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  1. Great call. I can remember being stuck in a traffic jam with my dad aged about 11, and hearing Everybody Needs Somebody on the car radio. The bassline at the end had to be good because I could hear it and we were in a Lada.
  2. Here's our promo video for an upcoming gig. We play a fund raiser for the local theatre and the footage is from the last one.
  3. Ahhh, our cheese grater playing friends deserve some love sometimes! I did have a listen to The Highwomen's The Chain to hear the Gibson/ dimed 100w Marshall he mentioned. Seems to 'cut through the mix' without too much difficulty.
  4. Worth watching all the way through, there's some serious guitars on that rig.
  5. Oh my biaze that's snooker loopy gorgeous.
  6. Had that at a gig in Shoreditch. Turned out to be the mildly amusing cheeky girl fiddling inconsequential lib dem MP lembit opek.
  7. Possibly, or is it an ability to really ‘hear’ the lightbulb?
  8. That depends if you're going to read the instructions or change the bulb by feel.
  9. Barn dances are great fun, especially if the audience doesn't what they're doing- you just stand there whilst the caller teaches them! If you do one on guitar your brain will become addled by every conceivable combination of D, G and A when a Bm comes along ITS THE HARDEST CHORD IN THE WORLD!
  10. Totally subscribe to the Indian philosophy of music for time of day and season, so yesterday arriving at work (a Friday) facing another few months of work before a weekend off and a holiday required the following- Gallows Pole- Led Zeppelin Go With the Flow- QOTSA I'm Waiting for the Man- Velvet Underground
  11. Two rules of getting a dep in- make sure they're not better than you, and not an attractive blonde of the singer's sexual preference.
  12. scalpy

    Show us your rig!

    That's some quality gear right there.
  13. Worth the wait! Nice link, thank you.
  14. The day job is classroom teacher and I used to run a 18 piece soul band with the school. We got asked play to a village fete, so did all the necessary admin- book minibus, parental consent forms etc and schlepped all the way out to the back of beyond. The kids arrived as I was working out where we were playing. The space was an open fronted marquee with rain coming in sideways. The power had been run from a single socket in the church 50m away, whereby the catering got it first, running 4 vats of tea/ coffee, the cable itself being held up off the ground directly above the water vapour by the sopping tent frame. They had then daisy chained an extension cable for me to use, which was just sitting in a clump of wet grass. We ran a 2k PA, monitors, the works and it was all meant to go into this single socket. The kids had worked really hard on their performance and there was bank of parents who'd given up their Saturday afternoon, but after 15 minutes of discussion and questions I couldn't justify the risk and sent them all home. One dad tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "thank you' so I guess it was the correct decision.
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