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  1. AC8B34CD-E149-48EB-AA53-E5BE3899E64B.mp4
  2. Thought I'd put a short video up here in case anyone's interested in having lessons.. I have space for one or two more students so do get in touch if you're interested.. If you want to see more videos like this check out my instagram page iankingbass Cheers, Ian
  3. Kingbassist

    In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Hamilton rhythm section playing a tune written by guitarist Nico Sabatini
  4. Kingbassist

    TC Electronic Corona Chorus - SOLD

    Price dropped now, pick up a bargain.. Cheers for looking - Ian
  5. Kingbassist

    In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Cheers MrTcat, really kind of you to say..
  6. Short video of me playing in my current show, Hamilton so you can see what I'm about.. Cheers, Ian
  7. Kingbassist

    In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Ian King, Hamilton - Small.mov
  8. SOLD TC Electronic Corona Chorus Pedal in Mint Condition, velcro strips added underneath in a non obtrusive way. Hardly used, comes in original box with USB cable and stickers etc. £75+postage Now £60 inc 2nd Class signed for postage! Bargainous! TonePrint - instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by your idols! 3 chorus types - expansive tonal options from glassy shimmer to mind-boggling swirls of sound Speed, Depth, Color and Level controls - sculpt your chorus sounds from subtle to extreme Stereo in & out - for added flexibility to your set-up True Bypass - zero loss of tone Analog-Dry-Through - maximum tonal integrity and clarity ToneLock - protects your presets under all circumstances Easy battery access - makes changing batteries fun! (well, almost) Small footprint - save precious pedalboard space High quality components - only the best will do when it comes to tone Road-ready design - ready to follow you wherever your playing takes you
  9. Kingbassist

    In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Nice one, yeah I need to take a night off and watch it myself..
  10. Kingbassist

    In Praise of Ian King - Kingbassist

    Hi there, Thought you may be interested to hear about my latest job at 'Hamilton: An American Musical' which is playing at The Victoria Palace theatre, London. It's a hip hop musical and I get to play 4 instruments on it! My main bass is my trusty Overwater 5-String Jazz bass; I also play a 4-string Lakland Hollowbody bass strung with flatwounds and played with a pic; I play my double bass with it's newly fitted 'Low C Extension' (for the super low notes needed for this style of music) and also an Artruria Keylab 25 controller keyboard for the synth bass stuff. It's a demanding show but I'm really enjoying it, and the songs written by Linn Manuel Miranda! I'll upload a picture of my pit set-up.. It's a lot of fun! Cheers, Ian