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  1. gjones

    Hartke HD150 - yawn

    Maybe youve just been spoiled by all the top quality gear youve owned over the years. What are you playing through these days - a Carlsbro Stingray head through a homemade 18 inch cab? 😁
  2. gjones

    Love and Loss (of gear)

    I had my bass nicked after, yes you guessed, leaving it in the car overnight. Luckily I found it again, a year later, in my local pawnshop. But I don't leave gear in my car overnight anymore. Once bitten, twice shy.
  3. gjones

    New TC Electronic heads

    I used to own a TC Classic 450 but but disliked the low mid control, as for about 33% of it's rotation, there was no discernible change in the sound coming out of the speaker. I even went into a shop and checked the demo model, which sounded exactly the same. So if you like a bit of low mid in your sound, you'd be better off trying the BH550 before you buy one.
  4. gjones

    Fame at last

    I listened to your video. It' sounds very much like my own band in the 80s. Maybe we should get back together
  5. It took me a while to realise, that bass players (and this is true of drummers too) are supporting musicians. We're there to make the song and soloists sound good, not to take the centre stage ourselves. We're there to provide the groove.
  6. I occasionally play with a excellent young drummer, who keeps on playing triplets on the hi hat, during solos, in songs with a simple 4/4 beat (think of a ZZ top grinder with the drummer playing triplets, it just doesn't work). It adds absolutely nothing to the song and I have no idea why he does it, other than to show other drummers in the audience that he can. I would normally accuse a drummer like that of being unprofessional but he is a pro drummer who is trying to make a name for himself as a session guy in Nashville Another drummer I play with, loves to invert the beat (as your drummer does too). He does it as a laugh to p*ss me off...............and it works.
  7. gjones

    So, just how many basses do you own ????

    Weeelll.....up until recently I owned 3 - 2 Jazzes and a P bass. But recently my finances improved and I decided to buy back all the basses I regretted selling over the last 5 or 6 years. I've ended up with 3 Jazzes, 2 precisions, a Stingray and a double bass. And a Partridge in a Pear Tree P.S. I might be interested in a G&L tribute L2500, if anybody has one going cheap?
  8. gjones

    Ashdown fan club

    My Ashdown ABM 500 was delivered today, it sounds excellent in my living room, paired with a Barefaced Super Compact. I'm looking forward to gigging it..
  9. gjones

    Lets talk about Musicman

    I just weighed it at 8lbs. The same as my P bass. My Jazz is a pound heavier.
  10. gjones

    Lets talk about Musicman

    I had two USA Stingray SUBs which I loved the sound of but did not like the, baseball bat like, painted necks. I recently played a second-hand Stingray, at my local guitar shop, that had a fantastic Jazz like neck. I believe it's the SLO version. Of course I bought it immediately! The USP is the Stingray's low mid punch, which sounds to me like the combination of a bass guitar and kick drum playing simultaneously. It's also very light.
  11. gjones

    Live music in Edinburgh

    Yes I forgot about the Barony. Jazz on a Saturday and other genres on a Sunday. We're playing there next on Sunday 16th Sept. Come along.
  12. gjones

    Live music in Edinburgh

    The Jazz Bar for funky stuff, blues and jazz. Brewhemia on east market st for cover bands. Stramash for all types of bands.
  13. gjones

    Mono gig bags

    I suggest you check out a Protection racket case. I bought mine for £85. It's semi rigid and offers lots of padding and plenty of storage space. It appears very sturdy and I expect it will last me a long, long time.
  14. gjones

    Ashdown fan club

    Bought a used ABM evo III in flightcase for £134......bargain. I used to own one, about 6 years ago, and really liked the sound but I didn't like the weight. I went class D and the ashdown was sold. But I've moved house and weight is no longer an issue, as I can now park right outside my front door. So, when I saw this big boy on Ebay, couldn't resist the knock down price for a really solid, classy amp. I'm looking forwards to getting some juicy, analogue, bass action again.
  15. I do believe I now own your Jazz Bass. It's a beauty and I love it.Bought from Bass Direct about 5 weeks ago.