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  1. Use an extension cab placed by the drummer?
  2. Thank you mods for everything you do.
  3. Mrs Scalpy is one of the singers in the band, does all the admin and promo and we balance my appetite for basses and all gizmos musical with her appetite for stage dresses.
  4. My markbass lmt500 has loads of features but the most useful has been the really good sounding di with knob to adjust the level on the front. It’s got me out of a hole many many times, whether live or recording.
  5. Well, that is one scary band. You'll be busy!
  6. Louis Dowdeswell on Trumpet? If so... congrats!
  7. Just listened to this- fantastic Sunday morning music! Fascinating to see Pino play in so much detail and whoever engineered it deserves a medal.
  8. Thank you- that video hasn’t worked for me, we’re using the producer version of the x32 and I can’t replicate some of the steps, my ineptitude of course.
  9. Excellent. The desk lives at the rehearsal studio so I shall try that out ASAP. Most appreciated. Harry
  10. That’s very kind thank you. I’ve got one reverb going to the monitors, just to entirely sure how!
  11. Always loved Seal’s voice but hearing the soloed tracks was great. Presumably Horn on bass as well, whoever it was has class.
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