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  1. I'd have two, the black one and white one, one flats one rounds, and swop the pick guards!
  2. http://glguitars.com/product/tribute-series-fallout-shortscale-bass/ Lets await the pricing after the much discussed American model. There's a nice video of Tim Lefebvre demo'ing one on FB too but I'll be dammed if I can work out how to post the link.
  3. I was doing a session for a female singer songwriter. We had finished the bulk of the track and she decided she wanted drums as it was much bigger than her original intention. My friend Gordan rocked up with his kit, and in a couple of takes had a great track pretty much sorted. However, she decided the drums should come in even earlier in the songs with an amazing fill. Gordy ran through a few fills but she wasn't happy. Having spent the day with her I thought I had the answer, so popped on the TalkBack with the instruction- 1 2 3 [email protected] Everyone burst out laughing. He promptly nailed the most perfect rim shot on beat 4, ever, the control room started high fiving- it was a great moment.
  4. MiBass and a logic compressor. Doesn't matter what he plugs in either sounds great, although the 62 jazz was particularly special I thought.
  5. Travis Dykes. Nashville based if I recall correctly, Gospel and Church bassist. Got that hip modern thing going on for lessons, blogs and covers.
  6. Not being technically minded I have majorly procrastinated over setting up my ASAT bass. By years! One of the reasons I bought my Sire v7 was to do a bit of training, got it spot on first time I changed the strings. It would appear this was total beginners luck, the ASAT has been a different kettle of fish. Anyway, having purchased the necessary imperial hex keys for the adjustments, I started with the truss rod. I have no idea if it is a standard arrangement or dual action like my lb100. I was hoping to tell, but got a bit lost. So I took the neck off, which was one of the most terrifying experiences ever, to get the actual date it was made. Turns out it was 2000. It should have a CLF serial number but doesn't. So- does anybody know if its dual action before I go to bassesbyleo, which i find a bit bewildering. Also, does anybody know what the D means? I can only find references to numbered neck shapes. Thank you in advance Harry
  7. Not really a deal but my G&L ASAT. I was on at the local shop to get one even though I couldn't afford one. Then one month I got overpaid by a whole month, told work about it and they said I wouldn't get paid the next. They forgot. So did I to mention it.....😉 The same week- tax rebate. Walked into the local shop (Head Hands and Feet in Hereford) to by some cymbals for my drummer as a loan and there was she was- at exactly the price I could now afford. The business who overpaid me- still going strong 20 years later BTW.
  8. I'm glad he's being interviewed remotely, he's been wearing that t-shirt awhile now.
  9. One thing Rick doesn't point out that starting your debut solo record for a newish instrument and a bass at that with a bebop cover is a proper c### out on the table thing to do.
  10. Current daily routine, get up two hours before wife (she's a singer, if you've ever lived with one you'll understand 😉 ) Breakfast and coffee, open YouTube, grab bass, warm up whilst Lee delivers an anecdote, listen to him play, feel motivated, play as much of the track as i can. Go to work.
  11. My go to for clearing the hall of chin wagging parents at the end of an event is Snarky Puppy. Sounds great over our PA
  12. A super P in that exactly spec would be my lottery win bass- gorgeous.
  13. I'm a bit behind but his playing on the JT video is incredible-precise and clinical timing but still lyrical.
  14. I feel faint, and it's not just the thought of lifting it!
  15. Any of these aesthetic decisions are the same- it's an ingredient or flavouring. Me personally, I can't stand vinegar by itself, but my wife is an excellent cook, we must have 7 or 8 varieties in the kitchen and I eat it all the time. But she's very good at getting the balance right or cooking it off etc. Bass guitar shows and demo videos are like pickle fairs to me, too much of one flavour I don't like. But Forget Me Nots, a lot of Dr John stuff, Cory Wong's guy whoever, ace. Marcus Miller on Just the Two of Us- ugh.
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