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  1. Our guitarist has a Laney combo with a graphic and concentric speaker. We use it for non drummer rehearsals or mucking about. It’s ace, which is stupid as I had better quality laney stuff back in the day and hated it!
  2. Noel Redding

    Yep, none of us can say we played bass at Hendrix at Monterey! That opening Killing Floor riff is immense.
  3. Noel Redding

    The whole Hendrix story seems to be a chronic case of mismanagement and greed, mostly at the hands it would appear at the hands of Mike Jefferies. You have to wonder if it would be tolerated by the industry now, or even a few years later.
  4. NSRD - New Small Rig Day!

    Of all the rigs I’ve seen on this forum this is the one that I covet most!
  5. Backdrops - worth it?

    Advertising pull-ups work quite well, easy to transport, position onstage and no need for pinning stuff to the walls. Pretty cheap too- Vistaprint and the like do them.
  6. Bruno Mars - Live in Harlem

    They were all on in-ears and there wasn’t an amp anywhere to be seen. That’s how stuff sounds today, especially with these Gospel chop type players. However, they might have used a backing track or two, but that’s gone on for years, a friend of mine engineered Dave Gilmour’s for him.
  7. pleasantly stumbled upon

    Tiny Desk Concerts epitomise happily stumbled on for me.
  8. Bruno Mars - Live in Harlem

    Loving this as a bit of NYE prep, thank you!
  9. That gig was the first one I ever went to, my 13th birthday present. The quality of players onstage that day reads like a who’s who of the most successful session players of all time! Clapton of course was excellent, and happily comped away for Mark Knopfler when required.
  10. Do compression ratios have anything to do with spark plugs?
  11. My Fender rig

    How cool is that! We do cover versions with our year 9s and I use that as an example- always turn that bit up.
  12. Aguilar are releasing a new cab!

    You snooze etc etc....!
  13. Aguilar are releasing a new cab!

    Vertical 212? Very tempting.
  14. My Fender rig

    Hey bill nice rig. Are you the guy who played bass for rag n bone mans Beyoncé cover for the live lounge? That’s a cracking bit of playing, that bassline.
  15. My Hartke LH500 smells of....dogs!?

    I had similar trepidations but it was quite easy in the end. I didn’t use the brushes, I used the nozzle making sure I didn’t touch anything, then used a q tip on anything obviously non electrical like the heat sink, then repeated the hoovering again. It was a noticeable improvement in tone as well, bonus.