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  1. Okay yeah, it was a different portastudio but the same kind of messing about. Very lo-fi. Not sure how to insert a video here but the link will work. Today I'm tidying up a bunch of originals, mostly acoustic and vocals but the little Tanglewood bass is on a lot of the tracks, it records really well. It's got LaBella flats on it and it's a joy to play. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGBJf3H730U
  2. Enjoyed that, thanks for posting 👍 Enjoyed this as well. Cheers! 👍
  3. I've been recording with my short scale today. I'd forgotten just how weeny it really is, I think it's a 25 inch scale, or maybe 25.5 at most. Either way it's one of the best £4.76 I ever spent I was going to chuck it out when I got my Squier bass but I'm glad I kept it now.
  4. If you don't mind going second hand there's always the Mikey Way signature Squier Mustang. Blingy AF but the one I had sounded brilliant. Usually under £200 when they show up on ebay...
  5. @Clarky That is stunning! Seriously beautiful bass in a great finish. It has a 'slightly-melted Mustang' vibe to it and the headstock is handsome as well. Love it! 👍
  6. Can't say what will / won't happen in the UK but I had a Swiss / German tour cancelled in March that's been put forward to March 2021. I've had offers of one-nighters in France and Greece in the new year. Some of my mates are already DJ-ing in clubs again. There's definitely paid live gigs already happening. Just not round my neck of the woods. If it's safe to do so, bring it on I say.
  7. I do a two-hour radio show once a fortnight. While the music's playing I'm usually drinking coffee, cueing up the next tune, checking levels, etc. Sometimes I get time to look at pictures of vintage basses and cats on Instagram as well, but usually only if I'm playing a 20 minute Fela Kuti afrobeat jam, or a Pharoah Sanders epic.
  8. Some lovely guitars in this thread. I've had all sorts over the years, mostly vintage Tele's but also Strats, Jaguars, Mustangs, Les Pauls, LP Jr's, SG's, 335's, 330's, and loads of acoustics as well. My last trio of decent guitars was a 1997 Danelectro DC59, a 1966 Gibson ES-125T, and a 1960's parts Fender Telecaster with a goldfoil pickup in it. When I sold almost everything off to buy a flat the Danelectro was the electric guitar I kept. I've got a Squier Thinline Tele as well which is a bit more hi-fi sounding than the Dano, but the Dano is just the easiest guitar to play I've ever had.
  9. Well spotted! Yeah, he always has a ton of projects on the go like Young Gun Silver Fox, The Electric Peanut Butter Company, Shawn Lee & AM, The Incredible Tabla Band, etc, plus a load of soundtrack things as well but I only play with him when he does his solo singer-songwriter gear, or when he does Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra which is just the best fun gigs I could ever have really. We both DJ for Soho Radio too which is a good laugh. As a session musician he's done drums or guitar for Robbie Williams, Kelis, Amy Winehouse, Saint Etienne, and loads of big shiny chart acts. Plus old-school folks like Tony Joe White as well. But the most fun is when he's fronting his own band. When we get some gigs again I'll give a heads-up on here. 👍
  10. meterman


    Sorry Pea, no I've had no income for 5 months, no benefits, nothing at all. I just haven't been able to fritter £30 + P&P away on a replacement plate. I will do though, and I'll spam this thread with pics when I do, I promise 👍
  11. That is beautiful, thank you for posting that! I've never been able to get on with Snarky Puppy but what Michael League does here is first rate imho. Thank you 👍
  12. Best of luck Stew, I hope you can get the better of your situation. ✊
  13. I think you'd be surprised. Some vintage drum gear, whether it be kits, snares, cymbals or percussion, can be worth a small fortune. Full disclosure: percussion and drums is my main instrument, and I've had stints of trading in vintage drums to pay my mortgage in the past. Certain vintage cymbals can fetch £2,500 each if and when they come up for sale. Some snares on their own can hit upwards of £5,000. Near mint examples of classic 1940s / 50s / 60s kits can vary wildly. I've sold vintage USA Gretsch and Camco kits for over £3,000 and Ludwigs in a desired finish for not far off that. Even beat-up vintage kits can still command decent coin, and certain Premiers can be really sought after depending on what sizes they are, what finish, what woods were used, etc, and there's no shortage of vintage Premier collectors around either!
  14. Oh that sounds ace, I've never visited the islands. I've been over to tour and play DJ sets etc a few times but never spent more than 2 weeks at a time there. To live there would be a dream come true for me.
  15. That's wonderful. God, I love Greece. I would already be living there if Mrs Meterman was up for it.
  16. Actually, Stephen Stills in that video has given me serious tie GAS. I never knew it was a thing but I've been gawping at vintage ties on ebay already. Constipation I already have so I'm okay there. But yeah. Tie GAS, who knew???
  17. I prefer playing short scales, and I've owned probably a dozen of them of varying quality over the last 30 years, mostly Fender, Squier or Fender-ish, but for recording I'll generally opt for a long scale. I wouldn't rule out owning another S-S but I'm not sure what it would be. Colin Moulding's modded Epiphone Newport always looked good but I think they're a good way out of my flimsy price range
  18. I've watched this clip probably hundreds of times and always thought Tom Jones should have gone to Laurel Canyon instead of Vegas. Superb live band with Stills on Hammond, Dallas Taylor killing it on drums and Greg Reeves' deep bass grooves. The look on David Crosby's face when Tom starts singing is great, and Neil Young's guitar fills are spot on. Love it 😎
  19. Here's mine: "Maple wood with some darker wood" It's a 1984 MIJ Squier Bullet bass that is black with a maple neck which has a stripe of darker wood on the back of it. It's the colour of wood. I only own one bass so it's all I've got to work with. Maybe turning it sideways would make it seem artier? I'm not gonna win this am I? 😂
  20. That's one of my all-time faves! The drummer was legendary New Orleans hellraiser James Black who also played on this: 😎
  21. I love Mustang basses, and that's handsome. Nice one!
  22. 'Usual suspects' is right. I've already had confirmation that the Royal Opera House is in line for funding. Which on the one hand, is fine. Opera and classical is cool (in my books at least) and it would be a shame if it all disappeared in this country and went abroad. But ROH and most of the other main players in that world receive heavy corporate sponsorship already. Even the smaller concerns like my old local, Holland Park in West London, receive decent corporate coin in sponsorship for their outdoor opera events which are village green-sized affairs. Until late last night, this was the state of play: I've often wished I was based in France but even more so now! But yeah, 'cautious optimism' is where I'm at. Let's see what develops over the coming days and weeks. Time really is tight for the music industry in the UK. Wait and see, I guess.
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