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  1. Sounds great. I've just joined a rock band and we play a few Lizzy tunes. It's good to be able to play with pick. The last time I played with a pick I was 18 years old and was playing Queen songs in my school band.
  2. Are you sure he didn't confuse you with the drummer/guitarist/flugelhorn player? That's happened to me in the past 🤥
  3. The only time my band ever appreciated me, was when I couldn't make the gig and somebody else depped for me and was fekkin awful.
  4. They say that the cabbages grown in that field, were magnificent for years afterwards 🤣
  5. So who was the seller we should be beware of on Ebay?
  6. I leaned the floating thumb style, when I first started playing bass and it means you can play anywhere along the strings, from the bridge to the neck. Which allows you to get a lot of different tones. But I've noticed many, very good bassists like Guy Pratt and Leland Sklar, playing with their thumbs glued to the pickup. Edit: Oooops, I take that back, I just saw a vid of Leland playing floating thumb style. Edit2: And just saw Guy do the same............I'll get me coat
  7. He appears to have forgotten that he can't gig for health reasons. While I 100% understand why he can't gig, I didn't want to be in a 3rd band with a drummer who can't gig (I'm already in 2 bands with him). As far as I'm concerned bands are not social clubs, they have to gig. If I asked him to play in a hot sweaty bar, in a couple of months from now, I know he'd tell me he couldn't do it and it would be irresponsible for me to ask him to.
  8. Well the saga continues...... Tonight, myself and the guitarists, told the drummer that we had started a new rockier band with another drummer, and he's had a hissy fit and appears to have flounced out of the band. His logic appears to be, that we knew he really liked heavy stuff (it's a heavy rock band) and why didn't we ask him? I told him it was because he's afraid of catching covid (which is understandable considering his health issues) and doesn't want to gig. I smell something fishy, I suspect he's lost interest and wanted a way out of the band and feigning indignation is a way of doing it.
  9. They're usually made out of basswood (mine were). No weird routing on the body, so good for that Jaco look with the scratchplate removed. They also have a grounding strip, from the bridge to the rear pickup. Which was how they used to ground Jazz Basses when they were first manufactured in the early 60s.
  10. I bought a P bass with a set of 45-100 Elixirs. Sounded great.
  11. I'm in 4 bands. 3 of them can't gig because members are vulnerable to covid (one band member got covid and ended up in intensive care). I've had to start a new band, which so far has no singer, but I'm happy to plough on with gigs until I drop (I'm a relatively healthy 58 year old).
  12. I think back in the 90s they were a bit cheaper to produce but these days I don't think people look down on them as inferior, they just have a slightly different sound. I tried a Squier silver series jazz bass, that a friend had and liked it so much I bought one myself. The pickups are bassier than your average jazz, which is what I liked about it. The necks are also quite shallow, though very slightly wider than a normal jazz.
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