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  1. Basically this man graduated top of the class at the Trump school of internet claims.
  2. Just watching The Queen’s Gambit (excellent imv) There’s a woman sat at a piano and there’s sounds coming out entirely unrelated to her upper torso.
  3. Tier 1 for us and..... NYE gig cancelled. No live music still. To be honest, I was very conflicted about it (whether it was the right thing to do given the struggles of the nhs etc) so am a bit relieved.
  4. Collect in a lay by in Kent?
  5. It's the relationship between the tonic, the home note, and the fifth, called the dominant. In the other six modes based on the major scale this is always a perfect fifth, sometimes known as a power chord. This interval is very strong, is very closely related to the harmonic series and importantly is stable, it doesn't want to resolve. The locrian mode has a diminished fifth, one semitone (or fret- sorry I don't where your theory is up to) smaller. This is discordant to the western ear and wants to either resolve back up by a semitone or move down to a perfect fourth. Therefore the principle chord, chord I in the locrian mode doesn't feel like it's finished. Try playing B D F as a chord and see what I mean. This is sometimes known as tritone- you can wiki that all day long!
  6. First one was good as well I thought but a really interesting exercise. Some people are so good.
  7. Played in a band with my brother early doors, we learnt our first chords etc off dad, played in church then started playing our own music. Had a blast, some adventures and some arguments too, but it was fun. I'm now in a band with my wife who's the singer and runs the admin. Its great.
  8. That's really interesting, will have to watch in chunks but thank you.
  9. To be honest I stopped following, the majority of posts refer to a lesson style that was deservedly swept out decades ago. From a quick skim read I didn't spot much about what poster's children get at school now, which would have been interesting, and I am acutely aware I am that guy who forces people to read the dots and play the keyboard. This thread reinforces the perils most modern music teachers are aware of but I'd like to think us as a breed are better at putting the bigger picture across. It's a fine, fine line and we cannot get it right everytime, but the bad old days of thrown chalk dusters and an hour following the score of a symphony are long gone.
  10. Totally agree, the John Thomases were on the table and someone got intimidated.
  11. In a podcast with Jayme Lewis Scott says he has a team of 25. Much as the emails and FB presence can get wearing fair play to the bass player that generates that kind of industry from bass tutoring.
  12. We'd shot down in flames for that. That's why the national curriculum expects a range of performing. We have keyboards attached to macs running logic, tuned, untuned and stuff that should be tuned percussion, ukuleles/ guitars and a starter scheme for other instuments, your school orchestra stuff for example (although that's really struggling) plus rock band instruments.
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