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  1. Haha, I liked the silver sparkle but thought the black stripes ruined it.
  2. Listened to Incredible String Band this morning for the first time in ages. Old school freaky hippie business πŸ˜† and I love it
  3. That blue is a great colour for a 'bird, mind πŸ‘ Reminds me of Fender's old 'Maui Blue' a bit.
  4. Can vouch for the little Tanglewood Elf. I got mine from a charity shop, and for a couple of years it was the only bass I owned. I still play it now, it's a fun little thing. 25.5" scale so perfect size for a 5 year old, and not always expensive on ebay, Gumtree etc.
  5. If you do manage to get a Bullet bass then please do the full NBD with pics etc. πŸ‘
  6. I did have the original off-white controls and pickup covers on for 24 hours but changed them out. It is a strong look though. If the neck had been rosewood I'd have fitted a tort scratchplate. But black / black / maple is fine for me
  7. Thank you! I tried but could not find any black pickup covers to fit the pickups so I had to Sharpie them. I'll spray them black at some point. I do love how Fender somehow ended up making basses that looked like the slightly wonky MIJ lawsuit era instruments that were trying to copy Fender in the first place.
  8. Am I the only weirdo who doesn't have any bass OCD triggers? Maybe I'm just a basic simpleton. I own a bass, it has strings on it, it works, I play it. That's about it really. (Probably get chucked off the board for admitting it, right?) πŸ˜‚
  9. I guess my MIJ Squier Bullet can join the club.
  10. That is a seriously handsome Mustang! Good luck with sale πŸ‘
  11. I would absolutely love one of these. The styling is quirky af and it just really appeals to me. I’ll probably have to wait until there’s a Squier Affinity version of it though, finances being what they are right now. The pickup looks the business. If I could get one, or the Guild version, I’d put one on my Bullet bass today. A mate has a Starfire bass with the similar pickup and it sounds immense. Very much would like to see a run of these basses πŸ‘
  12. Finally got my Bullet bass pickguard on. B/W/B looks better on this bass than the original 3-ply white. The original guard was thicker material and heavier, but the new one is still great quality and cut to fit perfectly. All screw holes lined up 100%. Can fully recommend Brian / earlpillanz if you're needing a custom replacement pickguard πŸ‘ And now he's got a template for the 1984 MIJ Bullet pickguard so if anyone wants to change theirs, he's the man to go to.
  13. Hopefully tomorrow my new 3-ply b/w/b Bullet bass pickguard is arriving. Can't imagine there will be many 1984 MIJ Squier Bullet basses around in a black / black / maple configuration. Brian's been spot on when I've had pickguards from him before, really fast turnaround, can't wait to get my bass back in action
  14. With a decent setup, the Squier Bullet Mustangs are brilliant little guitars. I bought a s/h one cheap that had been modded and I modded it further. Loads of fun to play, and not get too worried about dinging a Β£100 instrument up. I did have to change the bridge, but that was the only real expense. I'd have bought an orange one if they'd been available then, they look superb. πŸ‘
  15. He's got a band and some session players, I've seen videos of him in the studio, he's defo the real deal. He had an album out last year that was a little too authentically lo-fi fo my ears but it's all really good stuff πŸ‘
  16. Yes I know it's Monday, but listen to "Friday" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLAN6NOPCxA - from "Pachyman At The Control" a great recent reggae record. Not sure why the video won't embed?? Anyway, it's ace 😎
  17. @TheMaartian they are a great live band too (if garagey rock and roll is your thing)
  18. Very handsome bass! Good luck with the sale πŸ‘
  19. Perpignan's finest, The LimiΓ±anas - "Calentita". It grooves along like Serge Gainsbourg atop the Velvet Underground on half a microdot. And the phoned-in Spanish lady on lead vocals has the best lines: "Beba Fanta / Chupa Chups / Marijuana / Marijuana / Marijuana". And the guy with the matching suit and record player combo? I want a job like that, please. πŸ‘
  20. Could you not get your 4-track repaired? Or maybe do what I did and buy a restored vintage Tascam 244 off ebay to transfer my old tapes. I planned to sell the 244 after doing the transfers, but I couldn't resist having a dabble with recording some new tunes on it and I was hooked again. D'oh! For recording certain things (drums for instance) it's great. But buying a refurbed one, doing your transfers, then punting it back on afterwards wouldn't be so bad, no?
  21. That is beautiful! I used to have a 1970s Fender Palomino acoustic with the same Strat style headstock. But mine was only a natural finish, and that Malibu is a stunner 😎
  22. I've been recording with my Danelectro a fair bit lately, I love how a cheap instrument can sometimes just be the best one you have. Here's a clip of me and it doing "Funky Dollar Bill" by Funkadelic. My facial expression of utter struggle is real, I'm a percussion player originally. Plus the obligatory psychedelic living room pic: "Piper At The Gates Of Danelectro" haha... 563142DC-BB18-4DE4-A49F-AF573CC92BEB.MOV
  23. Thank you πŸ‘ the pickups in the little Tanglewood are actually pretty decent.
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