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  1. If you like Amy Whitehouse, you like The Dap Kings. They play on Back To Black.
  2. The snare is just behind the beat. Which gives a laid back feel. Some drummers I've played with have no idea how to play behind the beat. They obviously don't listen to soul or blues. It's a difficult skill to master.
  3. 11 basses, 5 amps, 4 cabs, 3 guitars. I don't have any more room under my bed
  4. I agree with the above. But you'll probably never ever slap again in your life. The great Ed Friedland has recorded instructional DVDs on slap bass (I bought one), but in real life no band he's ever played with, has ever asked him to play any
  5. As a experiment, swap the strings.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. Why did British Band Wang Chung get to No2 in the US charts, with this 1986 single, and only a measly 76 in the UK charts. Only the Gods of Pop know the answer to that question. Always thought the singer had an uncanny resemblance to Dr Zachary Smith from Lost In Space.
  8. My GK MB500 and GKMB 800 don't get particularly warm when I gig them, I assume because they're digital. I've never noticed the fans.
  9. You can pick up a Trace Elliot, from the days dinosaurs walked the earth, for next to nothing these days. They're great amps, that were hewn out of a solid block of iron. They're a bargain - If you're man enough to be able to actually pick one up.
  10. Luckily the parking at the Edinburgh one is fine. The rooms sound great and have decent equipment - no ancient TE bass amps or drum kits with dodgy hardware.
  11. Sounds good. I've had a couple of SUBs, they're great basses. I believe the seller was @mcnach . I'm sure he'll be glad to hear you're happy with your new (old) bass.
  12. Occlusion – the booming effect we hear when our ears are blocked, caused by sound (particularly lower frequencies) being transmitted through the bones of the head to the ear canal. This is particularly a problem for singers and those instrumentalists whose instruments are in contact with their head, e.g. brass and woodwind, higher strings. The effect can be reduced by wearing earplugs deeper in the ear canal, or by using vented earplugs. From this website: https://www.hearformusicians.org.uk/hearing-protection
  13. For many years I was in the same boat. But when I did start playing them my playing got better. Because some covers can really stretch you - they're not all Mustang Sally.
  14. The CITES restrictions on importing/exporting rosewood instruments, will end at the end of this month. So there will no longer be a need for instrument makers to switch to Pau Ferro fretboards any longer. It mucks up Fenders plans as, if they switch back to rosewood fretboards, they'll be left with thousands of instruments with Pau Ferro fretboards, that nobody will want (unless they seriously discount them).
  15. It was recorded on a mobile phone by a fan. Most mobile phone mics just aren't designed to capture decent bass, however loud it is in the venue. Guitarist is Dave, who is no wallflower. He goes through phases as far as guitars are concerned. For years he was a tele man but recently fell in love with Zak Wylde, sold his tele, and bought two Epiphone Les Pauls - one in black and one in white.
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