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  1. 🤣 I do completely agree with you though. The advert does seem to be, shall we say, lacking in detail.
  2. That’s the curious thing, the MkV doesn’t have a headphone socket.
  3. Ban him, ban him now, get him out!!!!
  4. 🤔 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bass-guitar-headphone-amp-/274940755624?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  5. I’ll have a think. I do like the rolled fretboard edges etc and I’m sure the build quality is top notch (if they’re anything like the Elite I had which was very well screwed together). Ultimately there are a lot of P basses about but if I’m just going to end up putting my pickup of choice in anyway, then I may as well widen the search a little.
  6. I was going to ask what the collective thoughts were on the the Pro II pickups. I’m a big fan of the Custom Shop ‘62 but not such a fan of some of the others. I think it was the Vintage I had in one P and it did sound ‘dark’ compared to the CS 62.
  7. Possibly not for me then. I’m not fussed about the weight and I’m not keen on skinny necks either.
  8. Nice colour. I also like the Charcoal Frost (I do like a Charcoal bass)! Now this is leading me down the slippery slope toward the Pro and Pro II colour options. 🤔
  9. Hmm. On reflection perhaps I shouldn’t have sold it either 🤣
  10. After Olly White and Rosewood, it’d have to be your favoured black and maple @Lozz196 👍
  11. Thanks for that folks. Heyho, I suppose Olympic White isn’t a bad second choice. 😎
  12. I’m feeling the urge to fill the P shaped void in my armoury. I’m probably going to be looking out for an American Std 2012-2016 as I’m a big fan of that model. However, my absolute top choice colour combo would be natural body with a rosewood board. Question is, were they even available in that combination?
  13. Great songwriting is timeless and they really know how to write a tune. Good luck to them
  14. 4 years on since our last transaction, I sold a pedal to Chris. Prompt payment and great communication throughout, it all went smoother than a smooth thing. Many thanks.
  15. Not sure about TC or GK but a TecAmp (or Eich) Puma would fit the bill. Great amps and very handy for silent practice. …….. and available as 300, 500 or 900 watt.
  16. 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s on please.
  17. Very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with his family 😢
  18. Boss CEB-3 Bass Chorus for sale. It's in great condition. I don't have an original box but it will be securely packaged. £60 shipped to GB only. Thanks
  19. Bought a pedal from Lee. Super fast shipping, perfect packaging and great communication throughout. Top fella 👍
  20. Sold a tuner to Ben. Prompt payment and great communication throughout. Many thanks again.
  21. Great playing and the bass sounds very nice indeed. Good work sir. 👍
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