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  1. [quote name='Coilte' timestamp='1453668260' post='2961633'] Situations change and life moves on. There are times when people may take a long break from playing. In which case there is not much point (or interest) in having a "bass chat". [/quote] Spot on - and sometimes they come back. ;-) I took a break from playing for the last couple of years. Got bored of gigging and lost interest. Got the itch again now - so now lurking here again!
  2. ****WITHDRAWN FROM SALE - GOING TO HOLD ONTO IT***** [b]Barefaced Compact with Roqsolid slip cover. Early spec with black corners. [/b] Few light battle scars on back from gigging (see pics) but otherwise in full working order. Four marks on top from amp feet (previous owner). Served me well but knocking gigging on the head for time being. [b]Collection only from Fleet, Hampshire (Postcode: GU52). [/b] [i]However - will be driving to Ipswich via M25N/M11 on Sat morning and Gosport via M3 on Monday if either helps?[/i] Will also chuck in a Silverstone padded cover that was sent to me but doesn't quite fit (might be able to be modded?).
  3. [b]Thanks for all the interest and PMs. This thread is now closed - please email Eric (guitarist) direct on [email protected] if interested[/b]
  4. [b]Update: Thanks for all the interest on this - have forwarded all names and numbers to the guys. For updates/to show interest, please email Eric (guitarist) direct - [email protected] Cheers, Matt[/b] ------ Great opportunity for a bass player to join a gigging party/function band in Surrey. Really nice bunch of guys, tight band, really good setlist. Reluctantly I'm having to take a break from gigging because work's gone into overdrive but that means there's a space for a really good bassist in a great little band. Band's called The Brakelights and is based around Guildford area. Really popular for parties. Good fun atmos in band - no egos or mood swings! Rehearsals once every couple of weeks, 1-2 gigs per month around Guildford. The band's got good kit plus lights. We have a pro female singer (ex-ACM) who guests on most gigs - she's got a fantastic voice. Take a look at the website: [url="http://www.thebrakelights.co.uk"]thebrakelights.co.uk[/url] and leave a note below if you're interested.
  5. Offering up my cracking little [b]Trace Elliot 715 combo. [/b]1x15". 300w version. [b]£150.[/b] Classic Trace sound and a great combo for most small to medium gigs. Been perfect for me at rehearsals and pub gigs but not really using since I got my Barefaced Compact. In working order but is due a basic service as it squeaks a bit sometimes when starting from cold (it's fine once warm). Pricing with that in mind. Comes complete with padded custom Silverstone cover in green and on is on wheels which I'll leave on. [b]Buyer to collect from GU52 postcode (nr Jct 4a, M3)[/b] Will try to post pics soon. But visually it's like the pic below though.
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  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hartke LH500 + ££s for a trade maybe? Looking to make up a lightweight rig.
  9. I've got a spare Hartke LH500 I wouldn't mind trading for a lighter head for rehearsals. The LH500 sound is creamy and simple - just plug in and it's there.
  10. Another one here. Lefty playing righty. Born out of a trip to a music shop in the mid 1980s and looking at a wall of guitars. 30 right handed ones, 1 left handed one that was more expensive. Feels odd to play left handed now.
  11. Beautiful bass. If I didn't already own an identical (and quite brilliant) Indonesian copy, I'd be all over this like a rash. Good luck with the sale...
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