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  1. I bought a Hartke 112 a few years ago, looking for a one cab solution for playing live. It wasn't loud enough for playing live but it does tick all of your boxes, as it definitely sizzles. even with the horn off it's very bright. Secondhand they go for about £100.
  2. I've been in a band, for 15 years, where the singer and guitarist are married. When I first joined they used to have incredible on stage rows. Many a time the singer would, half way through a gig, get the hump and walk off stage and eff off home. The audience thought it was part of the act. Weirdly, they said they never argued at home, just when they were on stage.
  3. We were playing at about 90 decibels. If the fan was on, I wouldn't have heard it But it sounded excellent and it would be a bargain at £229.
  4. The 500 watt one through an Eden 410.
  5. I know what you mean. It's like a made in China Cadillac, it's not the real thing. For many years I had to slum it, and make do with MIJ fenders because I couldn't afford the US version. I now have 3 US Fenders, 3 MIJ ones and Chinese Classic Vibe Squier. My brain tells me there's really no difference in quality but I still have a soft spot for the US ones.
  6. I tried one of those Edens, in a local rehearsal room, last year and it sounded great. Up until then I'd never played through one.
  7. gjones

    Dynacord BS412

    I remember my local venue, in the 90s, had a dynacord PA. I never knew they made bass combos.
  8. G & L 5 strings are pretty good. I own a G & L L-2500 tribute and the B string sounds very tight and punchy. It's not flabby at all.
  9. I have a friend who owned one. I remember he always had a real middy tone, which sounded naff on it's own, but sounded excellent once the band kicked in.
  10. I suggest you send a strongly worded letter to Andy Mooney.
  11. I've read that Andy Mooney, the CEO of Fender, is specifically, trying to encourage women to get into playing guitars and basses. If you're an average size woman, a short scale bass is much easier to play.
  12. I bought a set of Dunlop Superbright roundwounds to put on one of my Precisions. It now sounds a lot more aggressive than my other Precisions.
  13. When I was looking for one, about 18 months ago, I couldn't find one for under £1000, of course, as soon as I forked out a grand for one basschat was deluged with Stingrays going for £800 a pop. That's the way the cookie crumbles
  14. Hmmmm......if there was no damage on the outer packaging when they returned the amp, do you think the damage might have occurred in transit from you to them?
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