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  1. Me too, it's weird? I have a G& L and that's an odd headstock shape but I don't mind that. On the other hand, Sire's, Laklands and Sadowskys look wrong to me.
  2. I had a bit of a windfall a couple of years ago. Up until then I'd usually been pretty prudent with my money and bought basses secondhand. But with the money now available, I didn't go crazy. My luxury bass was a new Fender Precision Elite, which set me back £1,900, which for me, is a lot for a bass. As far as amps are concerned I went totally mental and, as I love Ashdown stuff, I bought a secondhand Ashdown ABM Evo III, off ebay for £134.
  3. My favourite bass is a bitsa I put together with MIJ Fender Jazz Bass parts, I collected on the internet and Basschat. When I put it together it just sounded excellent from the start.
  4. Definitely sit at home for the rest of your life. I'm being sarcastic..........go for it!
  5. I don't mind playing F minor but in major I just run out of frets, if I play it on the E string (I also have a rule that I don't play open strings) and it sounds wimpy on the A string. I could play in F major on my 5 string but that would be too sensible
  6. I can't quantify why the key, that a piece of music is played in, makes a difference but I'm sure there is a difference. Some songs sound tighter in different keys, some songs sound bigger, some songs sound more aggressive. I refuse to play anything in F major.
  7. Nothing much has changed. Back in 2012, friends of mine did a 28 date tour of the UK with, The proclaimers, for £3,000. That's just over £100 per night. There was 5 of them in the band. Out of that they had to pay for van hire, accomodation and chips. They had a good time and sold a lot of tea towels. https://the.proclaimers.co.uk/uk-tour-kicks-off
  8. You don't know how jealous you've made me. First of all that you did a gig. Secondly that you got to play Led Zep tunes.
  9. They appear to be out of stock, according to John East's website.
  10. The first song, I learned by ear, was Smoke On The Water, which was pretty simple. I then bought a 'How to Play Bass' book, from which I learned Hey Joe. Then we had a 'gig' in the guitarist's living room and I had to learn All Right Now, which was pretty daunting. And I've gone downhill ever since
  11. I have a friend who has a degree in music. His main instrument is the guitar but to aid his creativity he collects and plays many other instruments. He feels the unfamiliarity with an instrument aids his creativity.
  12. Or possibly, the seller didn't have a bass at all and just wanted people to head to his house to collect the fictional bass, whereupon they would be quickly dispatched and eaten.
  13. I was just browsing on Ebay (as you do) and saw a very nice MIM 70s reissue Fender Jazz Bass for sale. But looking at it a bit closer, it appeared VERY familiar. It should be, because it was my bass! I had to go and check that it was still in my guitar rack (it was). The seller had just nicked the photos from Bassdirect's advertisement and put them up on Ebay as their own. Strangely, the seller lives in Edinburgh too. I reported it to Ebay and they've taken it down. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fender-70s-Jazz-Bass-3-C-Sunburst-4-String-Bass-Guitar-/154015383061?ul_noapp=true&nma=true&si=A97X97bfD1Io1lgqR8YnhJlzmqM%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  14. I have refused to play for free, at venues that had previously paid my band, but these are different circumstances and I might consider it to give the venue a boost.
  15. Hmmm......I have a story about a drummer who said the same about me. He was obviously insane. It didn't end well. For him.
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