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  1. But the good news is he does actually play guitar.
  2. It's funny to think, that the head of Fender Guitars is a Scotsman, called Andy Mooney, from Whitburn, in West Lothian. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-himi-mooney-20161030-story.html It's in safe hands
  3. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    I do recommend the sweepable mid control on the standard J Retro - it brings great clarity to the sound of a Jazz. I wonder if John East has a version with a tone and a mid control? Or would that be taking things too far?
  4. John East J-Tone Onboard Pre Amp

    My Jazz without a J retro is unthinkable to me now. I like the idea of that tone control.
  5. Gig 17 days after carpal tunnel surgery???

    Excellent! Remember to keep that bass nice and low
  6. Gig 17 days after carpal tunnel surgery???

    How'd the gig go?
  7. I don't get compressors

    [quote name='PaulWarning' timestamp='1510229502' post='3404760'] I know what compressors are supposed to do, it's just, maybe in my case, they don't seem to do a lot, once the overall volume is set the same. Initially I think wow that sounds better, punchier, but then I realise it's just louder. [/quote] I had a limiter like that. However I turned the knobs, I couldn't hear any difference.
  8. I play in a Blues and a Country band and I can't say I listen to a lot of either. I have listened to a lot of Blues, in years gone by, but I think I'm all Bluesed out now (after playing in Blues bands for 25 years). I'd never listened to Country, until I joined a country band, 2 years ago. I've now listened to a lot of country songs to get a feel for the covers we play but I don't sit down and listen to Johnny Cash or Emmylou Harris, when I listen to music for pleasure. .
  9. I don't get compressors

    Compressors boost the volume of the quiet notes you play and cut the volume of the loud notes you play. It irons out the peaks and troughs of volume , from your amp, and makes you sound smoother and more consistent. Particularly good for slapping. Compression can also make your bass sound punchier. A downside is that any dynamics in your playing are lost, if the compression is set too high.
  10. Set Up Time

    The drummer, who I used to play with, had severe OCD. It took me years to figure out why it took him 2 hours to pack his kit up at the end of the night.
  11. I played in a small bar with my 1st gen Barefaced Compact on Sunday. The guitarist was playing through a Fender Pro Junior, so we were not that loud. There was another bass player there, who the band knew, and we got him up to play on a song. What a sound from that Barefaced cab. Not only was it a great sound but I got that punch in the chest every time he played a note. I can only imagine how good the newer (and I assume improved) cabs sound.
  12. Please help if you can

    Play along with the vocal melody. Possibly subtle chords or a harmony. Imagine what Pino Palladino would play
  13. High End Cables

    The worst cables I ever bought were Fender. I bought one of their curly ones and it sucked the life out of the sound of my bass. The best I have are my OBBM ones. I have planet waves that are fine too.
  14. My Geddy Lee MIJ Jazz Bass. I always thought the neck was too slim and it sounded too twangy but in retrospect it was a dumb thing to sell it, as it was a beautiful and very well made bass I will probably buy another and fit a J Retro in it.