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  1. I have a Japanese Fender Precision, a Classic Vibe Squier Precision and a USA Elite Precision. The Japanese Precision and the Squier have nicer necks (shallower and better finished) than the Elite. I prefer the passive sound of the cheaper basses too. The Moral of this story is, spending a lot of money on a bass, doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get a better bass.
  2. I was once told to turn down because my bass was causing feedback through the vocal PA. My bass was at 2 on the master, so utter and total bollocks. The amateur sound engineer was the husband of the singer and had not the faintest idea how to operate his very, expensive PA. I'm the end, in a huff, I turned my amp off completely and mimed. He still complained the bass was too loud.
  3. Boz Burrell used to live up in Edinburgh, back in the 90s. I'd occasionally bump into him, as he played in a band up here with a bandmate of mine. He told me he hated the recorded version of this song, because he played a fretless precision on it, and the bassline on the record was seriously out of tune. He was a great bass player and a really nice guy.
  4. 8 between April and December 2018. I'm hanging on to them though. For a while at least
  5. You can always wrangle a bit more cash out of Stramash, if you think you can fill the place.
  6. That's a good question that I've wondered about myself?
  7. You'll find that in Edinburgh, different bands get paid different rates. My band play Whistlebinkies for £200 (4 piece), but we get a lot of gigs there - up to 4 per month. We get the same amount for stramash. My Brother in law's band get paid £240 for a Stramash gig. Some gigs for the G1 group, who have a lot of pubs in Edinburgh, pay £300 per night.
  8. The stuff that gets airplay is manufactured pap (mostly). But it's always been that way; from the fifties until today. But young people are coming out with great music in the 21st century, you just have to dig a little deeper to find it. Two examples of bands from around my neck of the woods are Miracle Glass Company and Honeyblood. Both, in yer face guitar bands, that write songs with big catchy hooks.
  9. I suppose the deal is, if you can actually pick up the Trace Elliot, you can take it away for free A bit like King Arthur and the sword in the stone. https://www.gumtree.com/p/guitar-instrument/fender-jazz-bass-with-trace-elliot-amp/1346721894
  10. Over the years I've accumulated 11 basses and a DB. I don't need another bass. I also have 4 amps, 4 cabs and a 100 watt combo. I don't need any more amps/cabs. Although it's very unlikely I'll buy anything. I still stalk the Basschat marketplace like a hungry wolf.
  11. The Rumble 500 is an excellent combo. A friend owns one and it's definitely more than loud enough, on it's own, to cope with a heavy hitting drummer. Sounds good too. I bought a Rumble 100 for the smaller quieter gigs I play and it's great as well. Both combos are absurdly light. I own a GK MB800 and an Ashdown ABM 500, paired with Barefaced cabs. Which I use at bigger gigs. And frankly, sometimes I think about getting rid of them and buying a Rumble 500, just for simplicity's sake.
  12. I bought my first set recently and love them. I bought them from Strings Direct because I saw so many cheapo offers on Ebay that I assumed they had to be fake. I like them better than the DR Hi Beams I usually use. I prefer the feel of the Elixirs and the sound.
  13. A secondhand Barefaced Compact is extremely light, extremely loud and extremely cheap - considering what you get for your money. You can pick one up, on Basschat, for about £300. Then you can sell all your other cabs because you won't need them any longer
  14. 1 is pretty cool. 2 must be twice as cool 😁
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