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  1. I work for a local authority and you are 100% correct. In my experience, the person who will get the job has already been picked from within the council but the job still has to be advertised to outside candidates, due to regulations.
  2. The sound of the Rhodes on this Turin Brakes track is sublime.
  3. Just email John East. I bought a J-Retro pre amp from him that was faulty (no earth wire attached). I sent it back to him and he repaired it for free. If you've not installed it correctly, he'll advise you what you need to do. Edit: I see you've already emailed him.....my bad.
  4. I think you've confused us with www.asschat.co.uk it's an easy mistake to make.
  5. I always assumed it was a cartel agreement, between the large retailers, that kept prices so similar.
  6. Why not just replace the farting speaker in the practice amp?
  7. Lovely bass at a seriously good price. If I didn't already own 6 Jazzes (including 2 black ones), I'd head over to Paisley and snatch it out of your hands. Have a bump on me.
  8. The MB800 is significantly louder than the MB500 but I've not used it, through the SC, at a really loud gig yet. The last time I played a loud gig, through my own rig, I used the MB800 with my old barefaced Compact. That combination was quite capable of drowning the rest of the band out completely.
  9. Here's a topic i posted on my experience with a SC cab. My Barefaced Compact is much louder, with the same amp. If you're playing with a loud drummer you'll need a hefty head to drive it.
  10. Buying new is a schoolboy mistake which I have to own up to. I bought a new Precision Elite, as I just didn't have the patience to wait until a secondhand one came along on Basschat. Days after I bought it, the marketplace was flooded with the things 😨
  11. For someone who is starting out, flatwounds may be a good idea because they'll get rid of the clank (which you don't want for the crusaders type of sound). But they are expensive and are not really necessary. All you need to do is turn the treble down/tone down and the mid up a bit on your bass.
  12. I think it's good to be critical of your own playing. When I listen back to a recording of my band live, I can usually identify areas that I can improve on; Things like overplaying, when the song needs a simpler line or a lack of energy, when the bassline needs more urgency, for example.
  13. I've seen one of these played live through an amp and it sounded good. Looks the part too.
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