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  1. Finally got my Bullet bass pickguard on. B/W/B looks better on this bass than the original 3-ply white. The original guard was thicker material and heavier, but the new one is still great quality and cut to fit perfectly. All screw holes lined up 100%. Can fully recommend Brian / earlpillanz if you're needing a custom replacement pickguard πŸ‘ And now he's got a template for the 1984 MIJ Bullet pickguard so if anyone wants to change theirs, he's the man to go to.
  2. Hopefully tomorrow my new 3-ply b/w/b Bullet bass pickguard is arriving. Can't imagine there will be many 1984 MIJ Squier Bullet basses around in a black / black / maple configuration. Brian's been spot on when I've had pickguards from him before, really fast turnaround, can't wait to get my bass back in action
  3. With a decent setup, the Squier Bullet Mustangs are brilliant little guitars. I bought a s/h one cheap that had been modded and I modded it further. Loads of fun to play, and not get too worried about dinging a Β£100 instrument up. I did have to change the bridge, but that was the only real expense. I'd have bought an orange one if they'd been available then, they look superb. πŸ‘
  4. He's got a band and some session players, I've seen videos of him in the studio, he's defo the real deal. He had an album out last year that was a little too authentically lo-fi fo my ears but it's all really good stuff πŸ‘
  5. Yes I know it's Monday, but listen to "Friday" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLAN6NOPCxA - from "Pachyman At The Control" a great recent reggae record. Not sure why the video won't embed?? Anyway, it's ace 😎
  6. @TheMaartian they are a great live band too (if garagey rock and roll is your thing)
  7. Very handsome bass! Good luck with the sale πŸ‘
  8. Perpignan's finest, The LimiΓ±anas - "Calentita". It grooves along like Serge Gainsbourg atop the Velvet Underground on half a microdot. And the phoned-in Spanish lady on lead vocals has the best lines: "Beba Fanta / Chupa Chups / Marijuana / Marijuana / Marijuana". And the guy with the matching suit and record player combo? I want a job like that, please. πŸ‘
  9. Could you not get your 4-track repaired? Or maybe do what I did and buy a restored vintage Tascam 244 off ebay to transfer my old tapes. I planned to sell the 244 after doing the transfers, but I couldn't resist having a dabble with recording some new tunes on it and I was hooked again. D'oh! For recording certain things (drums for instance) it's great. But buying a refurbed one, doing your transfers, then punting it back on afterwards wouldn't be so bad, no?
  10. That is beautiful! I used to have a 1970s Fender Palomino acoustic with the same Strat style headstock. But mine was only a natural finish, and that Malibu is a stunner 😎
  11. I've been recording with my Danelectro a fair bit lately, I love how a cheap instrument can sometimes just be the best one you have. Here's a clip of me and it doing "Funky Dollar Bill" by Funkadelic. My facial expression of utter struggle is real, I'm a percussion player originally. Plus the obligatory psychedelic living room pic: "Piper At The Gates Of Danelectro" haha... 563142DC-BB18-4DE4-A49F-AF573CC92BEB.MOV
  12. Thank you πŸ‘ the pickups in the little Tanglewood are actually pretty decent.
  13. One of my favourite albums, thank you πŸ™ Thank you, you're very kind and I appreciate it πŸ‘ I should stop faffing about and upload more to YT really. Also I'll stop the thread derail now and get back to gawping at JMJ Mustangs which are turning into a minor obsession...
  14. Okay yeah, it was a different portastudio but the same kind of messing about. Very lo-fi. Not sure how to insert a video here but the link will work. Today I'm tidying up a bunch of originals, mostly acoustic and vocals but the little Tanglewood bass is on a lot of the tracks, it records really well. It's got LaBella flats on it and it's a joy to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGBJf3H730U
  15. Enjoyed that, thanks for posting πŸ‘ Enjoyed this as well. Cheers! πŸ‘
  16. I've been recording with my short scale today. I'd forgotten just how weeny it really is, I think it's a 25 inch scale, or maybe 25.5 at most. Either way it's one of the best Β£4.76 I ever spent I was going to chuck it out when I got my Squier bass but I'm glad I kept it now.
  17. If you don't mind going second hand there's always the Mikey Way signature Squier Mustang. Blingy AF but the one I had sounded brilliant. Usually under Β£200 when they show up on ebay...
  18. @Clarky That is stunning! Seriously beautiful bass in a great finish. It has a 'slightly-melted Mustang' vibe to it and the headstock is handsome as well. Love it! πŸ‘
  19. Can't say what will / won't happen in the UK but I had a Swiss / German tour cancelled in March that's been put forward to March 2021. I've had offers of one-nighters in France and Greece in the new year. Some of my mates are already DJ-ing in clubs again. There's definitely paid live gigs already happening. Just not round my neck of the woods. If it's safe to do so, bring it on I say.
  20. I do a two-hour radio show once a fortnight. While the music's playing I'm usually drinking coffee, cueing up the next tune, checking levels, etc. Sometimes I get time to look at pictures of vintage basses and cats on Instagram as well, but usually only if I'm playing a 20 minute Fela Kuti afrobeat jam, or a Pharoah Sanders epic.
  21. Some lovely guitars in this thread. I've had all sorts over the years, mostly vintage Tele's but also Strats, Jaguars, Mustangs, Les Pauls, LP Jr's, SG's, 335's, 330's, and loads of acoustics as well. My last trio of decent guitars was a 1997 Danelectro DC59, a 1966 Gibson ES-125T, and a 1960's parts Fender Telecaster with a goldfoil pickup in it. When I sold almost everything off to buy a flat the Danelectro was the electric guitar I kept. I've got a Squier Thinline Tele as well which is a bit more hi-fi sounding than the Dano, but the Dano is just the easiest guitar to play I've ever had.
  22. Well spotted! Yeah, he always has a ton of projects on the go like Young Gun Silver Fox, The Electric Peanut Butter Company, Shawn Lee & AM, The Incredible Tabla Band, etc, plus a load of soundtrack things as well but I only play with him when he does his solo singer-songwriter gear, or when he does Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra which is just the best fun gigs I could ever have really. We both DJ for Soho Radio too which is a good laugh. As a session musician he's done drums or guitar for Robbie Williams, Kelis, Amy Winehouse, Saint Etienne, and loads of big shiny chart acts. Plus old-school folks like Tony Joe White as well. But the most fun is when he's fronting his own band. When we get some gigs again I'll give a heads-up on here. πŸ‘
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