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  1. It looks like it's been savaged by a pack of dogs! I like it!!!!!
  2. I recently bought a 70s VM squier maple body. I attached an old MIJ Silver Squier neck to it, that I had hanging around, and it sounds and plays really great. I'm thinking of fitting a John East Pre amp (which I have hanging around), which will probably end up sentencing, my other much posher basses, to the space under the bed.
  3. After reading these replies, I think you should change your question to, 'What sounds bad through a barefaced two ten?' . It'll save you a lot of time.
  4. I played the Precision Deluxe and it was fantastic. It has a lovely Jazz neck, has a great sound and feel and it's put together really nicely. In the end, I ended up buying the Fender Elite Precision, which was the USA version of the Precision Deluxe, at the time The Elite is a very nice bass but it cost twice what I would have paid for the deluxe , and it's definitely not twice the bass.
  5. The bassist and keyboard player look like they could be characters from 'The Big Bang Theory'. It reminds me of when I played at a mathematics conference at St Andrews University, a few years ago. There was a lot of sandal and sock action on the dance floor that night.
  6. If you leave, take the drummer with you, he sounds pretty tight.
  7. Buy a Trace Elliot 4x10 combo. You could leave it in the street and nobody would have the strength to pick it up and run away with it
  8. £66 quid! I thought me getting an Ashdown ABM III, for £134, was a good deal. I played my Precision, at a Ska gig, through one of these and it sounded fantastic.
  9. The Cobra 90 was my first amp, when I was 17. It was too underpowered to play with a drummer, so I saved my pennies and bought a Carlsbro Stingray 150 combo, with a 15 inch speaker. I thought it was the beez kneez, until I plugged my bass into it. Put any actually bass through it and it would fart like a hippo. So I had to play with a crappy twangy sound, that I hated. I once played a 5 string through it and it almost exploded. Sh*te!!!
  10. His bass player, Vail Johnson, was a member of Basschat for a short while, until he got chased off by armchair experts.
  11. I used to own a TV15 and it was a lovely combo. But because of the, very heavy, ferrite speaker magnet in the original speaker, it weighed a ton. I used to dream of fitting it with a Neodynium speaker By the way, the original speaker was 4 ohms.
  12. I bought a Class D amp from Basschat, about two years ago. When I plugged my bass into it there was a background distortion, every time I played a note, that sounded ominous. Before I contacted the Basschatter that sold it to me, I opened it up and made sure all the cables were connected securely to the board (they weren't soldered, they were attached using little plastic connectors). I replaced the case, plugged my bass back in and the distortion had gone. I put the issue down to the courier chucking it around in the back of his van. I've gigged it plenty of times since then and it's never let me down (I do bring a spare, just in case). My point is, before any money is paid for a repair, it's a good idea to open a faulty amp up and make sure there are no obvious, visible problems, that can be sorted easily. Which of course you did, without success unfortunately.
  13. Uhhhh.......WhatsApp I recently came back from a couple of days away, to over 200 messages on WhatsApp, from my fellow band members. There was absolutely nothing worth reading. They all have too much time on their hands.
  14. I'll not be going back to my Carlsbro Cobra 90, oh no 😨
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