’s such a powerhouse and love his ‘Texas Shuffle’ line on ‘Pride and Joy’! Solid suggestion to study the playing styles of Blues bass players 👍
  13. I highly recommend an Xtender and have put them on a couple of my basses. You’ll have fun getting use to fretting the E string though when you have an Eb or D selected! It does make a 4-string much more versatile in certain situations and can save you having to lug a 5-string out for a few low D’s or Eb’s. Bass looks great by the way.
  14. Hey Bass-chatters, If you could have any resource to help you to learn how to improve your Blues bass playing, what would it be? For example, backing tracks, video instructional course, coaching, etc. Also what is your preference with styles of Blues? American or British Blues? Or do you just love it all like me?
  15. Out of interest, do you have an area of music theory that you particularly struggle to understand? Do you feel that it is holding you back in developing as a bass player too?
  16. Brilliant article and I wasn’t aware of the ‘Notes with Attachment’ album. Just ordered it and very interested in giving it a listen.
  17. You are absolutely hilarious my friend. I’m just a working pro who also has an educational website. That’s it! I’m proud of what I do but I certainly don’t think too much of myself, whatever that means anyway. If you are going to try and have a pop at me then do the proper research or you are going to start to look a bit foolish. You certainly won’t find anything online to contradict what I am saying. as I said previous, I am happy to talk basses with you but not interested in this playground banter! Go troll someone else...
  18. Yep the bulk of my gigging work is in the West End. Well done 10 points for being able to use Google. Keep going though...
  19. Absolutely, all the information is out there online if anyone wants to look! Nothing to hide there! Anyway about that neck 😜
  20. Nah, just what I do for a job (in normal times anyway). Now back to basses...
  21. Yes, when I said “the victim of a teenager’s bad craftsmanship” I meant me! Quite happy to admit to this 😃 I think you missed me talking about that earlier in the thread. Don’t blame you, as you have to wade through quite a few pages to get there. Anyway, yes my handiwork I’m afraid. After stumbling across this bloke called Jaco on a cassette called ‘Heavy Weather’, back in the early 90’s, I decided to ‘modify’ my bass. Big mistake but we live and learn don’t we! Anyway I am glad I kept my original bass as it certainly has a new lease of life now. A quite badly build Encore bass now plays John Deacon bass lines in Stadiums and Arenas (with the customary COVID break of course!).
  22. @Cuzzie Here is the victim of a teenager’s bad craftsmanship back in the early 90’s. This will answer your question about why I decided to go for a new neck 😂 @Teebs you were spot on!
  23. Yep totally agree! Glad we are on the same page now 👍
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