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  1. Sounds like your rotator cuff- head over to YouTube and visit the Athlean X channel. The presentation is not everyone's cup of tea but there's heaps on how to condition your shoulders and those muscles specifically.
  2. Too good to be true?- I'd have another LB100 in a heartbeat.
  3. Another stunning George Martin arrangement. When he took the master to the Bond producers apparently they went 'Great demo, imagine how the finished article is going to sound!' George and Paul had to do some persuading.
  4. The World Is Not Enough- with the blatant caveat of shoe horning a name drop in. My band were doing a day at studio 1 at AIR in 99, and whilst there was a break in proceedings as the singer and drummer went to get some food. I was chatting to the producer when David Arnold walks in, says hi to the producer and asks if we wanted to hear the new bond theme as ‘nobody else has.' We didn't take much encouragement and sat there listening to the song on the enormous monitoring system grinning from ear to ear. Red letter day and then some.
  5. Love these and it helps having the Roots to groove along nicely. Goes to show it’s all about the quality of the song!
  6. A anecdote I heard was that Jaco himself had a P with monster strings and high action for this very purpose. Never seen it quoted anywhere else mind. It’s a strategy I’ve used on occasion- I have an acoustic it takes a G clamp to hold a note on and it certainly makes my electric basses seem like a breeze. But whether it’s a sensible option for beginners is another question as the more experienced player has had the opportunity to gradually condition their playing physique and good technique. I’d fear a beginner would end up trying brute force and hurting themselves.
  7. There’s some room ambience on it a la Graceland.
  8. Challenge accepted, although can’t say I’m overly familiar with the aforementioned material!
  9. This is a fantastic game and one I regularly participate in. I've got Fairytale of New York and Jingle Bells into carol arrangements at Cathedrals, the Imperial March into the Sewer scene in Les Mis and one show had a nightly battle with the guitarist to get Led Zep quotes into Grease. I was doing well, managed Dazed and Confused, Ramble On and Kashmir in various places if I recall, until he destroyed me by launching into Black Dog instead of the regular solo for Grease Lightning. I valiantly acknowledged defeat.
  10. Certainly was true back in the day. A studio engineer told us of a day wasted as the 2 guitars and bass being out of tune, despite all of them having their screens tell them otherwise- they were on 3 different brands. In my main band I’m on a polytune and the guitarist is on a tu3, there’s been no issues. Different story for the Sax and trumpet mind, don’t get me started!
  11. Never happens to me, although I do go looking. I passed on a 70s valve Park combo for £60 once, like a fool. And a friend of mine did work experience at a secondary school and found a large keyboard in the cupboard. The teacher said the students didn’t like it as it had no drum machine. He offered £50 and she threw in the cab that went with it. Mk1 Fender Rhodes.
  12. I have the lmt500 and am really surprised that one hasn’t sold at £300. Absolute bargain and not too fugly either.
  13. Great venue, but they’ll hold on to the cash for ages- be prepared to chase them up for a few months!
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