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  1. Couldn’t agree more, a bunch of top class musicians making music off the leash of genres and playlists, produced by one very clever and creative producer.
  2. DB bass cabs, British too. https://www.db-bass.com
  3. I played a gig with Bobby Crush once, complete plonker. Still did the hand thing, spent the whole day complaining at the drummer, didn’t speak to me at all. On the gig he introduced his band- ‘Tim on drums and (mumble mumble mumble) on bass’
  4. This is brilliant, can’t think of another Pino interview!
  5. No clue as to why they don’t get played much but when they do they sound brilliant- still. So much life to the recordings and production.
  6. High notes might require some ventilation.
  7. Loudest gig I’ve been at- The Black Crowes, Wolverhampton Civic, 95. Guitars had 3 matchless stacks each. Loudest gig I’ve been involved with? I was involved in this world record attempt, the most people playing the same tune for as long as possible. I was 13, it was at Hereford leisure centre and every guitarist crawled out from under their rock with their boogie 22s, Marshalls etc, rolled everything to the right and went for it for 45 minutes. Horrible experience.
  8. This should cheer up a wet Saturday morning. Blooming marvellous
  9. It’s the same situation in my function band. It’s a compromise- I have a five string but most gigs it’s a P bass with an octave pedal, MXR octave. I’d rather have the bass I prefer playing for 90% of the tunes, keep the momentum between songs without having to ponce around changing basses and it’s a cliche - the audience will not give a flying monkeys.
  10. Ringo, Roger Hawkins, Al Jackson Jnr, Clyde Stubblefield/ Jabo Starks, Larnell Lewis, Grohl, Steve Gorman of the Black Crowes, Roland 808 could be here a long time....
  11. The original has long been one of my favourites- this is great in a slightly smug music college way.
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