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  1. gjones

    Drummer dilemma

    I used to play in a band with a drummer who speeded stuff up to a ridiculous extent. Even when I counted him in he would come in at his own superfast tempo. The rest of the band told him that, playing the songs at that ridiculous speed, made it difficult for the singer to get the words in but his stock answer was, 'I felt it needed a bit more energy'. Even though the band all really liked him, he had to go.
  2. gjones

    Devine chats to Dorsey

    And she's looking good for 55.
  3. gjones

    Bass Direct

    Bought mine on Tuesday night, no sign of it so far. Did they send you an email to confirm it was with the courier?
  4. gjones

    Bass Direct

    I just splashed some cash, on a Jazz Bass from Bass Direct, yesterday. I bought it online. It's my first time with the shop. i'm hoping all will go smoothly.
  5. gjones

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    Oh dear, I feel the same. Recently I bought an Elite Precision but frankly, as a weekend warrior, I don't feel worthy to be playing it in public. One thing I'm not.....is Elite.
  6. I'm not sure what it is, possibly an early Big Baby without the tweeter? Much cheapness though. Only £250 smackers. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barefaced-Bass-Cab/113060005018?hash=item1a52e6c49a:g:OVEAAOSwrU1bIUAJ
  7. gjones

    Best gear at gigs?

    If the venue is SO dodgy*, that I feel I may need use my bass as a weapon, I take the Squier. * i.e. it's in Dundee
  8. gjones

    Did your band improve AFTER a player left?

    The guitarist in my country band was ousted, due to being a bit of a git (and having atrocious BO). The replacement is not as good a guitarist as the guy he replaced but a much nicer person. Harmony has replaced discord and the band is in a happy place.
  9. Fender MIJ 75 reissue Jazz Bass wanted. Natural finish, with mother of pearl inlays on maple neck. Like this one.
  10. gjones

    Why can you not play quietly???

    I played for 10 years with a blues band with a very 'sensitive' drummer. He was very aware of how dynamics can improve a song and it taught me a lot about light and shade. But many other bands I've played with don't understand what it can add to a song. My main band's present drummer, is a great drummer but has no idea of dynamics. When I ask him to play quiet, in particular sections within a song, I can see that it is difficult for him (usually he just stops hitting the snare).
  11. gjones

    1x12 bass cab to replace a 4x10

    I have a GK MB500, which I use with a Gen 1 Barefaced Compact. I also own an Ashdown MiBass 500. The GK MB500 is much, much louder than the Ashdown head, through the same cab. Which goes to show that some 500 watt amps are quieter than others, and the lack of decibels may be more to do with your Markbass head's lack of ooomf, than the Barefaced Super Compact's limitations. Last week I took delivery of a new Super Compact. I look forward to seeing how loud it will be, compared to my old Compact, with the GK MB500 through it. I need it to compete with an enthusiastic drummer and a guitarist with a Marshall stack.
  12. gjones

    P Bass - UK icon?

    The Precision is whatever the opposite of Donald Trump is.
  13. gjones

    P Bass - UK icon?

    Understated is probably the quality you're thinking of. No bells and whistles. Nothing flash.
  14. gjones

    Number of songs for audition

    If you moan about having to learn 11 songs for the audition, then that tells them that you probably don't have the time or inclination to learn the other 30 or so songs in their set. If you really want to join the band, it's best to just learn the songs and appear keen and professional (you can take notes - I'm sure they wouldn't have a problem with that).
  15. gjones

    Best gear at gigs?

    I don't have 'stupidly' expensive gear. It's professional grade stuff, I suppose. I've just bought a Fender Elite Precision and I know at some stage it's going to get it's first dent but I'm resigned to that. Occasionally my band will do mini tours, where we will have to stay a few nights in hotels. I usually take my Squier for those gigs, as otherwise I'd get paranoid about somebody nicking my bass from the room.