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  1. Good to hear the acoustic band is taking off. I usually play with a busy rock/blues band but because the guitarist has recently got a new job, with inconvenient working hours, our bookings been reduced significantly. But my Country band, who I've been rehearsing with for quite a while, have started taking off. And as you mentioned, because they're a significantly quieter band (no Marshall stacks and a drummer playing rods), I can actually hear my bass. Good luck with the new direction (you'll be getting a double bass next ).
  2. I have a Precision Elite and a Jazz Deluxe but, personally, I'm not a fan of the Fender pre amps. I'm seriously thinking about fitting a John East in my Jazz Deluxe, to make it more usable. It is very well made though and looks gorgeous (black with maple neck with black blocks and binding). I picked mine up for £850 S/H, which is a very good price.
  3. I used to use The Stratosphere, which has an Ebay shop. I've bought necks, pickups, scratchplates etc, secondhand. But these days it's an expensive option since the £ nosedived. Also you need a CITES certificate to import rosewood necks from outside the EU. https://stratosphereparts.com/
  4. Excellent restoration, well done.
  5. I've got it and will sell it back to you for a million dollars.
  6. I know a drummer who played a shakey egg on his folky album (the one where he grew a beard).
  7. Even if the price of your old bass merely keeps up with inflation, it's better than putting your cash in the bank. Alternatively you could invest your cash in porkbellys (whatever they are).
  8. I really love the John East pre amp. I have a Fender Deluxe Jazz and a Fender Elite Precision. Compared to the John East pre amp, the Fender versions are pretty basic. The thing I miss most with the Fenders, is a sweepable mid control. I'm tempted to buy the deluxe version, of the John East, for my jazz.
  9. You don't need to take the neck off. Just remove the scratchplate, put something down to protect the body (I use a piece of card) and use a phillips screwdriver to adjust the trussrod. You can loosen the strings if you wish but it's not necessary.
  10. They are great basses. One thing I noticed with the pair that I owned, was that although could get a low action, the necks were temperature sensitive and I found that they required regular, adjustment.
  11. I bought a G&L L2500 tribute a few months ago, and I really like it. It has a lot of tonal options and also has a very tight sounding B string.
  12. I've trained myself to take constructive criticism without going in a huff. In fact I welcome it.
  13. I learned hey Joe from a book which had one of those floppy records enclosed.
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