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  1. I own a GK MB500 which is extremely loud through my barefaced compact. I own a Ashdown ABM 500 and an Ashdown MiBass 550 and the GK is significantly louder than both. I recently bought a GK MB800 which is significantly louder than the 500 watt version. GK appear to make very, very loud amps.
  2. The Jeff beck version just sounds like an excuse to do a lot of guitar widdling, over the top of a very boring musical backdrop.
  3. I love this video of John Lennon and Chuck Berry. Especially the bit where the sound engineer switches off Yoko Ono's microphone, as soon as she starts wailing.
  4. gjones

    Your Favorite Bass Prevalent CD?

    Google 'Freakpower'. Their first album Drive-Thru Booty is a great jam along album for bass players. It will teach you how to groove. Curtis Mayfield's album Superfly, has some superb groovy bass on it.
  5. gjones

    Bad bass review

    This is how you review a bass. Ed Friedland doing it right.
  6. Of course, she is a pro bass player. In my experience, pro bass players are quite happy to keep down the low end and play the root note all night, if that is what is required. In my experience, diddly widdly bass players don't get much pro work. The guy I saw the other day at a jam, who slapped and popped his way through a segue of 3 U2 songs (I kid you not), spends most of the day waiting by his phone that never rings.
  7. She wrote this note, for the super advanced, freeform jazz, bass soloists out there in Youtubeland, who didn't agree with her video. This is it: ' 'Note from Yonit: Hey everyone! Thanks for watching the video Just wanted to make a few clarifications! * This video is for beginner / intermediate bass players * Obviously, there’s exception to all my tips (which are not rules!) but these tips should help you when playing with your band. Of course you can play open strings if you can mute them (which is a difficult technique to master if you’re a beginner), of course you can play fills that are well practiced, on time, from the bottom to the very top of your neck and so on. * Always play the root - in the beginning of the bar - you can obviously play any chord tone / mode tone you want after. But not straight at the top. We establish the root and then venture out. Of course you can play inversions but that changes the chord, and you probably should make that decision with your band-members. * I may have said ‘never’ and ‘always’ but this is really me just trying to make a point, don’t take it too literally fellas * This can be applied in many genres, but mostly for mainstream genres such as pop, folk, rock, funk etc. Yes, if you’re playing a progressive-jazz-fusion-hardcore-metal song this might not be the video for you. * Here’s a 6 tip for the brave ones who read all of this - make music to be happier and have fun with other human beings. That’s the point of everything, including this video Peace, love and many low frequencies, Yonit'
  8. gjones

    Feedback for richardd

    Just received a lovely P bass from Rich. Excellent deal and great communication throughout. Buy with confidence.
  9. gjones

    Hmmm MIJ Precision?

    The Fender logo looks undersized and the serial number looks oversized. It's worth £100, if that.
  10. gjones

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    You were probably an obsessive teenager, as I was, when you got your first bass. The first song I played live was 'Alright Now' by Free. It took me forevers, squirrelled away in my bedroom, to get the tricky bassline in the solo. In fact I was still figuring it out about 5 mins before I went onstage. But this dude is 51, he's got better things to do than hide away in his bedroom for 6 months learning 2112.
  11. gjones

    New Old Bassist would Appreciate Advice...

    Learn to play with fingers and play along with some ZZ Top - which have some good simple basslines (I recommend you don't start with Rush).
  12. gjones

    No treble!

    Hmmmm.....from my experience using them, tapewounds don't do treble. Sounds like he's looking for hi end that just isn't there.
  13. Hmmmm......the piece of kit that made the biggest difference to my sound, is the John East J-Retro. It's so very versatile and lets you get the sound you want through any amp.
  14. gjones

    SOLD: Gallien Krueger GK MB500 AMP Head

    These are great little amps. I play regularly at a local venue, that provides an Ampeg PF 500 as backline, through an Ampeg 410. I replaced it last night with my MB500 and it blew the PF 500 away. It had so much more clean headroom compared to the Ampeg. Good luck with the sale.
  15. gjones

    Is volume killing smaller gigs?

    Recently our guitarist went and got himself a Marshall stack,and since then, the volume has definitely gone up. Last weekend we played a bar, we have often played in the past, but this time were asked to turn down by the barstaff. Despite our guitarist's grumpy reaction to the request, we duly reduced our volume Surprisingly, we got a really good reaction from the crowd, who up until then had been a bit cold. Goes to show the band are sometimes the last to know what the sound is like out front and if they are playing too loud.