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  1. To me, and this may be what I'm seeing rather than what's in reality, the top point on the right hand or lower sound hole is slightly lower than its counterpart on the left. It may just be the picture rather than the instrument itself.
  2. Not to rain on the parade, but are top of the Norrisoles© in line, or just the picture makes them look wonky?
  3. Need a bigger flight case then.
  4. Though..... as the TC is a set and forget, with a bit of cogimitating and WTFery it could go underneath. Hmmm. No rush fortunately
  5. I'm going to be reorganising my pedal board in the near future, I bought an A/B switch to send the output to either 6.5 or DI. I'm running out of space, so advice please I'll read all comments and may or may not act on them. Definite keepers are the B3n, TC Dynamics, Line6 receiver and the clock. I'd like to keep the Peterson because it's a bit of being and a useful mute switch, and the channel switcher for the amp, just in case!
  6. Single videos not so much, but there's only two here anyway https://youtube.com/channel/UC5lrFGyVaenC8RC8TmMbcWw
  7. I imagine it's along the lines of the "Any landing" gag. Any questionable setup that doesn't cut a finger off is a good questionable setup
  8. Another not very well made article.
  9. Maybe it's a creation of He Who Shall Not Be Named? Can't be, the tuners aren't on the skew.
  10. With a bigger hole, obvs 😜 I would use a small forstner bit or wood drill with a point rather than a normal twist drill. A twist drill is likely to wander into the hole you already have. Choose a bit just slightly larger to cover the radius between your new centre and the edge of the existing hole and a standard dowel dimension if you can.
  11. Si600

    DI box

    From memory, yes. I have tried very hard to get to difference between off and one effect levels. I would imagine that it's not perfect, but by ear it's OK.
  12. Si600

    DI box

    We did. Normal instrument lead from the board output into the desk.
  13. Si600

    DI box

    The channel has a fader, but presumably if the channel input gain/level/whatever knob is turned all the way down the should also be no signal? The only way to shut me up was to stop playing or mute the channel, either with the mute button or the fader. I turned the b3n down, I'm not sure where the level control on the dynamics is, it's set to be noise gate and compressor as per the instructions in the manual.
  14. Welcome to the mad world of taking bits of basses apart to make new basses
  15. Could the blue bar clamp be for straightening fret wire once off the coil?
  16. Then I could 3D print it. Genius. Twerp
  17. Intelligent people, I need assistance (help as well possibly). The neck pocket on my body is about 5mm too small, and the pickup routs about 10m too narrow, the whole plan was to widen the body to fit the neck heel with a skunk stripe, but how do I make one that widens to body by 10mm up to the neck and then just by 5mm? I could extend the pickup cavities after the stripe goes in, but they're nice and neat now. They won't be if I make them bigger.
  18. MM down by the bridge, or a reverse P?
  19. Could you rescue it with a bridge and tailpiece like a Warwick and either fill the string through holes or leave them as a feature? Pop some LEDs in them 😉
  20. How do they work? The knurled thing is for tuning or the blob on top?
  21. Si600

    DI box

    I have a rig, it's my normal method of being LOUD 😉 My board output goes into the instrument in on my amp. I've never played with the FX loop on it, all my stuff is floor boxes so aren't they the wrong level to go into the FX input? How does the loop work anyway, do I put the the send in one end of the board and the return to the other or will that result in letting the magic smoke out somewhere?
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