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  1. 15 years ago I'd bought an 8-track cassette portastudio from a bass player friend and the first couple of tunes I recorded on it to test it out ended up on a 45rpm single. The gear I used was a mixture of decent (Gretsch drums, Gibson ES-335 guitar, Hammond organ, '78 Fender Vibro Champ) and not-so-decent (cheapo copy of a Coral Electric Sitar, a Shaftesbury short scale Tele bass copy, a single Radio Shack PZM microphone and a C-90 cassette). I overdubbed all the parts one by one. I'm not Prince obviously, but I can knock out greasy funk tunes. As per my nom de forum it's got a Meters vibe to it and I was recording tons of Meters-y kind of stuff on cassette at the time (2005-6) but this is the only one from then that got a vinyl release at the time. Anyhow, it's Christmas and because I forgot to send any cards out this year, have some greasy funk instead. Greasy funky Christmas everybody! 🎅
  2. Actually it was raining when I woke up this morning and I must admit I was entirely unhappy about it. I didn’t move here for rain The estate agents promised 376 days of sunshine per year. I’m beginning to wonder if they were being less than truthful.
  3. I’ll do a full NBD tomorrow. I’m still physically knackered from the emigration / move and still have to put flats on it today before I really get stuck into it. I should do a NMD as well. At times it was a brilliant laugh thanks to @Dad3353
  4. Ohhhhh, rickets!!! My other favourite was diphtheria. 🤤 I’m waiting for the Hipsters / 1940s beard wax / Peaky Blunders crowd to start taking these conditions on. It’s gotta happen.
  5. I received a Hofner Ignition violin bass just a few hours before moving house earlier this week. I haven’t had time to plug it into an amp yet but I’ve got a good feeling about it. I’m unlikely to ever play it at stadium volume, mind. But I’m sure it’ll be fine 👍
  6. SOLD! A session playing pal bought it for his studio in London, so it’s gone to a good home 👍 Won’t lie, I’m sad to see it go as it was an particularly fine recording bass. Will do a NBD for my new bass soon. Many thanks and best wishes to everyone who enquired about the bass. If you see another one for sale anywhere don’t sleep on it, just get it, they are brilliant basses for the money 💰 Lee x
  7. IMG_2545.MP4 Quick and dirty sounding phone clip from earlier this year, just after I’d bought the MIJ Squier Bullet bass from Gareth. Nowt special, just the same old loosey goosey Motown noodling I always default to, but it keeps me off the streets. Flatwound strings, palm muting and the amp is a 1978 Fender Vibro Champ that didn’t quite know what hit it. Rough style 👍
  8. I was given a cheapie fretless 30" scale acoustic bass as a swap for a mic stand some years ago. The brand on the headstock said 'Swift' and the previous owner had put a little sticker above it saying 'Taylor' so yeah, I had a Taylor Swift acoustic bass. Corny as heck, but I'm ok with corny. It had an under saddle pickup which was crude but it recorded a lot better than I expected it to. I put a set of flats on it and it was a great wee thing to play around with at home and record with. At least, until the top bowed. Then the bridge lifted off. Then the neck heel separated from the body and it more or less folded in two. But for the 18 months it was playable I loved it. Would be tempted to get another fretless acoustic again. Just not a Taylor Swift one.
  9. Absolutely no problem Thunderbird, I appreciate your input 👍 I have owned Fender Mustangs in the past - two vintage USA boat anchor heavy ones, two MIJ 2000's ones and two Squier ones when they first started doing them. They all were good, I even like the little Squier Bronco's too. But I've just ordered a hollow bodied Hofner Violin bass online so I'll be having a try of that before I consider anything else. Short scale is easier for me, I'll admit.
  10. Update with pics of the neck plate. The serial number is an A number, and it looks like someone has engraved their telephone number and initials on it. This wasn’t in the original sale pics when I bought it but it didn’t bother me in the slightest as it played and sounded so vibrant and nice. Again, the weight is just shy of 3.8kg and it’s £400 if you can collect it in the next two days! Or I can courier it for an extra £25. Let me know if you fancy a bit of vintage Squier Japan Bullet bass action in your life
  11. Jerry Donahue I met many times, as he used to stay at a friend’s place whenever he came to the UK. Such a fantastic musician but so humble and easy going. I’d stand there open mouthed watching him play seemingly impossible licks. Gerry Conway I also met a couple of times and possibly freaked him out a bit by being a total fanboy, pumping him for stories of recording with Cat Stevens, Sandy Denny etc. He seemed totally bemused that anyone would rate his playing. I would have loved to have seen Fotheringay 👍 Quite jealous!
  12. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Zappa yet! I've tried getting into his stuff many, many times and I just don't enjoy it. If I want to listen to music with comedy lyrics I'll stick on a Grumbleweeds LP or something. But from all the Zappa records and live performances I've heard and seen footage of, there's no doubting he generally had top flight players playing pretty intricate stuff at a very high level. I just can't sit through a whole album of it. Captain Beefheart on the other hand, all day long, but that's a different skill set I guess.
  13. Spot on. 😎 Also the Kenny Clarke - Francy Boland Big Band too. Double drums, especially in a kick-rrse big band takes a lot of skill not to overplay. But their MPS Records period was just amazing. Some of their live recordings are tight as you like and fierce AF with it. I should post some up in the "What are you listening to now?" thread really.
  14. The Meters all came up through New Orleans jazz and could certainly pull off jazz and fusion barely breaking a sweat in the process. But as guitarist Leo Nocentelli said, "there ain't no dough above the 12th fret" and back in the mid-70s they would have followed the dollars because they had to. Any noodly doodly business wouldn't have fed them or their families 😂
  15. Bit of an obvious one given my user name, but The Meters. Not just their solo records which were superb, but the ones where they acted as a backing band, like Lee Dorsey, Allen Toussaint, Robert Palmer, Betty Harris etc. They just seemed to breathe as one unit musically. All the push and pulls, the hairpin bend changes of direction, they seemed to move as one. Booker T & The MG's are another good example. Their own records are tight and super soulful, but their playing on Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, Sam & Dave etc elevates them to the greats for me. Same for Willie Mitchell's house band at Royal Studios in Memphis for the Al Green records, and Ann Peebles and Mitchell's solo records etc. And as @Mykesbass said earlier, The Police. The records are great but live footage of them proves just how in sync they were with each other, despite their personal differences. They just worked. There'll be many others that spring to mind but they're the first I thought of.
  16. Usually I wouldn’t dream of bumping a FS ad but I thought I’d better mention that if anyone is seriously interested in my beautiful 1984 Japanese Squier Bullet bass I’ve only got a few days available for collection and the only day I can courier it will be this Wednesday (16th Dec). I’m only back in the UK for a few days to pack up my stuff for a move to France and the 16th is my last day before I’m off. Of course I could still courier it afterwards from France before the end of the year but then it gets a bit pricier to send. Give me a shout ASAP if you fancy a bit of MIJ Squier Bullet bass action in your life before Christmas! Or if you want to trade for a hollow body Hofner violin bass, hit me up! All the best - Lee
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  18. I flipping love 1950's radiograms! Mono 45's, sexy teak lids, jumpers for goalpoasts, isn't it, hmm etc...
  19. Right now it's early 70's Cal Tjader. Vibes for dayssss and when the drums switch to double time it kicks off like a funky mule:
  20. Oh, the sunburst models are stunning! The bassist with Parquet Courts recorded and toured (still does?) with a sunburst Bullet bass. Lovely looking instruments 👍
  21. Thank you! Yes, there's absolutely loads of short scale options out there now. I've played (and owned) Mustangs, Broncos, Arias, Gretsch, Eko, Vox, etc and the lightest bass of all of them is the little hollowbody Hofner Ignition. It wouldn't be might first choice in the looks department, but I know I should be able to play one of them without experiencing trapped nerve neck pain and shoulder blade pain. I've become such a softlad as I've got older 😂
  22. Holy Water.wav Hopefully the file has attached properly and you can hear a track featuring the 1984 MIJ Squier Bullet bass in all it's glory! Yes the tune is psychedelic funk, yes there's electric sitars and chanting on it and 60s style drum breaks but if the label wants to release it I'm not gonna argue, haha 😂
  23. Hi - Thanks for asking. The pickup covers are the original white ones, I did a quick felt tip job on them as I couldn't find black replacements in the same size anywhere. The felt tip should come off with a soak in white vinegar. Someone else suggested acetone but I've no experience with using that. Neck width at nut is more like 44mm, it feels more like a '51 / Tele bass neck. Such an unusual combination of features on these basses. Mustang pickups, Tele bass neck and headstock, slightly reshaped Precision body and pickguard... very individual instruments. I'm actually in France now, and not back in the UK until Saturday, so I can't check what the serial number is. It's on the neck plate but I don't have a photo of it with me and can't for the life of me remember what it says. It may well be SQ. I've been told that these were what Fender Japan / Squier produced straight after the JV series. I know it's 1984 though. I'll confirm for sure on Saturday night.
  24. I actually have never weighed it as I don't have a set of scales. It's not heavy though, definitely on the lighter side of Precision-style basses. I'm back in the UK on Saturday for a few days so I'll ask a neighbour if I can borrow their scales and I'll post the weight up on here. Tone wise, it's a bit of a Swiss Army knife bass. It can sound like a ballsier, long scale Fender Mustang. But it can also do the Precision thing. Roll back the treble and it's great for dub. Whack the treble up and dig in with a pick and you can get close to Chris Squire or JJ Burnel tones (depending on your amp). I regularly had a piece of foam at the bridge and this, combined with a bit of palm muting, will get 60's soul and R&B vibes. My default playing style is to pluck with the side of my thumb by the end of the neck and I could easily get Duck Dunn-style thump from it. I'll see if I can upload some recorded soundfiles of it...
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